2011 New York Jets, "The Twilight Zone" edition.

In the spirit of the New Years Eve, Twilight Zone marathons, this seasons out-of-whack mishaps and sanchise6. I will attempt to give you top five Twilight Zone episodes of this season.

The New York Jets are your run of the mill, professional football team and in any other season, would be considered contenders for both there respective division and even that ever elusive, Lombardi Trophy. Since 2005 the National Football league has played an international series of games abroad. However, little did Rex and Sanchez know, when they got on their jet to play Houston in the preseason, they would be touching down in... The Twilight Zone.

You're now traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That's the signpost up ahead - your next stop, the Twilight Zone!

Episode #5 "The Hunt-er" On any given Sunday, Wayne Hunter is your everyday back-up tackle. He possess' all the drive of a broken cam-shaft and all the vinegar of a corpse. In any other season, he's replaced by a grizzled veteran, a stand-out undrafted rookie, or a road cone. However this season, the Jets don't play at Florham Park. No, this season has played out on the outer most regions of... The Twilight Zone.

Episode #4 "Hocus Pocus and Mason" Derrick Mason... A grizzled veteran wide reciever. An over-achieving fourth round pick, out of the '97 draft, now a shell of ones former self. Perhaps more accurately described as a relic, who has fought his retirement for years, but as Brett Favre has shown us all, retirement is not the type to take defeat graciously and move on. Just months ago, the Jets fought the Ravens over his services. Only to be discarded to the Texans, over an internal rift, for your proverbial ham sandwich. The thought processes behind his signing and consequential (immediate) release, is a logic not explainable on this realm. It's a logic only comprehensible in... The Twilight Zone.

Episode #3 " The Chaser" Meet Beleaguered free safety and Michigan state alumni, Eric Smith. Once a 3rd round pick special teamer/ backup, now thrust into the starting rotation. However, like trying to force a cassette tape into a DVD player, he has found himself in a quite nonfunctional position. While in most normal seasons an upgrade at this position would be as natural as breathing and as swiftly addressed as a heart attack. This off-season Tannenbaum and Woody Johnson, were off vacationing in... The Twilight Zone.

Episode #2 "Where Is Everybody?" Try to picture if you will... A brazen young man, who operated, in this instance, with a reckless abandon and Who had to learn the hard way, how not to put all of his eggs into one proverbial basket. The man, Mike Tannenbaum. The place, the start of free agency and all the eggs of the New York Jets, being placed carefully aligned into the nnamdii basket. Only to find, there was no one left on earth, to upgrade his team(well not really). Most regular teams would see that as tying up a ton of money into the cornerback position. Then again, most regular teams weren't founded in... The Twilight Zone.

Episode #1 "Escape Clause" Some possess talent, others are possessed by it and that's when a talent, can become a curse. This is not the case in the story of Brian Schottenheimer, who possesses not a single modicum of talent, in his entire body. A man so void of any football aptitude, it makes one wonder how a person could keep a straight face and say he will make a great head coach. Just ask Rex Ryan as he takes the podium, front and center in front of... The Twilight Zone.

Happy New Years everybody and let's hope they make a post season run! Sorry about the length, I'm sick as a dog and bored watching Twilight Zone.

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