More on Demarco Murray

Well, Crack posted a piece a couple of days ago on the possibility of the Jets drafting Demarco Murray, the RB out of Oklahoma. He is projected to be a mid round pick following a season in which he rushed for over 1200 yards and also caught 71 passes while accumulating 20 total TD's. Although I think the Jets could use him, particularly b/c he's a fantastic receiver out of the backfield, I don't see them going this route. Due to the fact that they (unfortunately in my view) brought back LT, they have 3 guys who are expected to share the load next year. I really don't see them bringing in a 4th, particularly when this team has so many more areas of need. That being said, I did my due diligence and I posted a fanpost on OU's SBNation blog asking Sooners fans about Murray as they probably know him the best. My main concern was that Murray had just a 4.3 ypc in 2010 which is not considered good for a top level college running back. Usually, scouts prefer that RB's in college maintain at leat an average of 5.0 ypc. Shonn Greene had a 6.0 ypc his last season in college, Joe McKnight had a 6.2, Mark Ingram had a 5.9 and Mikel Leshoure a 6.0. Since it seems (at least from the videos that Crack posted) that Murray had fantastic athleticism, I was wondering why it was that he had such a low ypc. The OU folks answered that a) the OU O-line this past year stunk, particularly up the middle b) Murray has seemed to have lost the burst that he had early on in his college career. I've seen this mentioned elsewhere online so there seems to be some truth to that claim. If so, Murray's outstanding athleticism isnt such a plus. The OU fans, however, were quick to point out that Murray is a very hard worker and doesn't give up, stuff i really like to hear.

here's part of's scouting report on Murray. check out the rest at


  • Great size and speed
  • Physical, powerful runner
  • Accomplished receiver
  • Four years of experience
  • Solid production when healthy
  • Special teams value as returner
  • Versatility to fill various roles
  • Hard worker

  • Laundry list of injuries
  • Running style leads to too many hits
  • Ball protection issues
  • Inexperienced in pass protection
  • Low career average per carry
  • Not an every-down back
  • X
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