With the season coming to an end and the jets needing to win against the dolphins, which is easily possible.. i am looking towards next year because i doubt both cinci AND tennesee will both lose and Oh we have to have oakland or denver lose also like im thinking next year and looking @ the offseason. These are people i would like brought in and people i would like cut in different positions. I would really like to see what other jet fans think because no one really knows your team like you know your team(if your a real jetfan)

QB_I like SANCHEZ as our starter so im going with someone to back him up incase he goes down. BRUNELL has to go and i would like to see either BRADY QUINN or MATT FLYNN brought in to back him up i think they can push mark.

RB_With MCKNIGHT and GREENE im feeling like there is a missing piece. LT is gone after this year so i would like to see KEVIN SMITH of the lions brought in or JERIOUS NORWOOD who would be my first choice so with him we could have a speedy back in mcknight...powerback in greene and speedy/power back in norwood. three headed monster. Why did we draft bilal powell in the 4th round again????

WR_although i like BURRESS he has shown that he is way too slow and maybe someone like BRAYLON can come back home and take his spot..if not him than maybe ROBERT MEACHEM or MANNINGHAM to streach the defense. all in all we need a respectable number 2 so teams wont always double TONE.

TE_KELLER is solid but not a probowl caliber TE i think maybe if we get another pass catching TE such as JOEL DREESEN or JEREMY SHOCKEY he could be even more dangerous.

OLINE_ The only two solid starters that i see on this team are BRICK AND MANGOLD im not sold on SLAUSONS pass protection but he is a good run blocker..I would like to see B.MOORE CUT and if we cant CUT HUNTER than have him as a back up guard because he cant block as a tackle...All the free agents ive seen available were either too old or just sucked but if this guy is not signed i would like to see him as our starting guard BEN GRUBBS.

DLINE_With alot of injuries this season i would have to say goodbye to MIKE DEVITO who is a beast but aslo a liability with his injury issues. I would like to see DIXON and POUHA alot more and im not sold on PITUITUA i think he is taking away from ELLIS playing with POTI AND DEVITO GONE i would love to see ADAM CARRIKER from the redskins signed...he is a 6 foot 6 beast that has played about 5 years and is still getting better i would love to see him in a jet uni.

LB_i must see BART SCOTT cut...i know he is a fan fav of many but he is just too slow and he is making probowl money and is not playing like a probowler..same goes for PACE...although he is our only true pass rusher which is sad i think he is also being overpaid..that being said we must resign MAYBIN and def go after ANTHONY SPENCER of the cowboys...i see us going after atleast two pass rushing backers in this draft too.

CB_We have to atleast trade CROMARTIE for something because i think KYLE WILSON can play that number two spot just as well as CRO can or maybe better and CRO is making ALOT of money and he is not that much of a beast anymore...DONALD STRICKLAND has to go also other than him blitzing the qb his coverage is terrible.

S_LEONARD gone SMITH gone...POOL gone..TRACY WILSON gone..we have to start from scratch here guys..IM thinking GOLDSON of the 49ers or MICHEAL GRIFFIN of the titans, these guys are most likely going to be resigned so maybe REGGIE NELSON and BRANDON MERRIWEATHER....hey anthing is better than what we have out there now..

K_.i like FOLK and i say we keep him maybe try someguys out to push him but keep him for cheap

P..TJ CONLEY CUT his assss...we need a good punter i dont know when we ever had a good one...MATT SCIFERS is a FA and MATT MCBRIAR is also choose one..or draft one..i just dont want this guy on our team any more...hes making westhoff look bad.

COACHES_CAVANNAGH has to go along with SCHOTTY every jet fan knows this but i would like to see CALLAHAN get promoted to OC and maybe some new qb coach and oline coach would be great too dont kno any good one off the top of my head that would be available but anything would be an upgrade right about now.

THERE is STILL HOPE BUT I FEEL IN MY GUT THIS SEASON IS DONE....lets hope for the best but think for the future go jets!!...lemme kno what you guys think and your offseason moves as well.

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