OLB Needs an upgrade

 We all want an upgrade OLB someone who can demand double teams and free up Pace,
We all know pace plays great when one or no one is blocking him

Guys that Will or should be gone before 20
 - Von Miller, Texas A&M
 - Ryan Kerrigan, Purdue

             The OLBs realistically in the jets grasp Listed in order from best to least in the 1st-2nd round

  1. Martez Wilson, Illinois
Class:  Junior  -  Height: 6'4''  -  Weight: 250

  Wilson for what ever reason still considered a 20-40 overall pick player Rex went to his pro day
to personally see wilson so I belive the jets may move up to secure him as their pick. This guy like
Ayers can play inside or outside, can be the difference to get us pass the AFC championship game.

  Overall: Wilson is one of the most heralded prospects ever to suit up for Illinois, a consensus
high school All-American who decided to stay in-state instead of heading to Miami (Fla.), Southern Cal,
Notre Dame and many other major programsWilson's straight-line speed and length could allow him to
play an inside linebacker spot in a 3-4 defense as his build and game are very similar to
Miami Dolphins starter Karlos Dansby. He might move outside in the right system. If teams are not
overly concerned about his neck injury, Wilson's versatility and athleticism make him a likely
top 50 selection.

  Read & React: Not the most instinctual player. A step or two late to recognize run or pass,
and will be fooled by misdirection. Excellent reaction speed once he sees it develop. Finds
a crease to attack the backfield or slice through a stretch play.

  Run defense: Gap-attacking defender who uses his length to bring down most backs in the hole.
Lanky-framed linebacker with fair upper-body development. Extends his long arms to keep
offensive linemen at an arm's length as they try to reach him. Works his way through traffic near
the line. Better when he sling-shots around blockers than trying to stack-and-shed. Good speed to
get the angle down the sideline to minimize big plays. Willing to hit backs head-on in the hole
and stand them up. Needs to get stronger in pro strength and conditioning and be more violent with
his hands to shed blocks. Overpursues and is too aggressive reading angles.

  Pass defense: Gets a hand on receivers crossing over the middle to knock them off their routes.
Good speed to get deep in his drop. Runs the seam with receivers, sometimes 40-50 yards downfield.
Great length and speed to affect passing lanes when focusing on the quarterback. Good hustle to
the ball in zone coverage. Should handle man coverage against tight ends. Only adequate anticipating
routes into the flat, too often gets caught in no-man's land between pass rush and defense. Must
improve his ability to read routes. Susceptible to cut blocks in run and pass defense.

  Tackling: One of the leading tacklers in the country, relying on his length and speed. Not
usually explosive upon contact but slows down backs and makes a lot of ankle tackles when other
linebackers would not even get a hand on the ballcarrier. Shows good hustle, comes off blitz to
pursue 15-20 yards downfield. His height hinders his ability to drop his hips and get low, rolling
off ballcarriers instead of sticking them. Only average flexibility, which could limit his 3-4 role to
the inside rather than a pass-rushing outside 'backer. Nice range allows him to help teammates bring
down receivers and can beat the ball to the sideline.

  Pass Rush/Blitz: Uses his slim frame to get skinny through holes inside to regularly bring down
running backs in the backfield. Also uses length and speed to beat tackles outside with swim or rip moves.
Very good closing speed to the quarterback. Lines up with his hand on the ground occasionally, flashing
get-off but lacking great flexibility to turn the corner.

  Intangibles: Relied purely on athleticism early in his career. Began watching film before 2010 season.
Had surgery on a herniated disk in his neck after the first game of the 2009 season, redshirted. Still
wears neck protector. Suffered knife wound coming to the aid of teammate De'Angelo McCray, who was being b
eaten outside a Champaign bar in December 2008. Focused more on academics and football after the incident.

  2. Akeem Ayers, UCLA
Class:  Junior  -  Height: 6'4''  -  Weight: 255

  Ayers was a sure fire top 15 pick untill the combine now looked at most teams as a
3-4 inside linebacker but i would still take this guy over houston becasue of consistent
effort but we will see how he looks after his pro day before we think his stock wont bounce back.

  Overall: Among the most athletic and versatile defenders in the draft, Ayers' upside appears
imitless. Scouts should remember the transition of other athletic and only moderately instinctive
linebackers like Derrick Johnson, Keith Rivers and Aaron Curry have had in transferring their
skills to the NFL before falling in love with Ayers.

  Read & React: Average instincts and is prone to biting on play-action
and taking false steps on the reverse. Possesses rare agility and
straight-line speed for the position, typically allowing him to make
the play.

  Run defense: Has size, strength and willingness to take on blockers at
the point of attack. Seems to enjoy the physicality of the game, showing
good upper-body strength and quick, active hands to quickly shed blocks.
Unselfish defender that typically maintains gap discipline.

  Pass defense: Can be fooled by play-action but is surprisingly fluid in
coverage for a big linebacker. Relies too much on reading the eyes of the
quarterback in coverage. Has proven to be a playmaker, but could be fooled
by savvy passers at the next level. Good ball skills. Has six career
interceptions, returning two for touchdowns.

  Tackling: Generally a reliable tackler, leading with his shoulder or
getting too high going for the highlight-reel hit and bouncing off the
ballcarrier. Can improve as a wrap-up tackler. Can get a bit out of control
when pursuing laterally and overrun the play, but is so long and athletic,
he's usually able to trip up the ballcarrier to prevent cutback opportunities.
Good effort laterally and downfield in pursuit. Good strength for the
drag-down tackle. Brings his hips as a tackler, creating explosive hits to
force the ball out. Has seven forced fumbles in three seasons.

  Pass Rush/Blitz: One of Ayers' better areas. Good burst off the snap as
a standup and hand-down rusher. Capable of crossing the face of the tackle
with his explosiveness and possesses good flexibility and balance to scrape
the corner and close quickly. Relies on his speed to rush the passer, showing
little in terms of true pass rush technique, at this point.

  Intangibles: Redshirted in 2007. Arrived at UCLA and was known as a prankster,
but has matured into a team leader, according to those close to the program.
Voted a team captain in 2010. Has played in all 37 games of his career.
History major who earned a spot on the Honor Roll in 2007.
  3. Justin Houston, Georgia
Class:  Junior  -  Height: 6'3''  -  Weight: 258

  May have just solidifed himself as a 2nd round player by showing he is a workout warrior
far exceeding what people thought of him by watching tape. By this i mean he shows to be faster
and more explosive in workouts then he did at Georgia which is a big red flag to scouts. But i have
been very consistent saying that i belive he can have a respectable career like Bryan thomas but
he is not the pass rusher the jets need not worth the 1st

  Read and React: A work in progress. Typically asked to rush the passer in the Georgia scheme but shows
moderate overall awareness dropping into coverage. Locates the ball quickly and shows good flexibility
and balance to scrape and pursue.

  Run Defense: Lacks the bulk to move back to defensive end on a full-time basis in the NFL. As a linebacker,
has good upper-body strength and arm length to fight off blocks at the point of attack. Locates the ball quickly.
Keeps blockers off his chest and shows some explosiveness in his hands to disengage. Good balance and lateral
agility to keep his feet while fighting through blocks.

  Pass Defense: At his best rushing upfield. Fires off the snap with an explosive burst from a three-point stance
and as a stand-up pass rusher. Shows some agility to elude blockers. Good flexibility and balance to dip under the
blocker's reach and the burst to plant his foot and drive toward the ballcarrier. Has a closing burst when the ball
is near.

  Tackling: Has good but not elite lateral agility to break down in the open field to make one-on-one tackles.
Good strength for the drag-down tackle. Generates explosiveness as a hitter, bringing his hips through to launch
himself into the ballcarrier. Has the awareness to attempt to knock the ball out in pursuit but had only
two forced fumbles in three seasons.

  Pass Rush/Blitz: His greatest strength is his explosive burst upfield. Varies his speed off the edge,
showing the speed to cross the pass blocker's face and beat him around the corner, as well as the quick feet and
balance to fake outside and cut back inside. Learning to use his hands, but is not as developed in this area as you might expect, considering his time as a defensive end. Relies on his burst to beat blockers, and lacks a repertoire of rush moves. A bit of a one-trick pony. Too often stymied when his speed off the edge is contained.

  Intangibles: Wrestled with the decision to leave school early. Was thought to be leaning that way, but reconsidered amidst private and public "re-recruiting" by the Georgia coaches. Ultimately declared on January 15, the NFL-imposed deadline for underclassmen to enter the draft. Was suspended in May 2009 for reportedly violating university substance abuse policy

  4. Brooks Reed, Arizona
Class:  Senior  -  Height: 6'3''  -  Weight: 262

  Dont know why some many fans on this site is so infatuated with this guy im just not a believer not a great size and
doesnt play well against all levels of competition, I think he will make a better 4-3 end.

  Positives: Three-year starter at end is a combination of effort, hustle and quickness off the snap. Could get a look as a 4-3 end, but is also well suited for outside linebacker in a 3-4. Stays low, runs well and is relentless in pursuit.
Powerful bull rush and a quality speed rush. Consistent and strong tackler, can deliver the big hit. Contributes on
special teams. Smart in the classroom, fiery leader on the field - top intangibles.

  Negatives: Appears a bit stiff in the hips and doesn't change directions well. Has bull and speed rushes
and an OK spin move as pass rush techniques - that's it. Spin move is the double-move. Doesn't disengage from blocks effectively. Did not fare well against better competition. While effort is good, isn't very effective as a lineman against
the run, and can be overpowered and washed. Doesn't have a lot of experience in pass coverage.

  5. Sam Acho, Texas
Class:  Senior  -  Height: 6'3''  -  Weight: 260

  I really liked this kid when I thought the jets would be able to nab him in the 3rd but rating as a
mid to late 2nd round guy i just dont belive you can trade down and pick up this kid as the first pick you take
he is undersized, coming into learn a new position while having to stay at home till the cba is resolved he wont
make an impact at all next year.
  Pass rush: Hustle pass rusher who needs work to excel at the next level. Good burst upfield after the snap,
but lacks flexibility to get under the pads of an offensive tackle and turn the corner. Must improve using his hands to
shed upon initial contact while maintaining balance. Strong enough to bull rush but does not use that move very often
on the edge. Good secondary effort; attacks the pocket until the ball is away. A number of his sacks come when lined up inside. Capable of disrupting passing lanes but doesn't get his hands up consistently.
  Run defense: Often takes on double-team blocks while lined up in the five-technique position. Plays with fair strength at the point of attack and frees linebackers to make plays behind him. Assignment-sure player, keeping containment on his side of the line when set up outside either tackle. Keeps his eyes in the backfield when engaged. Can punch and shed the block to get outside when not doubled. Could disengage more regularly inside and often watches backs run through the hole. Nice hustle in space, will chase down mobile quarterbacks from behind. Plays with good anchor for his size but must bulk up to play five-technique at the next level.

  Explosion: Not exceptional in this area but has a good combination of strength and explosiveness off the snap. Does not turn the corner on better offensive tackles. Strong upper body and length give him a good punch on initial contact for bull rushes and when making plays against the run. Does not project to be elite rushing the passer, which limits his upside.

  Strength: Has the weight-room and functional strength to play at the next level, but more consistent hands would increase his value. Can stack the tackle on the edge and hold his ground against the run using leverage.
  Tackling: Not an explosive tackler but is strong enough to force fumbles when wrapping up quarterbacks. Gives great effort to bring down ballcarriers. Uses hustle and length to chase down plays to the sideline and downfield. Only adequate change-of-direction agility in the backfield -- will be frozen and eluded by NFL-caliber backs as he fails to break down. Willing to be the second or third man into the pile.

  Intangibles: Intelligent, hard-working player who puts in the time in the weight and film rooms. Received multiple national Academic All-American awards, the 2010 William V. Campbell Trophy and National ARA Sportsmanship Awards. Brother Emmanuel is a junior linebacker for the Longhorns. Parents born in Nigeria. His middle name, Onyedikachi, means "who is like unto God".

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