It's all just semantic's

 All of the FA speculation's is just talk until they get a new deal hammered out but, let's just for argument sakes say that the new deal is that players need become a FA which is just what the players are looking for and, could very well get as, the owners have up to now have been winning the battles so far.The owners may throw that bone to them to make them feel good.

 The 18 game thing is going to be happening now, how will they deal with the injury problem, will they expand roster's? me I hope so. will they allow more PS players? I hope so. will they make the salary cap higher as well as soften it? me I hope so.

 With all this I've made a small list of players that could help the Jets Defensive problem areas such, as NT and the PR. I also want to hear your feelings on bringing back Bryan Cox as a DL/LB coach since he is available.

  #1:KC Wallace Gilberry, he's in his 3rd year, had a real good year for KC, can play up or down,he's 6'2" 268lbs., the other thing is that, Hali will be the one getting the tag which, leave's him free to field offers.

  #2:Tampa Barrett Rudd, this guy would be great in Rex's system lined up next to Harris, I know a lot of you are saying no way Tampa will let him walk! well that's not true from the reports I've heard and, read. Tampa has gone back to running a lot more of the the infamous Tampa 2, which he dosen't fit so he will likely be on the market.

  #3:I happen to really think this guy would be great in the Jets system, S.F. Manny Lawson the guy is a freak at 6'4" 250lbs. runs like the wind somewhere high 4.4 to a very low 4.5 that's crazy. I know this guy didn't have a great year this year but, who did on that team. Lawson responded to Nolan's coaching and system well which, is kind of like the Jets system.

  #4:This would be a great addition, S.D. Antonio Garay 6'4" 320lbs. had a very good 2010 campaign he can play anywhere on the line NT/DT/DE.With AJ Green still at the helm of this team anything is possible.

  #5:I know this is a reach but how about Lamarr Woodley. I know but, hear me out on this one, Pitt. just drafted Worilds last year at a much lower salary then Wood will be asking for and, they could draft another guy of his nature in the later rounds and, save themselves a bunch of cash. This is just a thought, most likely won't happen as the Rooney's have always taken care of their players in the past.

 #6:NE Tully Banta-Cain, He can pressure the QB and finish with sacks, could be a stop gap for a season to let a rookie develope and learn

 The last two are suspended as of now so I don't really know what to think but, I do like the one not so high on the other since he already has 3 strikes on him with the league next one could be it for him.

 GB: Johnny Jolly 6'3" 325lbs. can play any technique along the line.

 Tampa again now, this is the guy I have big concern's about, Tanard Jackson, he really started coming on strong, then got suspended for his 3rd violation against the league. This is a big concern cause the next one is it, he would be done until King Godell oops that's a freudian slip, saw fit. I like him we have to keep in mind Weedle will be on the market as well as Landry and Goldson from SF, plus Jackson played T2 or cover2 he may not be as good in the Jets system as he is in Tampa's.

 so let the bashing begin let me know your thoughts on any of it.

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