My Jets Mock ( 7 Rounds)

This is my first attempt this year at doing a 7 round mock for the jets . I will base most of my picks on need and a BPA attitude that Mike T seems to use more often than not come draft time . I will also give a scenario where we could trade back in the 1st round to pick up an extra late 2nd round pick.

I will place the Jets as having the 19th pick of the draft as i think we will be within 4 or 5 spots come the end of the season.


1st round pick

Brandon Jenkins, OLB, FSU

I think Upshaw will be gone by this pick so i opted for another guy who could help with the teams pass rushing needs . Has 7 sacks this year and 13.5 the previous year . He could also play against the run which would make him the every down player we need .

2nd round pick

Chris Polk , RB , WASHINGTON

I have had so many different players in here for this pick but rather than addressing a need i went with BPA here . Without question he could be the guy to carry the load for years to come . This year he has 1,341 yards ( 5.1 average) and 11 TD's . Although we still have Greene , if Rex is serious about becoming a ground and pound team again a player like Polk would be ideal for this franchise.

3rd round pick

Zebrie Sanders , OT , FSU

Sanders would be an excelent pick here. He can play both tackle positions but could also play guard if needed . Because of our lack of depth this year our offense has suffered and adding a guy like Saunders here would go a long way to helping bring badly needed depth and competion to the team .

4th round pick

Trumaine Johnson , FS . MONTANA

This guy comes with some off field issues but that shouldn't stop us looking at his potential . Has a decent combination of size and speed and would be a massive upgrade to what we have now . He has decent ball skills and would go a long way to solving our weakness when it comes to covering TE's

5th round pick

Jermaine Kerse , WR, WASHINGTON

Didn't have a very productive season but i put than down more to losing Jake Locker at QB . He is 6-2 so he adds badly needed size to our WR core . When Locker was throwing to him he had great production catching 65 passes for 1,005 yards and 12 TD's and 50 catches for 866 yards and 8 TD's the year earlier .

6th round pick

Adrian Robinson , OLB, TEMPLE

6-2 and 248lbs with a projected 40 time of 4.61 . He represents a low risk high reward type pick . We have seen with Wilkerson that Temple can produce decent players even if thay are playing at a lower level . This year he has 44 tackles with 11 tackles for loss , 6 sacks and 1 INT . A coach like Rex Ryan should be able to get the best from him and having a former teammate on the roster should help even more

7th roun pick

DeVier Posey , WR , OHIO STATE

Another Wr with decent size 6-2 but having the suspension this year has really hurt his stock in the draft . If he declared last year he would have been picked in the 5th or 6th round . Before this season he had 53 catches for 848 yards and 7 TD's in 2010 and 60 catches for 828 yards and 8 TD's the year before . Another low risk high reward guy that represents great value in the 7th round


All picks are the same as the above draft with the exception of our 1st round pick

1st round after trading back

Vinny Curry . OLB , MARSHALL

Great production this year registering 62 tackles and 11 sacks . Should be available late in the 1st round so trading back for a guy like this could be the best move for us in the draft. I think picking him up around the 27- 31 mark should not be out of our reach so depending who is available when we pick we should seriously consider this move .

Extra 2nd round pick from trading back

Dont'a Hightower , ILB , ALABAMA

We draft Bart Scott's eventual replacement here . We all know how Rex likes guys on his team to have a good IQ and Hightower has this , being the signal caller for the defense . This season he has had 66 tackles with 8.5 for loss , 3 sacks and 1 INT . Not the fastest guy but very good against the run .

There you have it guys . I know everyone won't like either draft option but i would like to get some feedback on both options . All comments weather positive or negative would be appreciated as i try and build up a feeling for what the majority on this site is looking for from next years draft . Thanks

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