Playoffs! Playoffs?

I'm very conflicted at this point we have watched our team go on losing streaks and then winning streaks back to losing streak, we have been pumped up to see "big games" only to be drained by the 3rd quarter. We have watched the offense, defense, and special teams take their turns at sucking. We've heard the hype and bought in only to feel deceived and miss informed. After all that the Jets are outside looking in for the playoffs, and I see it as a 70-30 chance that they make it in. (call me an optimist) I know that the thought of going to Miami and having to face a surging dolphins team after we just lost the battle of NY is a scary thought, but I like our chances to win in Miami. Apart from that is where I see things getting a little complicated.

We need Cincy to lose to Baltimore, I see this happening Bmore is still neck and neck with the Steelers and the Ravens are better then the Bengals when properly motivated.

We need either the Broncos to lose to K.C. which is very likely or Raiders to lose to S.D. which is also very probable.

Finally and for me the most upsetting is the Titans to lose to the Texans, this scares me because the Texans are playing for zero they do not improve their playoff situation in any way by winning. The only hope we have is that the Texans Defense is legit and I hope that they don't want to damage their seasons statistics by taking a loss in the final week.

Now the conflict that I'm fighting... As a fan I always want to see my team do well, or at least have a chance to stay in the hunt, but after the last two games I have found myself in a spot of indifference. I almost find myself thinking "
we don't deserve to make it", or "I hope we don't make the playoffs that way the front office will take needed action".

I just feel like the team that we have watched all year is not going to be good enough to compete for a championship, don't get me wrong the talent is there but we have some very critical weaknesses and coaches that don't seem to understand to plan away from the weakness. I feel more optimistic about the off-season approaching fast then I do about us going into the playoffs and getting embarrassed by some of the stronger teams in the AFC i.e. Baltimore, Pittsburgh, New England. I just want to avoid the whole Hype session for a week and huge let down come Sunday routine that we have suffered through all year.

Thanks for reading, sharing is encouraged :)

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