FS Colin Jones TCU

 Colin Jones wasn't a combine invite but, should have been, at his recent Pro-Day. Colin blew it up. I'm going to give stats in a minute and, do a side by side comparsion against Jaiquawn Jarret that some of you like:

Colin Jones:5'11.4",201lbs. played Division I                                 J.Jarrett:5'11.7",198lbs. played Division II

 40 - 4.38                                                                                                  40 - 4.62

 20 - 2.56                                                                                                  20 - 2.60

 10 - 1.44                                                                                                  10 - 1.54

bench: 20                                                                                                bench:17

vert. jump - 37"                                                                                       vert. jump - 30"

broad jump - 10'04"                                                                              broad jump - 9'05"

20yrd. shuttle - 4.04                                                                              20yrd. shuttle - 4.14

3 cone - 6.69                                                                                          3 cone - 6.95

 The numbers don't lie when it come's to DB's, Jones is faster and, athletic than Jarrett, plus Jones has played in the pass happy mountain west conference with a few Bowl games under his belt, in which the Rose he just played in had a sack. I'm now going to list their 2010 stats as well as career stats:

C.Jones - in 13 games for 2010:                                                 J.Jarrett - in 12 games for 2010:

Int. - 1 for 30                                                                                      Int. - 2 for 30

Fumble Rec. - 0                                                                               Fumble Rec. - 1

Tackles:                                                                                             Tackles:

   Solo - 52                                                                                            Solo - 41

   Assist - 28                                                                                         Assist - 33

   Total - 80                                                                                           Total - 74

TFL -  11.5                                                                                         TFL - 2

Sacks - 3                                                                                           Sacks - 0

PBU - 4                                                                                              PBU - 2

QB Hurries - 1                                                                                 QB Hurries - 0

FF - 0                                                                                                 FF - 1

------------------------------------------------- Career --------------------------------------------------------------

Games - 45                                                                                     Games - 49

INT - 2                                                                                                INT - 9

FR - 0                                                                                                 FR - 2

Tackles:                                                                                            Tackles:

   Solo - 71                                                                                           Solo - 174

   Ass. - 43                                                                                           Ass. - 125

   Total - 114                                                                                       Total - 299

TFL - 14                                                                                             TFL - 6

Sacks - 4                                                                                          Sacks - 0

PBU - 7                                                                                             PBU - 18

QBH - 2                                                                                             QBH - 0

FF - 0                                                                                                 FF - 2

1 - blocked kick/punt

 I know this was long but, if you go to and, look at each year the progression is evident of Jones he got better every year as Jarrett fell a little in 09 &10 his best statistical year was 08. I think Jones would be a great fit for the Jets back 7, yes Jarrett has some big numbers in the tackling and, turnovers as compared to Jones but as of right now, nfldraftscout has his stock rising but still listed as a UDFA which could be a real steal if the Jets could get him without even wasting a pick that would be awesome. This kid has it all plus he played in a aggressive top ranked defense, TCU's D made Wisconsin look pretty inept in the Rose Bowl and, he was part of the reason.

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