2012 ny jets

  • Fire Brian Schottenheime, and Cavanaugh.
  • Hire Norv Turner (Once he is fire ) as OC, and Chad Pennington as QB Coach (the man is smart and an experience former homegrown talent. Pennington knows about xs and os.
  • trade Cromartie+Greene+2013 2nd rd pick to Cinci for their 2nd 1st rounder this Year.
  • Trade Calvin Pace to Cleveland for a 3rd Rd pk this year.
  • Trade Brando Moore to ATL for a 4th Rd pk this year.
  • Trade Mike Devito to Chicago for their 5th Rd pk this year
  • Release that backup we call our strong safety Eric Smith.
  • Release That backup we call our starting right tackle Wayne Hunter.
  • Do not resign Pouha (33yrs old ), Brodney Pool ( After what Ahmad Bradshaw did to him OMG no. Do not resign Jim Leonard either we need size and New skills. that ship has sailed.


1st Courtney Upshaw OLB ( Pass rusher we crave)
1st Donte Hightower ILB ( Good ridance Bart too old, and cant cover a lick Scott )
2nd Nick Toon WR ( Young receiver who expands the field like Edwards once did.
3rd Antonio Allen SS ( hard hitting safety with Coverage ability. Anyone is better than Smith or Pool ).
3rd Vinny Curry/ Donte Paige Moss DE/OLB ( Can you said MORE FREAKING PRESSURE )
4th Bobbie Massie T ( the dude is huge and is a reliable right tackle. Really he cant be worse than Hunter or Duccasse).

4th Trumaine Johnson CB ( Could never have too many 6 feet tall playmaking cornerbacks )

5th Greg Childs WR (Tall deep threat with lots of upside ).

5th Tydreke Powell/Sylvester Powell DT/NT ( Ellis Becomes our NT. Hope he dont get deported before then lol )

6th Christine Michaels RB ( Buy low; injured high reward. big play threat ).
7th Drew Butler P ( TJ Conley has been HORRIBLE! OMG has he ever ).
Free agent Signing

  • Signed Dashon Goldson or Michael Griffin to be our new FS. I prefer Goldson as he is a ballhawk and good tackler.
  • Signed Anthony Spencer or Mario Williams to be our Other OLB. Williams would be a coup. Spencer would be cheaper. Upshaw and one of those two talk about Pressure..
  • Yes, I dare say sign Terrel thomas for our other CB spot. Coming off an injury he would be cheaper albeit he is healthy. He is more physical and as good a cover man as Cro.
  • Signed Dan connor to rotate with Hightower as our other ILB. Connor is a solid linebacker.
  • Finishing the remaking of our O-line Sign former Pro Bowler Davin Joseph as our new right guard.
  • Sign Cory Redding as our new starting DT, and rotate him with Dixon ( who had a solid rookie yr ) and Powell.
  • Sign Jon Carlson coming of injury will be cheaper but a high reward guy. Integrate Josh Baker more to the offense and use him from time to time as a Fullback.
  • Lastly our new feature RB Peyton " Crusher" Hillis and Tim Hightower. Enough said.

So More protection for Sanchise. Better Running Backs. A real Pass rush ( FINALLY! ). A superior Offensive mind. Younger faster receiving corp. A duo of Safeties that will be more capable to counter Against 6ft 6 in Tight ends.

Be creative be Innovative and think outside the box, GO J E T S! JETS JETS JETS.

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