Tanny and the Draft

Like most everyone here, I am anxiously anticipating the draft (anything football in the Spring is bonus).  Now I'm not the biggest college football fan so I can't get too much into speculating on the Who's and the Where's of the draft board.  But I have been thinking a lot about the needs of the team and Tanny's tendencies.

Obviously, Tanny's first tendency is to sign Free Agents at huge contracts.  Second tendency is to trade draft picks for troubled players.  Third tendency is to trade up in the draft for particular players of interest.  Fourth tendency I see is drafting players not for immediate need but to avoid future troubling contract negotiations with other players. 

I am not sure the first two things will happen this year -  first, I am not sure the Jets will have a ton of money to spend; second, I think any money they do have will be used to retain Free Agents such as Holmes or Edwards, Ellis, Cro, or some of the other FA DBs; third, I am not sure that players can be traded without the CBA being in place.

As for trading up in the draft, I don't see that Tanny has any chips to trade up with.  I don't see how we could move up in the 1st, without a 2nd or high 3rd.  I don't see how we could get into the 2nd round without trading almost the whole draft behind the 2nd.  This leaves me to think one of the best options is to trade the 1st for a 2nd and a 3rd or 4th.  I attach Tanny's draft history to highlight some succeses in the middle rounds.

As for immediate needs of the team I see upgrades at OLB and DLine, as well depth DBs and WR.  But considering what I see as Tanny's fourth tendency, I would have to say OLB and DLine might take a back seat to WR, OT, and even ILB.  Consider that Tanny traded up for Greene while TJ and Leon were squawking about salary.  Tanny traded up for Keller when Baker got chirpy.  He drafted Wilson while Revis was squawking. He grabbed Mangold and cut Mawae (because Mawae apparently referred to Pennington as an eggshell).  Drafting Ducasse and cutting Faneca to save money and help with Mangold and Ferguson negotiations.

If the Jets don't draft a decent WR prospect (meaning a 2nd or high 3rd round pick), Holmes and Edwards will have too much leverage in contract negotiations.  If they don't draft an O lineman, they may have to bring back Woody or Turner for example at more money then they want to spend.  Finally, if they don't have a viable option at ILB and the new CBA does not include the franchise tag, they may be screwed in Harris' negotiations.

I know its not pretty and may not sound exciting, but its something to consider.  Trade out of the first round and stock pile depth in the middle rounds.  Then bring back needed Free Agent players who were on the team last year.  Your thoughts?



Round Pick    Player                             Pos School

1         4(4)     D'Brickashaw Ferguson T      Virginia

1       29(29)   Nick Mangold                C     Ohio State

2       17(49)   Kellen Clemens             QB   Oregon

3       12(76)   Anthony Schlegel           ILB   Ohio State

3       33(97)   Eric Smith                        S     Michigan State

4       6(103)   Brad Smith                    QB     Missouri

4     20(117)   Leon Washington          RB     Florida State

5     17(150)   Jason Pociask                TE     Wisconsin

6     20(189)   Drew Coleman               CB    TCU

7     12(220)   Titus Adams                   DT    Nebraska



Round Pick      Player              Position School

1        14 (14)   Darrelle Revis  CB           Pittsburgh

2        15 (47)   David Harris     ILB          Michigan

6       3 (177)    Jacob Bender    T             Nicholls State

7      25 (235)   Chansi Stuckey WR



Round    Pick        Player                Position   School

1            6 (6)     Vernon Gholston  OLB        Ohio State

1           30 (30)   Dustin Keller       TE          Purdue

4          14 (113)  Dwight Lowery   CB         San Jose State

5          27 (162)  Erik Ainge           QB         Tennessee 

6           5   (171)  Marcus Henry   WR        Kansas

7            4 (211)   Nate Garner        T           Arkansas



Round Pick   Pos     Player              

1        (5)-    QB     Mark Sanchez

3      (65)-    RB     Shonn Greene

6     (193)-   OG    Matt Slauson



Round    Pick    Pos    Player

1          29. –   CB      Kyle Wilson

2          61. -    OG     Vladimir Ducasse

4    14 (112) – RB     Joe McKnight

5      8 (139) – RB     John Conner




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