My way too early 2012 Jets Draft

I'm going to give you a rough draft of the way I'd like the draft to go next year. It's just a sketch, but I'm just going to take into account what I believe are the weak spots on this team. First things first I'm just going to say trade the 1st draft pick. There are about 10 elite level guys, and then a bunch of guys in a very deep pool behind them. If you can't trade up, may as well trade back. I'm going to assume the Jets draft in the 2nd half of the round every round, so a trade of their first round pick should at least net them a 2nd and 4th round pick. I'll start this mock with 8 picks, including 2 2nd and 4th rounders.

Round 2 Pick 1: Vontaze Burflict LB Arizona State (use as ILB and OLB passing downs) He plays with tenacity, passion, and fire. He's aggresive, attacks and hits hard. Arizona State had a bad year, and he had a down year, it should drop his stock some, but he's the real deal for a middle linebacker.

Round 2 Pick 2: Montee Ball RB Wisconsin LT is gone after 2011, and Greene might not be resigned. Montee Ball is a classic workhorse in the Curtis Martin/Thomas Jones mold. Stays on his feet, is durable, fights for yardage, can catch pretty well. All around good feature back. Knows how to score, with 38 TD's the past 2 years. He'll be around in the late second round because he doesn't have a great 40 time. 4.57. I think teams will go for guys that annually turn in a 4.3 and forget about the guy that has been producing.

Round 3: Nick Toon WR Wisconsin (might not be available because he's rising quickly) A solid possesion guy with good hands, and very physical. He reminds me of a cross between a slimmer Dustin Keller, and David Boston when he first came out of Ohio State. His just being on the field adds a toughness and run blocking dimension that won't be seen in other guys. He can also replace Burress as a #2 WR, because the Jets aren't going to give him a multiyear contract til he retires, which is what he's looking for.

Round 4 Pick 1: Harrison Smith SS Notre Dame (sort of like Eric, but better ball skills. 7 INT's in 2010 as an example). He's also been a good tackler and started for 3 years or so. The guy is not a superstar, but he's not a liability, he reads the QB's eyes and is good at batting balls and knocking them lose. He's got an inch on Smith and I think he's a better SS.

Round 4 Pick 2: Vinny Curry DE Marshall (Plays DE, but good OLB prospect) The guy is the anti Vernon Gholston, he's been good for 4 years straight on a not so great Marshall team. He's strong, but knows how to use it. Watched 5 videos of him shedding blockers, swim moving, ripping, and bull rushing lineman to death. He split double teams on a bunch of blocks as well. This guy has football strength and looks like the biggest and most wreckless guy on the field. He has multiple pass rush moves and he uses them all. I like the idea of him and Maybin rushing, because of their opposite styles. He also has a non stop motor.

Round 5: Jamell Flemming CB/S Oklahoma (Plays CB, but he's physical, a playmaker, and has a good burst. Sort of like Dwight Lowery). He has been a playmaker at Oklahoma, and hopefully he'll be a playmaker in NY in some time. Right now, he has 3 years experience, he can play special teams, corner and some FS.

Round 6: Jarius Wright WR Arkansas (small 5'10 180 lbs) He is fast. I mean fast. Runs a 4.3 flat. Increased his catches, TD's, and YPC every season in college for 4 straight years. This guy is the Jonny Knox, Emanuel Sanders, or maybe even Deshawn Jackson waiting to happen. He's not even rated highly yet however. This guy is a burner waiting to catch a 60 yard TD every play.

Round 7: James Brown OT Troy (Started the past 3 years, played well individually against good talented DE's) High reward and low risk. He's 6'4 and 320, which is down from 340. He's got great feet, and is experienced.

As a foot note I guessed Kenrick Ellis and Greg Mcelroy last year. I did have Ellis in the 4th round and not the 3rd. Hoping I'm at least 5 of 8 this year.

This is just my humble Jets mock draft.

It addresses the need at linebacker, which needs some youth and pass rushing. Burflict has intensity, and Curry has relentless all out play. He reminds me of James Harris with his almost wreckless style. He is also built like a tank and out of all the picks I hope they get this guy.

I thought they should tab WR twice. One because Nick Toon is too good to pass up, and because speed has been an issue Jarius Wright is a field stretcher, and he has a ton of experience. 2 solid receivers that are not just flash in the pan will build this receiving corps with Holmes and Kerley. Size speed and versatility.

Lastly, a big issue has been the play at safety. Harrison Smith has a ton of experience, and he has played well. His 7 INT's last season alone prove he can make plays. He's also 6'2, so he might be able to deal with the Gronkowski's of the world a little better. Maybe even bat a ball down. Jamell Flemming is flyer, but as a 5th rounder he's low risk high reward.

All need positions are covered, and the line play is coming along. Sanchez with another year of experience will be lights out in 2012. Just wait and see. I see a guy in contention for MVP.

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