What the Jets need in 2012...A fans perspective

Without a miracle it looks like the Jets may be missing the playoffs for the first time in the Rex Ryan/Tannenbaum era. This doesn't surprise me as I found many of their offseason moves questionable, particularly not signing some O-line help. But below I will provide some thoughts and suggestions on what I think the Jets should address.


In my opinion Schotty has to go. Period! He has done a poor job of developing Sanchez. As many of you have already noted his play calling is predictive and unimaginative. He consistently calls the same plays, which defenses key in on and doesn't really have a feel for the flow of the game. In addition he doesnt play to the strengths of his key offensive players. There is no reason why this offense shouldnt be at or near the top ten.

My recommendations are 1)Norv Turner. A seasoned coach with a history of developing young quarterbacks, and the experience to exploit defenses. If he is fired, then he is going to be a hot commodity. I say the Jets should jump all over him. To those of you who bring up RR comments about if he were to get the SD job,...$ speaks alot louder than words.2) Tom Clements. He is currently the qb coach for the World Champion GB packers. A former QB himself, he has done a fantastic job in developing Aaron Rodgers. But whats often lost is what he's also done with Matt Flynn the backup qb. He has been a coach for the last 20 years and would be a great upgrade over Schotty. Developing a rapport with Sanchez could potentially take this Offense light years ahead of where they are currently.3) Bill Callahan. My caveat for Callahan becoming the OC is that we must bring on Sparano as the new o-line coach. IMO if Callahan were to take the reigns of the O, then the o-line would suffer. Callahan had some pretty potent offenses back with Oakland. Some of this may be based on the fact that he was coaching players that Gruden brought in, and those Oakland offenses were stacked with seasoned veterans.

As far as players are concerned, we need to bring in a quality back up to light a fire under Sanchez.. We also need another pass catching TE that would create matchup nightmares. Im a big fan of keller, we just dont use him enough. I just look at the success the Pats, and Ravens have gotten out of there young TE's. As much as Rex says we are a ground and pound team, the NFL is a passing league, and if we dont want to be left in the dust of progressiveness then we not only need another TE, but a solid #3 receiver. Not sure if Plax will be back next year?


Before the season even started Rex was surrendering more of the D play calling duty to Pettine, he deserves much of the credit for the game he called against the Pats in the playoffs last year. However, since Rex is such a defensive genius he needs to have more input into the defense. Pettine may be a Rex disciple, but he is definitely NOT Rex! In addition, as much as i hate to admit it, our defense is in transition. Our only real strength is our secondary. But that depth goes only three deep with Cro, Wilson, and Revis. With double tight end sets, and 4-5 receiver sets, your reserve corners and safeties have huge responsibilities.

Our D-line and LB corp for the most part are hovering around 30 yo. We need some youth and speed to not only cover backs and tightends, but also to rush the passer. Having a dominant pass rusher may be our single greatest need, as RR defense is built around pressuring the QB into bad throws that the secondary can either knock down or pick off.

Im not going to address the draft, but IMO we should definitely inquire about bringing Jack Del Rio on board as the LB coach/Assistant defensive head coach. I dont know how much love Del Rio would get from other teams looking for a HC since he was about a .500 coach in Jacksonville. They coached together in Baltimore, and Del Rio is himself a former Pro-Bowl backer during his playing days. I think he would bring some of that violent Baltimore mentality to the D, as well as helping to develop some of our young players like Maybin, Mauga, and Westermann.

Special Teams:

Westy is without a doubt one of the best in game, but this years unit outside of Mcknight has been maddeningly inconsistent. The punting units have been atrocious. I was a fan of bringing Connelly in, but now in hindsight, we definitely have to bring in some competition next year. Cro, needs to learn some horizontal moves instead of using his speed to run 10yds into his blockers. With another year under his belt, i believe that Kerley could turn into a dangerous weapon.


I love RR to death but its time that he STFU! Enough talking and more coaching. He is best known as a players coach, who his players would run through a brick wall for, but at the same time claiming responsibility for their short comings (E.Smith) is not helping them. I believe that there is a lack of respect to a degree btw coaches and players. I believe that the players view him more of a friend they hang out with, and that would never throw them under the bus. As players they understand Rex's style of boasting puts pressure on them to win, but sometimes publicly ripping a player is exactly what they need in order to play better.

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