Lets face it fellow Jets fans, Mark has not made the strides we were hoping for this season being his third in the NFL. It just so happens that Stanford University has produced the next Peyton Manning in Andrew Luck the year that the NFL goes into a lockout and Peyton cannot consult with team doctors for a neck infusion surgery. Peyton, for about 4 or 5 years now, has disguised that teams deficiencies that they really are an 0-16 team without him. He's so great that they can win 10 games with him and cannot win any without him. Peytons future is unclear in the NFL but its very clear that Colts owner Jim Irsay and president Bill Polian have made it clear that if they hold the first pick in the 2012 draft they are going to draft Andrew Luck.

That said, a four year contract with an immense amount of money would be left on the books for Peyton Manning with the Colts who just drafted the best Quarterback prospect since himself seems contradictory. Andrew Luck isn't Aaron Rodgers in that he doesn't need to sit for three years and learn the trade to become an effective and eventual great one. Plain and simple, Luck has no flaws at all and in my opinion is better than about a third of the QBs in the league already. He's pro ready and within a year or two will be a top 5 quarterback.

For Indy, there's no sense in keeping Manning and paying him a ton of money if they have a ver capable QB that can lead the team to wins. WHEN, not if, the Colts start to listen to trade offers for Manning, compensation is unclear at the moment. In my opinion, given Mannings age, health concerns, and money left on his contract, a second round pick that could turn into a first rounder should the team hes traded to make it to the Superbowl seems fair.

I don't know about you other fans, but this is definitely an opportunity that I'd love to take advantage of. Mike Tannembaum has made flashy trades and signings in the past so I know the front office will defiantly consider a trade like this. Prior to any sort of finalization on a trade, a health inspection would of course be needed so we know that he's healthy and can take snaps from Mangold next September. I'd be fine parting ways with a second round pick for a three year rental player that can put us over the top and lead us to a few rings and Lombardi trophies. After all, a second round pick isn't too much to trade considering we drafted Ducasse who to this point looks like he can't play ball for my local high school. And if we do pull the trigger and make a huge splash with a trade like this, I don't mind having to make that second rounder a first should we make it to the Superbowl.

Upon trading for manning, we'd have to rework his deal as well as Sanchez' to get under the cap. Mark isn't a selfish guy and he doesn't have an ego like Brett Favre has where he would be opposed to a trade like this. Plus, he'd still be making a ton of money to stay healthy, and learn the art of great quarterback play from arguably the best of all time for about three years and then he'd reenter the starting position at 27 years old with a ton of knowledge about how to be great and hopefully would be an elite quarterback at that time.

And if this traded draft pick were to have a 2nd rounder with a possible 1st round if we make the Superbowl, it would have to be in the 2013 draft because we'd have to have at least one season with Peyton at the helm to see if we reached the superbowl. That said, we can still have all of our draft picks in tact for the upcoming draft in which we need to address a few problem areas.

Those problem area being a 3 down strong side OLB such as Courtney Upshaw, Whitney Mercilus, or Brandon Jenkins with our first round pick. Westerman and Bryan Thomas will both be free agents and odds are neither will be back. Aaron Maybin has been a very pleasant surprise this season for our non existent pass rush. He's listed on at 240lbs, if he gained some weight in muscle, about 20lbs, he'd be at 6-4 260 which is a prototypical size for a starting three down rush OLB in a 3-4 defense. If he gained some weight he can develop into a starter with the continuation of learning to become a natural pass rusher and also a run stopper. Can you imagine a young talented tandem of pass rushers like Maybin and Upshaw playing opposite each other for the next decade with Kenrick Ellis as the anchor in the middle and Devito and Wilks on the ends? That possible starting front seven with Harris and Scott in the middle and Revis, Cro, Wilson playing the nickel, Jim playing FS and Mark Barron playing strong in the back field reminds me of a blend between the steelers and ravens defense in one.

With the second round pick, I'd tap back into Nick Saban's defense assuming we draft Upshaw in the first round and draft SS Mark Barron who has a rare blend of size and speed. He's 6'2" and 210lbs and can play on the line against athletic TEs and also can cover slot recievers and is very strong in run support. And the best part of this pick is that Jim Leonhard would move to FS and play center field and read QBs eyes, and also ERIC SMITH WOULD NEVER SEE THE FIELD.

With the third round pick, a tall, fast, athletic wide receiver that can be a solid deep threat should be our focus. Marvin McNutt from Iowa, possibly Nick Toon from Wisconsin could still be on the board.

After these picks, its anybodies guess really. I hope to address offensive line depth later in the draft, another possible rush LB and a punter.

In free agency, I would love to see Wayne Hunter cut and to sign of OT Barry Richardson from KC who would be an immense upgrade for a year or two and have Ducasse HOPEFULLY develop into a possible starter a few years down the road.

And the running game with Greene, McKnight and Powell would be so much better just because there would be way more defensive backs on the field to defend Peyton Manning that we'd have more balance in our offense.

One more thing on my rant, could you imagine how great it would be to see Peyton and Brady go at it twice a year and the opportunity for endorsements for Peyton and Eli together in New York? I get a hardon just imagining Peyton wearing green and white

What do you guys think? please comment if you agree or if you disagree with my evaluation of the upcoming offseason

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