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Another week, and another disappointing loss for the Jets. This was just a very disappointing year overall for the Jets. I really don't know how such a talented team can play such bad, sloppy football. Receivers dropped passes, stupid penalties, a fumble on the one yard line, it is all just so frustrating. This game was hyped up as a game to determine which team owned the city, and was really even more important than that. For the second straight week, the Jets had control of their own destiny, and for the second straight week, they came up with an embarrassing loss. Now, heading into the last week of the season, the Jets need to win, and need to get plenty of help to make the playoffs. In order to make the playoffs, the Jets need these following things to happen:

1) Win against Dolphins

2) Bengals lose against Ravens

3) Titans lose against Texans

4) Raiders lose against Chargers OR Broncos lose against Chiefs

My first thought is to think that all of these conditions will not occur, and we will unfortunately not make the playoffs this year. However, it is possible, but it just seems very unlikely.

With that being said, here are a couple of things I would like to point out about the game:

1) Schotty is completely inept as an offensive coordinator, and NEEDS to be fired at the end of this year.

We all have known this for a long time, however, the playcalling today was embarrassing. The Giants could not stop the run. Shonn Greene averaged 4.1 YPC, Ladanian Tomlinson averaged 5.8 YPC. Yet, between the two of them, there were only 19 attempts. There were many points in the game where we were rushing the ball at will, yet Schotty stopped running, didn't run play action, and instead called plays out of the shotgun, which led to the end of many of their drives. In comparison to the very few rushing attempts, Sanchez threw the ball a total of 59 times with only a 4.4 yard average. This should have never happened, especially with the way the Jets were running the ball. In my opinion, once again, Schotty's crappy playcalling cost us the game. He needs to be fired asap.

2) Once again, the refs worked against us.

Like many other games this year, the refs made bad calls that hurt the jets. Most notably, they made a bad call on a Jets punt in the first half. The Jets punted to the Giants, and Lankster, on the one yard line, touched the ball, and in effect, the ball rolled out to the three. A couple of Jets gathered around the ball, and a Giants player stupidly came from behind and touched the ball. Because of this, it was a live ball, and was free to be recovered by the Jets, which they did. My brothers and I were celebrating, as we should have had the ball at the three yard line, and should have had an easy touchdown to go up 14-3. However, the refs say there was illegal touching, and that the ball belongs to the Giants and should be spotted at the one. WHAT?! Is it just me, or did the refs pull that call out of their ass? Ultimately, that call turned the tide of the game. It changed the game from a potential 14-3 score in the Jets favor to a 10-7 score in the Giants favor. Still, the Jets still should have never let up a 99 yard touchdown pass to Victor Cruz, which leads me to my next point.

3) Antonio Cromartie cannot tackle

Yes, Victor Cruz made a good move after catching the ball, but Cromartie absolutely needs to make that tackle, and he hesitated. There were other instances in the game where Cromartie attempted half-assed tackles. I find it funny that Cromartie was talking this week about how the Jets corners are very physical, yet he is the exact opposite: he always plays scared, despite being a physical specimen.

4) Darrelle Revis is an absolute beast

Revis? Average? He's far from it. Today was a great example of that. He had a brilliant game. The Giants tested him all day long, yet he dominated every receiver he faced. It seemed like every pass that went his way, he had perfect coverage, and was able to get his arm around to swat down the ball. He could have had a pick, on top of that. However, Revis was an absolute beast today.

5) The Jets must be one of the sloppiest teams in the NFL.

I don't know how many times the Jets shoot themselves in the foot, but it happens so much. Wide open receivers missed easy catches. Holmes, Greene, Keller all dropped at least one ball. This was an uncharacteristically bad game for Keller. He dropped a couple of passes. There was an instance on 3rd down where he was running across the middle, and he never turned his head, leading to the ball hitting him in his helmet. He needs to be more aware than that. There was another instance where Keller actually turned, looked at the ball, then turned away from it, which almost caused an interception. It was bad.

Overall, very disappointed in the Jets from this game and from this season as a whole. We had high expectations going into the season, and the Jets have failed to deliver in an ugly fashion. Hopefully next year, we will improve our team, and play to our full potential, which is to be the best team in the league. But for now, we need to settle for another disappointing season, or pray that a miracle happens next week, which allows us to make the playoffs. Only time will tell, but it's not looking too good.

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