Pro Bowl , Lets Get Voting Jet Fans

I come here today to ask all jet fans to reward the players who stood out for this franchise this season. Many of those guys are not High Profile players and sometimes they don't get the recognition on a national level i think they deserve . We have our usual suspects who get a trip to Hawaii every year but i think its time to get some of our underrated/unfashionable players there to help them along in their development and in turn should make them even better players for the jets .

Follow me after the Jump for some of my suggestions

1) Matt Slauson : The most consistant Jet the o-line has had all year . He is only a 3rd year player but is already playing to a very high level for this team . If he went to the pro bowl i think he would come back a better player . Not only that but i think his play for this team deserves your votes

2) Brandon Moore : Has been great for many years but has always been overlooked . Plays every week without fail and always gives his best for this team . I say , lets reward this guy with what he should have already had and get him on the plane

3) Joe McKnight : Without doubt the best returner in the league this year . He is still young so a trip to the pro bowl should make him better than ever . A vote for Joe is also a vote for the best ST coach in the league .

4) Nick Folk : One of the biggest surprises for jet fans this year . Has been reliable most of the season . Would a trip to the pro bowl give him the confidance to be even better next season? I say lets vote for him and find out .

Well that's my list of players that i think we should vote for . Please note , i didn't put Revis or Mangold , etc on this list because these guys will always get the votes from us .Also for some strange reason Maybin is not on the list of players you can vote for so that's why he is missing from my list.

I hope all jet fans who visit GGN can read this and give some time to vote for these guys . They put their body on the line for this team and the least we can do in return is vote for these guys .

Also feel free to add any other players on the comments below .

UPDATE : I think we should commit to vote for these guys at least 5 times to give them a better chance of been selected . Please sign below if you commit to giving our guys 5 votes each .

Thanks to all in advance ..............

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