Why I'm thankful to be a Jet fan.

I decided to do this post because everyone on here is complaining about the Jets or arguing over Sanchez/shotty. Guess what I'm happy to be a Jet fan and in the spirit of Christmas I have chosen to be thankful rather than upset or annoyed.. Here's why:

1) Every Sunday since Rex came we still have "hope" entering the last week: Remember being 1-15? 3-13? 4-12? The last three years have been an absolute treat for us, even this year we cannot be less than .500. We went through arguably the worst stretch in the mid 90's and have been able to turn it around. For the last few seasons I'm thankful.

2) We could be a whole lot worse: The Browns haven't made the playoffs in a long time and have much more issues, the Rams have 0 for talent outside Bradford and Steven Jackson and seemingly need a new coach, and Arizona just got a QB with a first rounder only to start an undrafted FA over him. In addition Minny just lost a franchise player with an injury that will really slow him down. At least we have talent on both ends of the ball and havent lost a keystone player.. For that I'm thankful.

3) We could have been the Raiders who gave up two first rounders for Carson Palmer, only to miss the playoffs and handicap yourself for two years, plus have to deal with his inevitable decline due to age. We still have almost all our picks, and will get some more from Lowery trade. Also, we have two young QB's one of which could become a perfect backup and one that is probably a good NFL starter. For that I'm thankful and hopeful.

4) We could be the Cowboys who continue to fail miserably and have an owner who thinks he's God, and find new and hilarious ways of failing every week. (Try a fumbled snap to win a playoff game, icing your own kicker, getting a field goal blocked, and allowing Eli to drive the whole field, or blowing a 24 point lead) At least we are consistent in how inconsistent we are when we lose. For that, I'm somewhat thankful.

5) We have a future and have not peaked yet. Our RB core is young, our QB is young, Revis is still in his prime, and Keller has just entered his prime. Also Harris is still young, Mangold and DBrick have also entered their prime, thus considering we have a good core for the future. Contrast that with the Steelers whose average age is AARP ready or Indy whose star players are past their primes/ coming off a neck surgery. Were not old, nor too young, for that I'm hopeful.

6) As a Jet fan, we have a coach that has done a good job changing the mindset since we got here. He has inspired us the fans, to not just think a winning record, but Superbowl is a possibility. Before him, all we could think is maybe we can get a playoff appearance. Now we act as if an AFCC game is no big deal. For that I'm thankful.

7) We have players who we can identify with and cheer for. Whether it be the struggles of Sanchez in his first years only to make the playoffs and rattle off road wins, or Revis with his all world talent and great work ethic or even Nick Mangold and his beard. We have players that have talent, but also have personality. No longer do we root for players who shouldn't be the NFL like Adrien Clarke, or Derrick Blaylock or (shudder) vernon gholston. For that, I shudder I had to root for them and am thankful for Revis.

8) We have a front office who has made some great draft picks throughout the years. Mangold, Brick, Greene, Mcknight, even Wilk have been great. Even our middle rounds like Pouha or Ellis have/will work out. Sure we had a few misses, but so has every team. At least we haven't drafted a Ryan Leaf, Courtney Brown, or Ki-Jana Carter. (if you dont know who they are, it isnt a good thing) Still a good draft this year would help (santa?!). For that I'm thankful, and hopeful.

9) For a stadium that is not named after the other team. At least we don't have to call it by there name anymore and now have a cooperate sponsor. For that I'll have a $12 beer and non PSL seat in the 300's and I'm thankful we can now refer to it as JetLife Stadium.

10) For a fanbase that is as passionate and louder than ever. We have never let a team leave us (Clevaland), threaten to leave us (J'ville, Minny). This is because we are among the greatest of fanbases who show up in mass to root on our team no matter what the scenario is.. For that, I'm thankful I have fellow fans who are as passionate, smart and all around crazy as me.

For that, I thank you.

Merry christmas, Happy New Year, and lets go Jets.

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