Could This Be Our Year?

A few weeks ago, many Jets fans were freaking out about the very real possibility of the Jets missing the playoffs. However, after a crazy sunday, that memory seems so distant. The Jets put together what could quite possibly be their first complete effort the entire year. They were rolling on all cylinders. The offense scored 28 points in the first half, which is a far-cry from what we are used to seeing from this Jets team. The offense also took shots down field (although not successful) to keep the defense honest. That is what I like to see, and if we fix some communication problems on the deep throws, it will be successful in the future. Does this have anything to do with Tom Moore? I'd like to think so. The defense dominated up until garbage time, when it seems like they softened their coverage. The special teams didn't make any crucial mistakes, and actually seemed to have very good kickoff coverage. It was an overall amazing performance by the Jets.

Not only did we win, but all of the other 7-5 teams lost (Titans, Raiders, Bengals), leaving us in the lead for the 6th wild card spot at 8-5. We have our work cut out for us heading into the last 3 weeks of the season, but I feel very good about our chances of making the playoffs. I feel like if we make the playoffs, we will again, be a very dangerous team We have a very experienced team, who has been to the AFC championship game the past couple of years. Maybe the third time is the charm. I am one of those people who believe that when at our best, we can beat any team in this league.

Lets look at which AFC teams would be in the playoffs as of today:


Have a great defense, but is down to their 3rd string quarterback who is a rookie nonetheless. Who knows if Andre Johnson will be healthy by the time the playoffs come around, but if he is, Revis can definitely shut him down. If we could key in on the ground game led by Arian Foster, we could beat this team.


The Ravens present a bit of a problem for us. They are a very physical team. Like the Ravens have proven this year, and the Steelers proved last year in the championship game, when a team is more physical than us, we will lose. However, I think if we come out and play inspired football, we match up well against the Ravens. While their front-seven is as strong as anybody's in the league, their secondary is not the powerhouse it once was. With a good gameplan, we can exploit their secondary by establishing a run game, using play action, and taking shots down field.


I like our chances against the Patriots, although we have lost twice to them this year. The reason for this is simple: the Patriots are a finesse team, and we are a smashmouth team. We should be able to run down their throats and exploit their secondary. If Rex Ryan comes up with a scheme similar to the one used in last year's playoffs, we should be able to slow their offense enough to win.


Again, I like our chances against the Broncos. The game we lost against them was a classic choke game. If we play even a half-way decent game, we should be able to beat them. Yes, that is how badly we played against them earlier this year.


The Steelers present the same problem to us that the Ravens do: They can outmuscle us. They also have a much improved passing game this year. However, if we don't come out slow like we did last year in the playoffs, where our defense "couldn't stop a nosebleed", I like our chances against them too.

The bottom line is as follows: it seems like we are coming together at just the right time, and if we can make the playoffs, I think we should be able to beat any team that we would have to face. I think this team and staff have the experience necessary to avoid laying an egg much like they did last year.

In the playoffs, anything is possible. When the Jets play a complete game like they did today, THEY CAN BEAT ANYBODY IN THE LEAGUE. If we make the playoffs, I like our chances.

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