Some Possible Jets Drafts

We've seen tons of mock drafts already.  Some of us have participated in web site mock drafts or posted our own mock drafts of the 1st round or of just Jets draft choices.  I don't have time to research all the teams, so I thought I'd limit mine to the Jets.  I've come up with several different draft scenarios which I've posted after the jump and would like your feedback on which one (if any) you'd like best.  If you think any or all of them are "bad ideas" then let me hear about it and why.  I'll make posts later on some of the "new" prospects I mention

Scenario #1 - The Jets stay put

#30 - Justin Houston, OLB (has great speed and physical tools and some experience in the 3-4 as an OLB and put up good numbers, with someone like Rex to motivate him, he could become a terror for opposing QBs)

#94 - Kenric Ellis, NT (probably won't drop this far, but if he does, would be a steal)

#126 - Joe Lefeged, S (speedy DB and KR)

#161 - Cedric Thornton, DE (Dominated at a small school)

#194 -Denarius Moore, WR (tall, fast prospect with excellent hands)

#208 - Gabe Miller, OLB (raw, but athletic, good motor and effort)


Scenario #1a - The Jets stay put

#30 - Phil Taylor, NT (has the potential to become a standout NT and help the pass rush from up front)

#94 - Austin Pettis, WR (Jerrell Jernigan is gone, and it's too high to take Gates, Paul or Kerley, besides Pettis is more polished & NFL ready)

#126 - John Moffit, OG (a bit of a steal at this point, insurance in case Moore isn't recovered from surgery and his eventual replacement)

#161 - Lawrence Guy, DE

#194 -Deunta Williams, S

#208 - Gabe Miller, OLB


Scenario 2 - Trade down with Arizona - Jets receive AZ's 2nd round pick ((#38), 4th Rd Pick (#103) and the 2 teams swap 6th round picks (#184 for #194)

#38 -Martez Wilson, OLB (has lots of experience at LB dropping into coverage, and is very fast and offers flexibility)

#94 - Jaiquawn Jarrett, S (already solid vs the run, great tackler and hitter, very good potential to be a solid starter, decent hands)

#103 - Chris Hairston, OT (good prospect)

#126 - Chykie Brown, CB

#161 -Cedric Thornton, DE

#184 -Denarius Moore, WR

#208 - Chris Nield, NT (run stuffer, good motor, and rotational guy)


Scenario 3 - Trade down with Minnesota - Jets receive Minny's 2nd Rd pick (#43), 4th Rd pick (#106) & 2-5th Rd picks (#139 & #150); the Jets trade their 5th Rd pick (#161) and the #150 pick they got from Minny to Oakland to move up to #81 in the 3rd Rd; they also trade the two 4th Rd pick (#106 & #139) plus their 6th Rd pick to Atlanta for #91 pick (3rd Rd).

#43 -Brooks Reed, OLB (fast, strong football player, great motor, Rex's type of guy)

#81 - Jerrell Jernigan, WR

#91 - Jarvis Jenkins, DE (a great prospect for the Jets, decent speed, strong)

#208 - Josh Thomas, CB (the Jets supposedly like him)


Scenario 4 - The Jets trade up - The Jets trade their 3rd Rd pick (#94) to New Orleans to move up to pick #24

#24 - Ryan Kerrigan, OLB

#126 - Buster Skrine, CB

#161 - Robert Sands, S

#184 -Denarius Moore, WR

#208 - Chris Nield, NT

If you like one of these scenarios, but would like to substitute a different player, select other and let me know who and why.

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