"Season's Over?" NY Jets 2012 Mock Draft

Well GGN, it looks like the season is winding down. Even if the cards are played in our favor and we make the playoffs, we all know we are not getting past the first round. That means that it is now time to start looking at the offseason, scary as it may be. I have already posted scouting reports on OLB's the Jets may like in rounds 1-2 of the draft, and I plan on releasing scouting reports for nearly every position. With that being said...

Round 1: Mike Adams, Offensive Tackle, Ohio State

Mike Adams is my favorite offensive lineman in the class after Matt Kalil. Due to off the field problems, he is considered a late first/early second round pick. He has played both right tackle and left tackle, but is projected as a right tackle in the NFL. He is very nasty and durable. He holds blocks well and is a dominant run blocker. He has played big time competition in college and was a three-year starter. He is long, mobile, and very athletic. The problems on the offense this year can largely be blamed on Wayne Hunter. He is a nice insurance policy, but he is clearly not meant to be a starter in this league. I don't expect Vlad Ducasse to start ever, so it is time to pick up a young gem to take over and solidify the right side. I feel Adams could eventually be as good a blocker as Damian Woody and maybe one day the Jets can get back to the ground n' pound we know and love.

Round 2: Nick Perry, 34 OLB, Southern California

Nick Perry has a great combination of strength and absolutely blazing speed. He has great position versatility. Perry has good hands and utilizes the swim move well. He has played good competition and has played well most of the time. The problem with Perry is that he is a bit inconsistent. However, I feel that if there is anybody who can get talent out of an OLB, it is Rex Ryan. Bryan Thomas is just about done in this league and Calvin Pace's days are numbered. Perry should make a good transition to the NFL and give the Jets their long term solution at OLB.

Round 3: Brian Quick, Wide Receiver, Appalachian State

Brian Quick is one of those late round gems who, if he were playing at a top level school, would be taken in the top 32. He is 6'5" and has surprising speed. He adjusts well to the ball and is a good bet to make the catch if he can get within the balls range. He doesn't run a large variety of routes, but excels at what he is asked to do. Quick is the best receiver in college football after the catch. He has the body of a tight end and is tough to bring down. Combine that with his quickness and strength and he becomes an absolute stud. I am for signing Plaxico back but rather as a red zone specialist. He has disappeared outside the 20 this year but has shown how to correctly utilize his physical gifts when given the opportunity to score. Quick should provide a good solution at the #2 receiver slot and I am confident he can come in and start immediately as Rex loves to do with his rookies.

Round 4: Trenton Robinson, Free Safety, Michigan State

Safety is arguably the Jets biggest need. Robinson is a guy who can come in and be good insurance. I know Michael Griffin is a popular name among Jets fans, but I doubt he leaves the Titans seeing as how they don't have many other players to resign. I don't know if Robinson can come in and start, but he is a definite upgrade over what we have now in terms of coverage. He is 5'11", so he is small. However, he is compact, durable, fast, and is a true ballhawk. Think a more refined Dwight Lowery.

Round 5: DeQuan Menzie, Cornerback, Alabama

We all know how Rex loves his cornerbacks. He has kept as many as 7 active in games. Donald Strickland is getting old and, if my dream comes true, maybe the Jets will trade Antonio Cromartie. That leaves a hole at #3 and #4 cornerback. Menzie is a solid but unrefined cornerback who has a high ceiling. He has played SEC competition so you know he can compete. Menzie has helped Alabama achieve the #1 pass defense, #1 rush defense, and #1 total defense in 2011 and maybe he can provide good depth for the Jets.

Round 6: Josh Chichester, Tight End, Louisville

The NFL has now become a gold mine for tight ends. We are seeing tight ends becoming faster and more athletic. That is immediately what you see when you get a glimpse of the 6'8" Josh Chichester. Josh is a great athlete who has played wide receiver. He has good hands. When you put him in the red zone, he becomes a matchup nightmare. He is thin as spaghetti, however, and his durability is questionable. Hopefully Mulligan won't be back next year and, should Jeff Cumberland come back healthy, tight end depth will be a concern.

Round 7: Kellen Moore, Quarterback, Boise State

A couple of months ago, I mocked Kellen Moore to the Jets in the third round. Since then, his stock has fallen greater than maybe any other college player out there. He has good accuracy, but his height and arm strength will put him into the 7th round, and he might even go undrafted. With all this talk of the Jets possibly cutting Sanchez, it is time to look for another developmental, smart, young QB. I like what McElroy showed in the preseason, but Kellen Moore is no doubt an improvement over him. Also, Brunnell sucks now. It is possible that maybe Moore can turn into the next Tom Brady, who knows...

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