My 2nd Late Round Board (Defense)

Promoted to front page-JB

SS - Jeron Johnson, Boise State
Class:  Senior  -  Height: 5'10''  -  Weight: 211  -  Draft Stock: 5-6

Positives: Throws his body into traffic against the run and displays ferocious yearning for contact. Plays with an aggressive, physical mentality and shows no fear when taking on bigger blockers. Snaps through tackles and generates a lot of power at the point of attack for a guy his size. Takes smart, efficient angles to the football when working downhill and has a knack for ferreting out the ball carrier. Diagnoses plays quickly and reacts to run and pass keys without wasted movement. Has strong, developed instincts and can anticipate routes and cut off the throw. Will bait quarterback and receivers into coming over the middle before delivering the big hit.

Negatives: Is undersized which, coupled with his style of play, makes him an injury risk at the next level. Does not have great range in deep coverage. Lacks explosion to break on the ball consistently and loses focus when tracking deep passes. Not an overwhelming natural athlete and has a tendency to get leggy and run high in his backpedal. Does not possess ideal recovery speed and will gamble and miss when trying to make a highlight play. Gets caught looking into the backfield on occasion and allows receivers to slip behind him. Does not wrap up consistently and will shoulder into runners looking to knock them off balance instead of bringing them down. Missed four games with a hamstring injury as a redshirt freshman. Turned himself in when in 2008 he failed to make a court appearance for misdemeanor underage consumption of alcohol.

FS - Deunta Williams, UNC
Class:  Senior  -  Height: 6'1''  -  Weight: 215  -  Draft Stock: 5th
Full Scouting Report -

Positives: Reads the eyes of the quarterback and gets a good breaks on the ball due to his route recognition. Competitive defender who believes the ball is his. Has excellent ball skills.  Fights through receiver blocks efficiently and isn't afraid to come up to the line of scrimmage and play with the big boys.

Negatives: Doesn't have elite speed for the position and lacks true makeup speed. Doesn't appear to have the man-to-man skills to effectively drop down and cover the slot receiver. Loses a step in his transition despite loose hips.

FS - Jerrard Tarrant, Georgia Tech
Class:  Senior  -  Height: 6'0''  -  Weight: 205  -  Draft Stock: 5-6

Positives: Good size and length for free safety. Also has excellent straight-line speed to attack in run support and blitz the passer. Stays with receivers and tight ends in man coverage, often taking away primary reads. Played a lot of two-deep coverage at Georgia Tech. Takes on receiver blocks, patiently waits to shed until he knows the direction of the play. Adds himself to piles to prevent forward push. Nice recovery speed to the sideline when caught inside. Jumps routes, capable of making the interception and take it to the end zone. Goes for the strip if teammates have ballcarrier tied up. Solid hands as a punt returner; effective when running straight ahead after the catch.

Negatives: Will be considered a corner/safety 'tweener by some teams because he is not the strongest safety or most fluid corner. Must shed with violent hands to grab ballcarriers running into his area. Lacks strength to arm tackle ballcarriers and leaves his feet too often on open-field tackles. Learning the safety position, gets caught looking at underneath routes instead of staying deeper than the deepest. Dances and takes small steps at times as a punt returner. Scouts will ask about the June 2008 rape allegation.
OLB - Mark Herzlich, BC
Class:  Senior  -  Height: 6'4''  -  Weight: 250  -  Draft Stock: 4-5
Full Scouting Report -

Positives: Rare diagnosis skills. Is seemingly always around the ball. Has an explosive pop to disengage quickly from blockers. Rare effort in pursuit laterally and downfield. Goes all out, all the time. Tracks the quarterback's eyes and shows good route-recognition and the burst to break on the ball. Excellent balance for his size when breaking down to tackle smaller, quicker athletes.

Negatives: Flashes a swim move, but doesn't use it enough. Must be more aware of protecting his knees. To his credit, he gets back up quickly, but is consistently knocked to the ground because he doesn't bend and use his hands effectively to slap away cut-blocks, especially from running backs.

OLB - Thomas Keiser, Stanford
Class:  Junior  -  Height: 6'5''  -  Weight: 244  -  Draft Stock: 6-7

Two year starter in Stanford's 3-4 as an OLB. Talented junior who gives Stanford a formidable pass-rushing threat from the rush linebacker's position … has 15.0 career sacks in 25 career games

DT - Jerrell Powe, Mississippi
Class:  Junior  -  Height: 6'2''  -  Weight: 331  -  Draft Stock: 3-4
Full Scouting Report -
Before anyone starts saying powe cant read, yeah this guy has been diagnosed with dyslexia but if he is still on the board in the bottom of the 3rd bet he will be on Mike T's draft board.

Positives: Anchors well, even against double-teams, due to his girth and excellent lower-body strength. Can walk the blocker deep into the pocket on his bull rush. Flashes some explosiveness as a hitter when he's given room to build momentum.

Negatives: Tires and is outrun easily. Flashes an explosive initial burst, but is very inconsistent. slippery and/or strong runners to escape because he doesn't wrap securely. Older prospect; will be a 24-year-old rookie.

DT - Sione Fua, Stanford
Class:  Senior  -  Height: 6'2''  -  Weight: 307  -  Draft Stock: 5th

Strengths: Is a thick, stout player who uses his low center of gravity and squatty build to his advantage. Keeps his base down when uncoiling out of his stance and does not allow offensive linemen to leverage him. Extends his arms and generates a violent punch on contact, jarring blockers and quickly getting into position. Strong, powerful bull rusher who jolts the offensive lineman and gets leverage early. Has a low firing point and possesses the leg strength to drive blockers into the backfield. Sits into stance and anchors well against double-teams while maintaining the balance and body control to shed inside blocks. Can clog two gaps, keep his base under him and stay off the ground. Has experience playing the nose in a 3-4 front and the three-technique in a 4-3 front. Plays with a high motor and relentlessly fights to hold his ground.

Weaknesses: Lacks suddenness and is not the type of athlete who will knife through blocks to pressure the passer. Does not run well and struggles to work down the line to make plays away from his frame. Offers very little as a pursuit defender and cannot move quickly enough to track down a passer or runner from the backside. Can be run around and away from and lunges when trying to move laterally. Does not use his hands to beat blockers as a pass rusher and doesn't generate consistent penetration in the middle. Doesn't finish plays once he reaches the backfield and lacks the awareness to locate the football once he's through the line.
DE - Greg Romeus, Pitt
Class:  Senior  -  Height: 6'5''  -  Weight: 270  -  Draft Stock: 4-5

Strengths: Prototype-sized NFL rush end. Owns good (but not special) closing speed to the ball that helps him provide secondary rush when the offense can't hit its first option. Effective bull rush, able to get his hands up and arms extended to walk tackles toward the quarterback. Fairly smooth moving into coverage, could potentially move to a 3-4 linebacker with NFL coaching. Rips off blocks with his hands, shows enough flexibility to get under shoulder pads to turn the corner and is able to swim over tackles with violent hands and a jump-step. Able to knock down passes with his long arms and large hands when penetrating into the backfield. Could be a three-down player at the next level because of his leverage against the run on the weak side. Stacks tackles and disengages to contain against cutbacks. Recovers from punches, maintaining his ground and getting back into the action to catch backs coming through the hole. Good flexibility to get under pads to penetrate gaps inside or outside. Flashes pop into
mn's jersey to bull rush or punch and roll outside to take away bootlegs and outside runs. Upper-body strength allows him to rip the ball out of running backs or receivers' grasp while making a tackle.

Weaknesses: Good, not great, get-off at the snap as a pass rusher. Tests tackles on the edge more with his height and length than pure speed, but may have trouble doing so against veteran NFL linemen. Fails to give good effort if held up on the line. Runs with his pads high, best when going straight to the quarterback because of average change-of-direction ability; mobile passers will elude him in the backfield. Will bite on misdirection. Needs to improve defeating cut blocks. Does not stack and control ends on the edge consistently, needs to use his hands more efficiently to make plays. Could improve his consistency chasing plays; stands around too often after his teammates make initial contact.
DE - Brandon Blair, Oregon
Class:  Senior  -  Height: 6'6''  -  Weight: 274  -  Draft Stock: 6th

Positives: Good initial quickness off the snap. Consistently among the first linemen off the ball. Good upper-body strength and leg drive to bull-rush blockers into the pocket. Active hands and a variety of moves (club, rip, swim) to disengage from the blocker. Long arms, which he uses well to keep blockers away from his jersey. Cognizant defender who uses his long arms to limit passing lanes, knocking down eight passes in 2010. Provides a strong initial pop to the blocker. Locates the football quickly and works his way to the action. Holds his ground against one-on-one blocking surprisingly well despite his long frame. Plays with good knee bend to maintain leverage and anchor in the running game. Good upper-body strength to seal and protect the edge when asked to play outside.

Negatives: Some view him as a 'tweener lacking the upfield speed to play defensive end and the strength and leverage to remain inside at defensive tackle. Is a good, not great athlete. Only marginal lateral agility and straight-line speed to react to scrambling quarterbacks and other ballcarriers on the perimeter and downfield. Plays hard, but his long legs get him caught up in the trash. Doesn't possess the balance or change-of-direction agility to handle quick athletes in space. Doesn't show a great deal of explosiveness as a hitter. Will enter the NFL as a 26-year old rookie as he spent two years on an LDS mission between high school and the start of his playing career at Oregon.
CB - Cortez Allen, Citadel
Class:  Senior  -  Height: 6'2''  -  Weight: 197  -  Draft Stock: 4-5
Full Scouting Report -

Positives:  Decent instincts for being relatively new to the game, and has excellent reaction time to attack the run and close on passes. Typically used in man coverage, lines up well off the line, in press-bail or occasionally in press. Quick feet in his backpedal, pumps his arms. Quick hands, length and straight-line speed allow him to get good contact within five yards and stay with receivers down the sideline. Excellent height and vertical in one-on-one situations, FCS teams do not often test him downfield or on jump balls for that reason. Good recovery speed if beaten on an inside or double move. Willing in run support. Extremely quick feet and reactions on run plays, usually jumps around blocks to get into the play.

Negatives:  Loses concentration if not challenged during the game, which happens often because of his size and speed.  Will be a step late planting to drive on the ball from his pedal, needs to tighten up the footwork. Needs to get his head around to find the ball in the air when facing better receivers. Gets passive on some plays, forgets to drop his hips and break down, which allows ballcarriers to go through his arm tackles. Lacks great upper-body strength to drag down stronger ballcarriers.

Players No Longer On My Late Round Board

 1. Kenny Rowe - Looking at his production, he seems like an excellent pass rusher but after his pro day he has cemented himself as a 7th round 4-3 end.

 2. Ugo Chinasa - Often plays from a stand-up position and is effective in that role. This gives him the potential to play linebacker in the NFL as well as defensive end, in more of a pass-rush specialist. However his inconsistent motor keeps him from being in the top defensive end prospects in this year's draft. If he can find a way to bring this same intensity on every play he could be a real contributor in the NFL.
Height: 6'5''  -  Weight: 254  -  Draft Stock: 5th
Full Scouting Report -

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