The case against drafting Ohio State University Players

Upon the release of 1st round bust Vernon Gholston, and the fact that some experts have the Jets projected to draft DE Cameron Heyward, I thought of how much I really don't want Cameron Heyward and I started thinking about all of the guys who have been drafted at of OSU recently. Barely any of them have translated into the NFL.  To prove this, I am going to provide a list of players and (some of their) stats and let you decide whether or not OSU players are worth drafting with high picks.  I am also curious as to the drop off in how they used to provide some of the greatest talent (Eddie George, Cris Carter, Orlando Pace, and Mike Vrabel; just to name a few of the more recent).  I will only be posting players that are from the Jim Tressel era of coachng (2001-present).

QB- Troy Smith (5th round)- Had a very prolific college career; most notably winning the 2006 Heisman Trophy and threw for over 5700 yards in 44 games and 54 td's with 13 ints. Yes he wasn't drafted very high, but he hasn't been starting for a reason. He has shown glimpses of talent in SF.

There are no other Ohio State QB's in the NFL right now
RB-Beanie Wells (1st round 31st pick)- Beanie had no major awards but had huge expectations being drafted in the first round.  In 3 seasons he has 1190 yards off of 292 attempts, he averages 4.1 yards per carry, and has 9 touchdowns. He has battled injury and the jury is still out on him but he hasn't shown the numbers of a first round pick. (Other rb's from his class drafted in lesser rounds: Lesean McCoy 1717 yards, 4.7 yrds per carry, 11 td's and 118 rec 900 yrds and 2 tds; Arian Foster went undrafted, and he has more rush yrds and td's in one season then Beanie has in 3 years. There weren't many rb's coming out of this year but it shows who has had the opportunity and been better than Wells.)

There are no other Rb's in the NFL right now

WR-Ted Ginn (1st round 7th pick)-bust except for s/t sort of. In 5 seasons: 140 rec 1827 rec yards 6 rec td's 2 rush td's

Santonio Holmes (1st round 25th pick)- The first mentioned OSU alum that is producing above where he was picked. In 6 seasons 287 rec 4581 rec yards 26 rec td's. One of the elite WR's in the NFL

Brian Robiske (2nd round 36th pick)- Bust for a second round pick. In 3 years 36 rec 416 rec yards 3td's...Not even close to producing starting numbers

Michael Jenkins (1st round 29th pick in 2004)- Definitely not living up to 1st round standards. In 8 seasons he has 276 rec 3512 rec yards 20 rec tds. No 1,000 yard seasons; has never had an 800 yard season. No pro bowls.

Brian Hartline (4th round)- In my opinion he has come somewhat close to expectations of a 4th round pick, In 3 seasons he has 74 rec 1121 yrds 4 tds. One decent season, 2010; where he got almost half of those stats.

Anthony Gonzalez (1st round 32nd pick)- He has been to injured to prove anything, but most WR's (when healthy strive under a Peyton Manning offense.  His best season; in 16 games he had 57 rec 664 rec yards and 4 td's... Hasn't even come close to being worthy of a first round pick.

TE- Ben Hartstock (3rd round pick)-  We all know that he does not fit the bill of a 3rd round pick.

No other mentionables

OL- Nick Mangold (1st round 29th pick) The best center in the NFL. I am not saying that there are no successful players from OSU; they don't normally fit the bill though.

Rob Sims (4th round pick)- Hasn't done anything special, but I think Round 4 is around the area he should've been drafted. He is a starter I think

DL- Vernon Gholston (1st round 6th pick) I dreaded this from the moment we drafted him... I just had a gut feeling. No sacks in 3 years.. Possible top 10 all-time bust. I don't need to go into any further detail.

I won't include Ryan Pickett because he was only with Tressel one year, but he hasn't lived up to his 1st round billing either.

Jay Richardson (5th round) He has done nothing special, but not expected of much

Darrion Scott (3rd round) In 5 seasons he has 130 tackles, 9.5 sacks, 1 ff. I guess he hasn't horribly underperformed for where he was drafted but he isn't starter worthy, do I still say bust from the 3rd.

Will Smith (1st round 18th pick) Excelled in the NFL, almost averaging 7 sacks a year. Worthy of a 1st round pick


Nai'll Diggs not coached by Tressel

Thaddeus Gibson (4th round) In 2 seasons you can't really come to a final conclusion but he has 3 tackles and 2 ff in one season..Maybe keep your eye out for him???

A.J. Hawk (1st round 5th pick) Not worthy of a first round pick but maybe a 3rd. In 6 years he has 511 tackles 9 sacks, 2 ff and 8 INT not bad numbers, but not worth a first round pick if the packers are thinking about releasing him.

James Laurinitis (2nd round) Not too bad of a player; in 3 seasons 234 tackles 5 sacks 1 ff and 3 int. Could be worthy of a second round pick


Nate Clements only had 1 year with Tressel, not counting him

Chris Gamble (1st round 28th pick) In 8 years Gamble has 448 tackles 1 sack 4 ff and 28 int with 2 tds.. So he averages a little over 60 tackles .5 ff and 3 int a year; not first round worhty but an adequate player

Malcolm Jenkins (1st round 14th pick) An exact replica of Gamble, In 3 seasons 119 tackles 1 sack 3 ff and 3 int..He is not 1st rounnd worthy and he is a below average starter

There are others I was going to mention, but I didn't want to keep on writing about this. Fact of the matter is that history has shown that OSU players have not translated well to the NFL, and I think the source can be traced back to the coaching of Jim Tressel. He has never coached in the NFL. I think that is a huge factor in player developement because he doesn't know how to teach NFL level talent.  Now I can't tell you what defensive scheme OSU runs, or what offensive playstyle they are; but I really think that a big part of OSU alum NFL busts are due to his lack of NFL experience. Example- Although he was a bad NFL coach, Butch Davis was head coach of the Cleveland Browns from 2001-2004; now he is the head coach of the UNC Tarheels.  Since he has joined he has turned that program in the right direction. Anyways; he has 4 or 5 players projected to be in the top 2 or 3 rounds (Quinn, Austin, Carter, Burney and Little). Or take Les Miles for example; although he was only the Cowboys TE coach for 2 seasons, he has produced many players in the 1st and 2nd rounds.  I think just being around NFL talent for a few seasons translates into better player progression. Perfect Example: take Nicj Saban; horrible NFL coach, but good college coach who since taking over the Alabama football program has a few up and coming players in the NFL in his short tenure at Alabama (Rolondo McClain, Kareem Jackson is debatable, Javier Arenas is also debatable) and they have a lot of future stars in this years draft (Dareus, Julio Jones, Mark Ingram)

To conclude, I don't believe that teams should a lot of players in the high rounds (1-2) of the draft. Recent history has shown that most don't come close to expectations. So my vote, no OSU players.    




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