My 2012 Out There Mock Draft And FA signings

I did a mock draft last week and took on board a lot of what people wanted and suggested regarding our 2012 draft plan . For this mock i have changed the way i approached our needs and have included some of the FA players that i think the jets should go after to make this team as good as possible . Follow me after the jump for my 2012 FA and Draft plans

First off here is a list of players we should be looking at in FA that might make a big difference to this team .

1) Michael Griffin, FS : He would be a massive upgrade over eric smith , and should be the first player we call when FA starts . Covering TE's has been a major problem for the jets and getting a player like Griffin would help us straight away .

2) Kareem McKenzie , RT : We need an upgrade at this position and signing a guy like McKenzie would help solidify the line . It would also give some time to any guy we draft to gain some experience before we throw him in at the deep end .

Now i go on to my 7 round mock .

Given the fact i have planned to help the team in FA with the two players above i have taken a different approach regarding the importance of positions we need to fill through the draft . I have the jets with the 22nd pick of the draft as a ballpark area of where we should be come season end .

1st round ) Alshon Jeffery, WR , South Carolina , 6'4 , 233lbs , 4.50 40 Time

I can see this guy dropping to being the 3rd Wr picked in this draft and if he is there when we pick then i think we should pull the trigger . With Plax on a 1 year deal we need a guy who can grow with Sanchez and give him someone who he can build up a rapport with for more than just 1 or 2 years .

2nd round) Levy Adcock , RT , Oklahoma ST , 6'5 , 318lbs

A guy who can play both tackle positions and can add depth to the o-line even with the addition of McKenzie . He could also play the RG position if needed . With a signing like Adcock it would help make the O-line the force they once were .

3rd round ) Tommy Streeter , WR, Miami , 6'5 , 215lbs , 4.52 40 Time

You will either love this pick or hate it . I know i have already put Jeffery on this mock but just think what we could do with a wr core that looks like this . Streeter is a massive red zone target . Just think what we could do with Holmes , Jeffery , Kerley and Streeter on on depth chart . We would be set at this position for years to come.

4th round ) Isiaih Pead , RB , Cincinnati , 5'10 , 200lbs , 4.41 40 Time

Pead repesents great value in the 4th round . He averaged 6.8 yards a carry and is a great at picking up the blitz . I think he could be a great addition to the team . Can also catch out of the backfield and has decent speed to run away from defenders.

5th round ) Jake Bequette, DE/OLB , Arkansas , 6'5 , 271lbs , 4.62 40 Time

The displays we have seen from Maybin means we migh be able to find a good compliment to Maybin later in the draft rather than using our top 3 picks . Bequette plays DE but i think we could try and move him to OLB as a replacement for Thomas . Has decent size and speed to be an every down player and if he didn't work out we could always try to put him back in the DE roll. he would need to beef up to play DE in a 3-4 . Smart guy off the field with no character issues would also appeal to Rex

6th round ) George Ilooka, S , Boise ST , 6'3 , 207lbs , 4.56 40 Time

This guy need some work but could be really good with some coaching . Has the size to matchup against TE's . Would be a low risk high reward type of guy who could play either safety position .

7th round ) Darius Fleming , OLB, Notre Dame , 6'2 , 255lbs 4.59 40 Time

Another low risk hign reward type guy . Can rush the passer but also can drop into coverage . Decent speed but might need to add some moves to be really good in the nfl .

There you have it guys . Please feel free to comment below and let me know if i have lost my mind, or if the FA signings and drafted players would make a big difference to the problems the team has had this season .

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