Lawrence Guy, DE

Lawrene Guy, Arizona Stateis the 12th ranked DT prospect from the draft

Height / Weight: 6-4 / 305
He has physical talent and is a hard worker, but has ADD and dyslexia and is a slow learner, so it could be 2-3 years before he is able to contribute much.  Analysis after the jump.



Guy signed with Arizona State as a highly-touted prep prospect, turning down the likes of Oklahoma, Oregon, Nebraska and Tennessee, among others. His size and physicality make him one of the better, if more anonymous defensive tackle prospects in the country.

Scouts would have liked to have seen him return for his senior season -- as he's still getting by more on physical talent than technique -- but there is no doubting his ability. Teams operating out of the 3-4 alignment will like his length and strength, as well, as Guy projects nicely as a five-technique defensive end.

Guy's statistics are solid (122 tackles, 23 tackles for loss and eight sacks in 35 games), but not spectacular, leading to some discounting his talents. Don't be surprised when this Sun Devil defensive tackle proves to be anything but just another "Guy" and hears his name called among the top 100 selections.


Positives: Rare size. Possesses a quick burst off the snap. Can slide through gaps and disrupt the play before it has a chance to begin. Good strength at the point of attack. Good flexibility and core strength to anchor and create a pile. Flashes an effective spin move, which could be made more effective with the development of other techniques. Good lateral agility and straight-line speed for a man of his size. Possesses a late burst to the ball and can be an explosive hitter. Locates the ball quickly and pursues well. Flashes some nastiness. An ascending player whose best football is still ahead of him. Developed into a leader and high achieving student after early struggles at ASU.

Negatives: Remains a bit raw, technically speaking. Doesn't use his hands very well and can be blocked effectively by smaller, weaker men because of it. Struggles to completely disengage, so he rarely is able to take advantage of his closing burst with a free shot at the quarterback. Diagnosed with dyslexia and attention deficit disorder. Struggled with academics and maturity early in his career at Arizona State.

--Rob Rang

Positives: Good athlete... Good speed... Good pass rusher... Anticipates the snap well... Good burst off the line... Penetrates... Plays with solid leverage... Flashes good power... Can shoot gaps... Good flexibility and body control... Very solid lateral mobility... Does a nice job changing direction... Very solid balance... Active... Chases the ball... Team leader... Hard worker... Good motor... Good character... Dedicated in the classroom, academic issues had put his football eligibility in jeopardy early in career... Has a lot of upside... Schematic versatility, fits as a 4-3 DT or 3-4 DE.

Negatives: Shorter than ideal arms... Needs to get stronger... Not real strong at the point of attack... Doesn't extend his arms and allows blockers to get into his frame... Marginal anchor... Can be overwhelmed by double teams... Can be slow to locate the ball... Needs to improve versus the run and would be best off as part of a rotation to start his NFL career.


National Football Post


A tall, long-armed defensive lineman who displays impressive bend and natural flexibility when asked to coil up into his stance. Possesses a good combination of instincts and burst off the snap and is consistently the first defensive lineman firing off the football and attacking up the field. However, isn't real physical at the point when asked to anchor inside. Can be initially jolted on contact mainly because he doesn't do a good job extending his arms into blocks. Too often allows offensive linemen to get into his frame and dictate to him. Now, he's strong enough to work himself free after the initial punch, but needs to do a better job controlling blocks with his long arms and hands off the snap. Plays with a good motor, chasing down plays on all levels of the field and working until the whistle stops. Does a much better job beating slide-down blocks off his frame. Is a coordinated defender with the ability to maintain balance through contact and uses his athleticism to quickly close on the football down the line. Lacks ideal awareness though and has a tough time consistently finding the football in the run game. Takes himself out of a lot of plays, which is one of the main reasons why his stats are very average for such a talent.

Plays with natural leverage as a pass rusher and exhibits the ability to get under the pad level of opposing linemen and drive his way up the field. Is explosive for his size and definitely can threaten gaps inside. Can be powerful with his hands and slip blocks up the field, but again needs to do a better job playing with better length. Isn't overly effective anytime he's asked to take on a double team, consistently bends at the waist, drops his head down and becomes very linear trying to work his way laterally away from the blocks — losing his power and balance in the process — instead of toward the quarterback. And again, has a tough time consistently locating the football and not rushing himself out of the play.

Suffers from attention deficit disorder and dyslexia.

Impression: A long, physically impressive defensive lineman who has a lot of upside to his game. He's flexible off the ball, explosive and plays with a motor that runs nonstop. But needs to continue to improve using his length to shed blocks and find the football more consistently. If he continues to improve, he could mature into a real player as a five-technique defensive end.

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