My 2nd Late Round Draft Board (Offense)

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TE - Andre Smith, Virginia Tech
Class:  Senior  -  Height: 6'5''  -  Weight: 269  -  Draft Stock: 4-5

Positives: Three-year starter is an impressive physical specimen and an imposing blocker. Has an ideal frame with long arms. Can bend knees, sink hips and generate power as a blocker. Can drive, seal and pull, even pass protect off the edge. Long strider has loose hips and is agile downfield. Catches the ball with hands away from frame. Is a difficult physical match-up for defenses. Healthy, durable, and contributes on special teams.

Negatives: Not especially fast and may have trouble getting a lot of separation against speedy NFL linebackers. Not used a lot in the passing game as a receiver. Sometimes resorts to poor technique as a blocker, getting too high and waist bending. Doesn't always sustain blocks well, allowing defenders to slip off initial contact too often. Ends up on the ground a lot, dives too much.

TE - Schuylar Oordt, Northern Iowa
Class:  Senior  -  Height: 6'6''  -  Weight: 258  -  Draft Stock: 6-7

Strengths: Height and straight-line speed allow him to stretch the field vertically. Soft hands allow him to snatch balls from the air. Tracks balls either over shoulder. Can out-run most linebackers and go up over the top of most safeties. Good footwork on routes despite his height, can free himself from man coverage or get to holes in zones early. Lines up with his hand down and as an H-back, though his best NFL position will be in the slot. Good character, has done quite a bit of community service work. Gave proceeds from team t-shirt sales (legal per NCAA) to young boy in need of a service dog.

Weaknesses: Lanky receiver build. Lack of strength is a major issue. Stiff and weak in pass protection, gives good effort to mirror his man but will be out-quicked and fails to get his hands on the numbers. Blocks with a narrow base. Did not start as often as you'd think because of his inability to move players in the run game. Must also prove he can hold onto the ball after big contact from veteran NFL defenders

RB - Dion Lewis, Pitt
Class: Sophmore -  Height: 5'7''  -  Weight: 195  -  Draft Stock: 6-7
He ran 4.47 seconds in the 40-yard dash and had a 1.51-second 10-yard split after not running well at the combine (4.57 and 4.62). He did position drills that impressed teams, and kept the rest of his numbers from the combine. Some teams question why he left school early, but after this workout you can see why.
2010    219 1061   4.8    76    13     27   216    8.0      31    0       0      0
2009    325 1799   5.5    85    17     25   189    7.6      31    1       0      0

RB - Da'Rel Scott
Class:  Senior  -  Height: 5'11''  -  Weight: 205  -  Draft Stock: 5-6

Positives: While track star fast, can also turn and cut very well; shifty. Excellent vision, picks the right hole and explodes through it. Powerful lower body can run through arm tackles. Finishes inside runs hard, keeping his feet moving and gets the extra yard. Made big plays in big games. Good receiver out of the backfield. Gives effort as a blocker.

Negatives: Injury history - knee and wrist the most serious. Was not asked to block much, and may struggle with NFL feature back blocking assignments because of small frame. Didn't do much as a kick returner early in his career at Maryland. Only as a sophomore did he truly carry the load. Part of a three-back rotation as a senior.

OT/OG - Lee Ziemba
Class:  Senior  -  Height: 6'6''  -  Weight: 317  -  Draft Stock: 5-6

Positives: Massive mauler of a run blocker who can fire off the snap and move defenders. Started as a true freshman. Extremely experienced and durable prospect with good technique. Extends arms well and has a strong punch. Huge frame, long arms and powerful hands. Finishes blocks with attitude. Decent holding up against the bull rush despite his height. Can run and hit a second-level target.

Negatives: Somewhat high hipped and stiff, and tends to play high. Not athletic enough to hold up in the NFL off the edge in pass protection, which will require a move inside. Poor lateral agility. Knee bend is inconsistent; tends to lean. Lacks good balance and will end up on the ground too often. Can whiff in pass protection against quickness, especially double moves.

OT/OG - Willie Smith
Class:  Senior  -  Height: 6'5''  -  Weight: 305  -  Draft Stock: 6-7

Overview:  A two-year starter at left tackle, Smith is a remarkable athlete with a lot of upside. He earned All-Conference USA honors each of the past two seasons, and might have a higher ceiling than any tackle prospect in the 2011 NFL Draft. At this point in his development, Smith is too raw and inconsistent to project as a rookie starter in the NFL. Some offensive line coach is likely to be convinced he can coach Smith to block like Walter Jones every play, not just in spurts.

Positives: Excellent lateral agility, slide and ability to pull, trap and seal. Very quick, can bend knees, sink hips, anchor and generate power. Ideal frame for the NFL left tackle position properly proportioned with long arms and strong hands. Can look like Walter Jones for possessions when he uses proper technique, but not full games. Smart in the classroom. Healthy and durable.

Negatives: Former defensive lineman has less than three years experience playing offensive line. Has a tendency to resort to bad habits, most recently in the second half against Maryland in the Military Bowl, including getting too high, waist bending, being late off the snap and occasionally clearly missing an assignment. Too many times allowed the defensive end to get under his outside shoulder on wide rushes. Hand placement is inconsistent, but improving.
WR - Terrence Toliver, LSU
Class:  Senior  -  Height: 6'4''  -  Weight: 211  -  Draft Stock: 4th
Positives: Has quick hands and surprising lateral agility to gain clearance when chucked at the line of scrimmage. Smooth acceleration and surprised opponents with his deceptive straight-line speed. Has very good hand strength and wingspan with good flexibility, body control and hand-eye coordination to adjust to poorly thrown balls. Isn't afraid of contact and will fight for extra yardage. Surprisingly fluid runner capable of eluding in space.

Negatives: Doesn't always look the ball into his hands, resulting in some ugly drops. Generally catches the ball with his hands, but allows too many into his chest. Has to do a better job of tucking the ball away after the catch. Long-legged, one-speed runner who struggles to gain consistent separation from cornerbacks. Has enough straight-line speed to challenge deep, but rather than sinking his hips and creating a gap in the defense with explosive cuts, relies more on his size advantage. Was arrested March 7, 2010 on charges of interfering with a police officer, disturbing the peace and public intoxication after getting into a fight outside a bar near the LSU campus. Police reportedly had to Taser Toliver twice to subdue him.

No Longer on My Late Round Draft Board

WR - DeAndre Brown, Mississippi
Class:  Junior  -  Height: 6'6''  -  Weight: 239  -  Draft Stock: 7-FA

Strengths: Looks the part. Flashes a strider's speed and strong hands. Shows relatively quick feet for his size on stutter routes and on out-cuts. Good shoulder shimmy to get free on the skinny post. Nice red-zone target. Works himself open when his quarterback is scrambling, either coming back to the ball or releasing deep. Height and vertical give him a chance to win any jump ball and he uses his length to separate. Tracks the ball over his shoulder.

Weaknesses: Injury history is worrisome. Eases off the line. Takes time to get to full speed. Can turn and run after the catch, but won't elude most pro corners. Hands are inconsistent, seems to feel the hit before it comes. Should win jump balls more consistently given his size. Goes after targets when blocking for the run, but lacks flexibility to sustain against smaller corners. Plays with attitude, but maybe a shade too much; worries about getting pass interference calls more than out-working smaller corners. 

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