The REAL State of Your New York Jets

You're going to hear a lot in the coming days about storylines and such, but here is what you need to know.

- About Eagles calling out defensive plays: It happens all the time in the NFL. It's just the quarterback reading the defense. It just usually happens less for the Jets because they are so multiple. The Jets defensive game plan was just so slimmed down because of the Jim Leonhard injury that it was too easy to read.

- So, why didn't they make it more complicated? Well, think about last time they tried to use a complicated defense after losing Leonhard: The 45-3 debacle. That was a different situation, though. They lost Jim on a Wednesday, and E. Smith had no experience as a play-aligner, or whatever you want to call him.

- SPEAKING OF MIKE PETTINE - We all get on Schotty, so what makes Pettine exempt? He called an awful game. They had no answers for Brent Celek, they played too much zone, refused to press the recievers...just awful. You need to come off the bus blitzing Vick, and they played vanilla man-under.

When you look at this defense under Pettine, it has gotten more and more conservative, and worse. I hate it. Get back to blitzing. Take your chances. We played pretty conservative, and They still had big plays. At least go down swinging.

- Speaking of Schotty - Can we give the man some credit? He destroyed the KC defense, you know the SAME DEFENSE THAT HELD THE PACKERS TO 14 POINTS. There are fewer situations that are more difficult that playnig the Eagles with a deficiet, and he managed to at least get 19 points out of it. He started off the game well, but Santonio Holmes took a dump on the entire Jets gameplan on his own.

- Side note on getting made at offensive coordinators: Just because the Jets run a pass or run play, that does not mean that is what Schotty called. Sanchez makes checks and audibles. Same with when Sanchez throws to a particular receiver. That is not necessarily the play design. Its just the read that Mark happens to make. Play calling has much less effect on a game than the average fan thinks. At the end of the day, it comes down to execution.

- Mr. Holmes - Let's not make a mountain out of a molehil with his celebration. It was stupid, he apologized. But you can't fumble and drop a pass like that. You just can't.

- Sanchito - Played well, considering the circumstances. The fumble was his worst play. Beautiful pass to Holmes for the TD. Rare pass. Its just an impossible situation going against that defense with a deficient like that.

- Eric Smith is awful. I have been saying it for over a year now. It is now common knowledge.

- Marcus Dixon is playing real well. So is the rest of the d-line.

- Harris had a bad game.

- For all of you guys who don't like it when Rex talks - just look at the results when he stays quiet. I rest my case.

- Shonn Greene is a man's man. You have to respect the way he runs.

- The Giants are a great match up for the Jets for one reason - They don't have a tight end. Jake Ballard is not a guy who scares anyone. They also can't cover anyone or stop the run. Everything goes through Eli.

Anyway, that's all I got.

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