nnamdi in green . you do the maths

i have to add more on this nnamdi thing as i still think people don't understand exactly how much better we would be on defence with him . i will try and explain this as clearly as possible so everyone might get the point

firstly nnamdi will only cost us about 3-5m more than cro . for that money we get another lockdown probowl corner something cro is not .

secondly we make the game 9 v 9 meaning we can use both safeties to cover te's 3rd wr's or blitz

my second point for me is the most important one and i will explain why

revis and nnamdi will shutdown the oppositions best 2 wr's without safety help . that leaves 9 players left on offence . 5 of those players are o-line and 1 is a qb . that means that the offence has 3 player left from a combo of rb , te or wr .

we play a 3-4 so our front 3 take up the 5 o-line men . that leaves us with 6 player ,(cb's, lb's and 2 safeties ) to pick up the remaining 3 opposition players .

6 v 3 is not even a contest in my eyes . with the 6 players we have left we can blitz , double the 3 guys left or play a zone coverage or a combo of all 3 .

we don't even need star players in those 6 spots all we need are guys who can do a solid job and do their jobs well.

any new pass rusher we might draft would get more sucess in that type of system than any other we might use .

for this to work succesfully we need to have d-line men who are big and will take double teams at the line .

we need to start looking at what our strenghts are and use them to our advantage . cb is that strength and if we get nnamdi it will make us better everywhere else on defence .

6 defensive players v 3 offensive players we will win the play 9 times out of 10 . if teams can't score on us they can't win.

i will give an example of this and use the pats as the opposition

we have revis locking down welker

we have nnamdi locking down branch

the pats have gronk , tate and woodhead left and we have harris , pool ,smith , pace , coleman and scott .we can blitz pace and coleman , double all 3 ,play zone . the possibilities are endless

what does brady do ? i'm sorry i don't have an answer for that question

i know we don't have much cap to work with but paying an extra few million for nnamdi could and should make us unbeatable .

that's as good as i can do explaining this so i hope you all understand . thanks for reading

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