The Story of Chanukah and 8 Gifts for the Jets

Happy Chanukah to All Here At Gang Green Nation!

For those who don't know, Chanukah is the Jewish Festival of Light, celebrating the great miracles that occurred in the land of Israel during the occupation by the Syrian-Greeks. A small band of scholars and priests faced down and defeated the evil Antiochus and his massive army. (Imagine, if you will, the movie 300, but instead of 300 well-trained Spartan warriors, a couple hundred librarians and men with long white beards.)

The defeat of the army was not the only miracle. Upon returning to the Holy Temple, only a small jug of olive oil remained to light the sacred Menorah. It was believed that it would only last for one day, not nearly long enough to find and purify more. But a great miracle happened and the tiny amount of oil lasted for EIGHT WHOLE DAYS!

It is a truly amazing story. One of miracles and underdogs overcoming near impossible odds. Sound familiar? Sound like something we need? More incredible things have happened to less incredible entities than the New York Jets.

But with all that said, perhaps something to dwell on for the next few days, here are 8 Chanukah gifts that I would like someone to give the Jets over the 8 days:

1 A new pair of gloves for Santonio Holmes - he might need a new pair since he must have burned the ones he wore last week.

2 A big game for Plaxico Burress - regardless of the outcome of the Giants game, he could use a big game to really take the air out of the Giants fans watching.

3 A pair of sacks for Aaron Maybin - the guy was quiet last week. If he puts in the effort he didn't put in at the Eagles he could have a monster game.

4 A loss for the Bengals and Raiders - nothing helps keep the pressure off like control of your own destiny.

5 A start for Vlad Ducasse - I think Wayne Hunter has "earned" a rest for this week. Give Vlad a try - maybe it'll do a bit of good.

6 A bottle of Tylenol for Joe McKnight - get well soon Mr. Pro Bowler

7 A Pro Bowl selection for Nick Mangold - look at the difference between the Jets offense with and without him. He is an impact player at the Center position.

8 An All-Expense Paid Trip for Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks to Revis Island

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