Allen Bailey Revisited

Allen Bailey vs. Wake Forest ('09) (via AloAloysius)


6-3, 285, 4.77 forty, 1.66 10yd split

11 TFL, 7 sacks


A while ago JB posed the question about whether we should target Bailey to play DE for us.  I wouldn't be against it but I wouldn't be excited about it either.  I just think that even if we lose Shaun Ellis, we still have Jenkins and Pitoitua coming back from injury, and talented guys like Dixon, MTV, and Gilbert that I think could play well with opportunity.  I just think that we're pretty stocked at the position and should target a different position where we could get more bang for our buck with the #30 pick.  34 DE are somewhat limited in their abilities to make a lot of plays, even for a guy as athletic as Bailey.  Then I was reading Mocking Dan's write-up last night, and he threw out the thought of using him as a 34 OLB.  More of a strong side guy that can give you added leverage at the point of attack against the run, but also give you some pop in the pass rush.  And I thought, "Hmmm... that aint such a bad idea at all."

When the list of Free Agents came out a lot of us coveted Mathias Kiwanuka and Lamar Woodley (before he got tagged).  So i looked up their combine numbers just to see how far off Bailey might be in terms of pure physical ability.  And I was quite suprised to find that Bailey is right on the level with these two.

Kiwanuka measured in at 6-5 266, ran a 4.74 forty and a 1.63 split.

Woodley measured in at 6-2 266, 4.74 forty, 1.65 split. 

Bailey -- 6-3, 285, 4.77 forty, 1.66 10yd split. 


So instead of Bailey maybe beefing up a bit to play DE.  What if he dropped 5-10 lbs to play SOLB?  He would be a little faster and more explosive.  And he would also give Rex flexibility and athleticism on passing downs to be able to move down onto the line.   It would also allow us to maybe target a smaller speed guy to play on the weakside.  I wonder if the coaching staff has given any thought to bringing him in running him through some linebacker drills to see how he'd do.  [Damn... if only Gholston liked football.  The things we could do...  But our Ferdinand would rather sit beneath the cork tree and smell the flowers.  (Sigh)] 

So what do you yall think?  Is Bailey as a strongside linebacker something worth looking into?

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