The Offseason To Set Up A Super Bowl Run?

Even if we win the Super Bowl this season, here are areas of biggest concern for the Jets going into next season with my opinion on how to fix each one (not in order of most important):


I, along with the rest of you, want Schotty gone. Not sure if it will happen, but let's hope. I am fine with either of the following to replace him:

-Promote Callahan to OC and hire Tony Sparano to be our OL coach

-Hire Norv Turner to be our OC

I also want to replace Carrier (DL coach), Cavanaugh (QB coach), and Ellard (WR coach).


I want to stockpile on big WR's who can be a deep threat and a red zone target. I want to sign one of these following free agents:

1) Braylon Edwards (28 years old):

I don't really need to go into why I love Braylon so much. At this point, it would just be repetition of many others.

2) Robert Meachem (27 years old):

I like Meachem. This year he has 38 receptions for 590 yards and 6 TD's so far this year, on pace for a similar season as last year and the year before. He could come at a decent price, as those numbers aren't electrifying. He is very fast (4.39 40 yard dash at the combine) and could be a deep threat for us with his speed and leaping ability (he is 6'2 and had a 37.5" vertical at the combine.

More WR help is to come in my mock draft.


We definitely need help in the pass rushing department. However, this is NOT going to come via free agency. Furthermore, Bryant Thomas will not be returning. We will get our OLB/pass rush help in the draft. You'll see my ideas in my mock draft.


Wayne Hunter is a bum. I may be wrong here, but I think he is 2nd out of all offensive linemen this year in sacks surrendered and 1st in allowing his QB to be hit. Yea… That's not OK. I want this problem fixed by any means necessary. I think the move here is to sign a free agent. Either Demetrius Bell (Bills) or Levi Brown (Cards) would work for me. They are both 27 years old. We will also get some help in the draft.


I actually like the RB's we have on the roster going forward. Of course LaDainian will most likely be gone, but I'm fine with that. I loved the piece that John B. wrote on using McKnight better and more often. I think that's the most we need to do at this position. However, I would not be against signing a midlevel free agent for a 3 Headed Monster of Shonn Greene (who by the way is averaging a cool 4.7 yards per carry in his last 9 games), Joe McKnight, and Player X.


Clearly we have had coverage problems at the safety position, especially covering TE's. We need to address this in the draft, as I don't think we will win in the Michael Griffin sweepstakes or anyone else worth our time and money. I want to resign Leonhard and either cut Eric Smith or glue him to the bench.

Mock Draft:

I have us picking around 18-22 for now. We'll see what happens after this week.

1) Alshon Jeffery, WR, South Carolina

I would love to get Upshaw here. However, it doesn't seem realistic to me that he will still be on the board at that point. Alshon Jeffery could be the Jets #1 wide receiver of the future. He is 6'4 and his a huge deep ball threat. I hope Jeffery will still be on the board, but with his talent and a strong showing at the combine, I'm not sure about that.

2) Brandon Jenkins, DE/OLB, Florida State


Vinny Curry, DE/OLB, Marshall

We need pass rush help. Either of these guys would be a nice pickup for us.

3) Tommy Streeter, WR, Miami

I like Streeter a lot. He is very big (6'5 I think) and definitely a deep threat and red zone target. This would give us probably the best receiving corps in the NFL in Holmes, Jeffery, Streeter, Braylon/Meachem (from above), and Kerley (my favorite player).

4) Cordarro Law, DE/OLB, Southern Mississippi

More pass rush help here. This season he had 9.5 sacks

5) George Iloka, S, Boise State

I REALLY like Iloka. It's no secret that we need safety help. Iloka is 6'3, fast for his size, good in coverage, and can be used in blitz packages. He could be the missing piece to the puzzle, as he can cover tight ends. To be honest, I have no idea why he's projected to be a mid-late round pick. I'm not saying he's the next Ed Reed, but I do think he will be a great fit for us.

6) Jeff Allen, OT, Illinois

To be honest, I don't know many of the later round OT prospects. Supposedly this guy is pretty good so I'll just go with that. Since I have us signing an OT already, he would be just for depth right now (but maybe more down the road).

7) James Carmon, OT, Mississippi State

Once again, I don't know much about the later round OT prospects. However, I heard his name recently, looked him up, and found out that he's 6'7, 320 lb. I'm going to be straight up with you guys: I don't know how good this guy is. He's a good college players that's about as much as I know. But hey, maybe he or the other OT pick I had will work out. Why not try?

7 From Lowery Trade) Shaun Powell, P, Florida State

I hate TJ Conley. Shaun Powell is good. That's all I have about this pick.

Our Free Agents

Restricted: Marquice Cole (Resign), Jamaal Westerman (Resign), Patrick Turner (Let go), Aaron Maybin (Resign)

Unrestricted: Bryan Thomas (Let go), Sione Pouha (Resign), Jim Leonhard (Resign), LaDainian Tomlinson (Let go), Robert Turner (Resign), Kevin O'Connell (Let go), Mark Brunell (Let go), Plaxico Burress (Let go), Nick Folk (Resign), Brodney Pool (Resign), Donald Strickland (Resign)

I think that this would set us up for a Super Bowl run. What do you guys think?

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