Stephen Schilling, Mid-to-Late Round OL Prospect

I just learned about this prospect a few minutes ago.  He started all four years at Michigan.  He stands 6-4 and weighs  302.  He has started at both OG and OT for the Wolverines, and sounds like a good possibility for depth maybe more.  Tanny seems to like to draft an OL fairly late in the draft and see what Callahan can do with him.  I think he will probably go in the 5th or 6th round.  More after the jump.

From CBS

Schilling shunned the Pac-10 to play in the Big Ten, a surprising decision to some considering the Parade All-American and top 25 overall national recruit played in the shadows of the University of Washington. At Michigan, he lived through the transition from a run-first traditional offense of Lloyd Carr to the modified spread attack of Rich Rodriguez to become one of the top interior linemen in the 2011 draft.

Schilling sat out his first season in Ann Arbor because of a shoulder injury that also had caused him to miss three games of his senior season in high school, and a bout of mononucleosis. He rebounded with a freshman All-American season in 2007, starting all 13 games -- 11 at right tackle and two at right guard. The only game he missed in his career came in 2008 against the rival Buckeyes because of a sprained knee suffered during practice. He started the other 12 games at right tackle. Schilling shifted to left guard for his junior and senior seasons in 2009 and '10. He started every game and finished both seasons as honorable mention All-Big Ten.

Not a dominant blocker, Schilling needs to work on finishing blocks more consistently. But the three-time honoree as the team's outstanding offensive lineman has shown the strength, athleticism, versatility and durability to be a NFL starter.


Pass blocking: Has an offensive tackle build and the pass-protection skill to play the position. Quick pass set and very good lateral movement for a guard. Stays balanced on the balls of his feet. Keeps his arms extended and will reset his hands multiple hands when one-on-one for a few seconds. Works hard to mirror, generally staying between the defender and quarterback even when giving up quickness. Helped his left tackle when free, giving a nice punch to prevent secondary rushes. Anchors against any college tackle, has active hands and does not give ground. Fair flexibility and recovery speed but tackles can beat him with strong hands or a quick first step.

Run blocking: Athletic but sturdy run blocker capable of playing in any system. Moves well on zone plays -- keeps his feet going and uses his hands and shoulders to shield defenders. Drives off the ball with authority, puts tackles on the ground when crashing down. Solid combo blocker, puts a strong hand on the tackle and moves easily to the second level. Very effective cut-blocker in space, gets low but lands the block and rolls to sustain from the ground. Uses strength to move tackles in short-yardage situation, even when giving up the low position to his height. Sometimes overextends and forgets to move his feet when engaged, ending up on the ground.

Pulling/trapping: Shows the feet to move behind the line and get into the hole on traps or move further down the line on pulls. Agile and flexible enough to get a strong hand on linebackers trying to dip inside of his block. Good enough to serve as a personal pass protector on planned rollouts to the right side. Lets up a bit when latched onto smaller defenders, and can be stacked and shed when not moving his feet. Punches when reaching a target, needs to sustain longer and finish the block to prevent his man from entering the fray.

Initial Quickness: Adequate off the snap in pass protection and fires off the ball to provide pop when drive blocking. Elite tackles out-quick him off the line, however, getting inside position in the gap and using strong hands.

Downfield: Outstanding downfield mobility, usually gives ballcarriers open space in which to run. Hustles from one side of the field to the other to push the pile. Takes out defensive backs and linebackers when he gets a strong cut-block, with follow-up effort to sustain. Will hesitate to take out safeties and dance in front of the defender, allowing them to get to the ball. Sometimes watches the ballcarrier if the play gets extended.

Intangibles: Durable, blue-collar worker and four-year starter on the line who became a team leader in 2010 because of his work ethic and experience. No character concerns.


A four-year starter. Plays with a mean streak; a nasty run blocker who is capable of driving his man into the ground. Elite athletic ability for in interior lineman; forced to block on a the move a lot in Michigan’s offensive scheme. Has a reputation as a hard worker and a team leader.

Weaknesses: Does everything well but nothing great. Doesn’t have overpowering size and strength. Strength seems to be mostly in his upper body; struggles against more physical bull rushers at times. May not have the skills to be great pass protector at the next level. Hasn’t played in an NFL blocking scheme.

Schilling has the potential to be an adequate starter at the next level. He doesn’t really stand out in any one area, but he is a steady player with plenty of experience against top competition. He should be able to contribute immediately and could be a great value pick in the middle rounds of the draft.


Positives: Solid athlete... Carriers his weight well... Heady, good football IQ... Versatile... Good body length but arms are a little short... Very solid pass blocker... Good short area quickness... Very solid lateral movement and slide... Does a nice job staying low and maintain pad level... Good quick hand punch... Solid run blocker... Keeps his legs driving on contact... Can get some movement in the running game... Can get to the second level... Blocks reasonably well on the move... Only average flexibility and body control... Good awareness, keeps his head on a swivel... Positions himself well, good wall-off blocker... Does a nice job sealing off linebackers but doesn't always make contact... Good awareness... Appears to have a mean streak, tough... Best in confined space, ZBS.

Negatives: Not very powerful... Marginal anchoring strength and balance... Struggles to reset... Loses ground to bullrushers... Can be tossed around by bigger defenders... Rises up in pass protection... Allows quicker defenders into his body... Works to stay with his blocks but isn't especially successful... Can be slow to redirect... Allows defenders to roll off his blocks.

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