Jets 2011 mock

This is my attempt at a mock draft. this is how it will go for each pick the jets have I will make a pick based on what I would like to happen along with alternatives. so here it goes.

1st round pick 30:

Ryan kerrigan DE/OLB - I am increasingly becoming in love with this guy theres a very real possiblity he isnt around for out pick but i honestly wouldn't be against moving up for him at 6'4 and 260 pounds he is an ideal weight for a s-4 OLB in my opinion and when rex moves his system around like he does you know he's going to be a great with his hand down. You just cant argue with 33 sacks over 3 years.

 Other possibilities:

Brooks reed OLB - The only knock on Reed is his lack of production in the sack department however he measures up very nicely and his performance at the combine with all his numbers has him speeding up draft boards.

Phil taylor NT - a guy with a high ceiling ability wise and at worst I think hes another sione pouha wich you cant argue with.

3rd round pick 94:

Greg Romeus DE/OLB - As i live in the UK i dont getmany college games just what is on ESPN America but a few games I did watch in 2009 were PITT games and one player who always stood out was Romeus I honestly bel;ieve if he hadnt been injured last year he would be a 1st round lock so I think this is a steal.

other possibilities:

Edmund Gates WR - Gates opened a few eyes at the combine including mine which made me look up some stuff on him. On youtube there a few good films of what he does and does not do well. He is fast and has really good hands however doesn't run very good routes and sometimes doesn't get seperation when pressed but I love him in the 3rd as he can be developed.

Kenrick Ellis NT - Tis could be a reach at this pick as many people have him going from anywhere in the 3rd to 5th round however all you need to do is watch film on him and see just ow good he is.

4th round pick 125:

Casey Matthews ILB - Right this may be a very controversial pick as many people might not like it but hear me out. This guy comes from a family that produces great football players and I believe Casey has the ability to be one aswell. He may not have done well at the combine but he does perform on the pitch. Bart scott is the leader of this team but I think he has 2 maybe 3 years left and heres his replacement.

other possibilities:

Robert Sands FS - at 6'5 sands is big and he is athletic and he can tackle all the things Rex looks for in his safeties. Maybe we finally get that playmaking FS weve been needing for a few years.

Demarcus Love OT - Love is thletic and quick off the snap making him a good prospect if he is still around at this pick. Last year many had him as a 1st/2nd round prospect however the fact that many teams saw him take plays off made his draft stock drop as it resulted in big plays by the opposing team.

Round 5 pick 158:

Terrel mclain DT/DE - Mclain can play DE in the 3-4 and help out the jets aging frontline. Rex loves taking DE's later in the draft and has a nack for turning them into good players.

Other possibilites:

Greg mcelroy QB - MCelroy knows how to win and can back up Sanchez and if need be step in and play well.

Steven friday OLB - Production isnt great from friday but his quickness and hands let him get by tackles quite easily he can be quite a steal in the 5th however he is an old prospect at 25.

Round 6 pick 189:

Ricky elmore OLB - Elmores not the quickest but he has a nice burst and you cant argue with 25 1/2 sacks in 2 years at college.

Round 7: Pernell Mcphee DE: young strong guy to plug in on front.

Sorry for lack of description towards the end but dont know enough about them only read scouting reports.

Let me know what you think.

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