"Post-Heisman" Jets 2012 Mock Draft

This is a revised version of past 2012 mock drafts that I have done for the New York Jets. I published one the other day on SBN affiliate MockingTheDraft without publishing it here. I have made many changes to that one and I would like to share this one with GGN. I predict the Jets going 10-6 and missing the playoffs, landing them the 18th-20th pick in the draft.

Round 1: David DeCastro, Offensive Guard, Stanford - 6'5" 310 lbs



This is a pure best player available pick. I realize guard is not the most vital of needs, but in a way it is. Brandon Moore is getting older and one day will not be with this team anymore. As of now we have Caleb Sauerkraut and Vlad Ducasse as his primary backups. I don't know about you but, that is not so good. DeCastro would probably be a starter on any other team and, should we draft him, he would be the best backup in the league. DeCastro is above average in pass protection, but is an absolute mauler in the running game. He exhibits pure strength and relentlessness when running down field and clears lanes with ease; Qualities essential for a team that prides itself in the run game.

Round 2: Kendall Wright, Wide Receiver, Baylor - 5'10" 190 lbs



Plaxico Burress is getting old. Soon he will run out of gas and a team can not rely on him as a starter. However, as a red-zone specialist, I feel he can excel. It puts him in a limited role that has always been his primary strength. That is why I suggest the Jets resign him and use him as a pure red-zone specialist. That leaves a gap at starting receiver #2. Braylon Edwards was very good with the Jets. People seem to think that it was his height that allowed him to be so good. I disagree. He was very fast for his height. Mark Sanchez has been given multiple tall-targets to throw to and has been incapable of utilizing their height (Plaxico, Patrick Turner...). That is why I think the best option at wide receiver for the Jets would be a speedy ballhawking wide receiver. One who can still produce in a system with an inaccurate quarterback because he can still get to the ball. Kendall Wright is the appropriate pick here in my opinion. He brings a speedy, deep-threat, ball-magnet to a receiving corps that has only one reception of 40 yards or more through the whole season! That is atrocious, especially in a league that is so incredibly pass heavy. Without Wright, RG3 would not have had the year he did. Wright can make any quarterback better, which is vital as it is getting to be do or die time for Mark Sanchez.

Round 3: Shea McClellin, 34 OLB, Boise State - 6'3" 258 lbs



The Jets have a pretty poor situation at outside linebacker. They only have one starter in Calvin Pace. On the other side, they use a rotation of Jamaal Westerman, Aaron Maybin, and Garrett McIntyre. Neither of the three are starters and truthfully, Aaron Maybin is the only one who should be able to keep his roster spot next year. Shea McClellin would bring a youthful player in who does anything you could ask of him. He has played Inside Linebacker, Outside Linebacker, and Defensive End in his time at Boise St. so you know that he has a good balance between rushing the passer and stopping the run. He is perfect for the Rex Ryan defense and, after some tuning, could become an impact player on this team.

Round 4: Nicolas Jean-Baptiste, Nose Tackle, Baylor - 6'2" 335 lbs

The situation with Kenrick Ellis is still unclear, but even if he were allowed to stay in America and be part of this team, the Jets still need some more depth around the defensive line. Sione Pouha is a pro bowl player and should be resigned to a two year deal after this year. However, his performance over the next few years is uncertain. Also, Mike Devito is a free agent and if he is not resigned, there is no clear cut backup to start in his place. Baptiste could be a BJ Raji type nose tackle or Ryan Pickett type defensive end at the NFL level, so I think this pick works in multiple ways.

Round 5: Blake DeChristopher, Offensive Tackle, Virginia Tech - 6'5" 311 lbs

DeChristopher is the starting offensive tackle for the third leading rusher in the nation. I for one would feel pretty good if he was playing backup to whoever is our starter at RT next year.

Round 6: Chris Rainey, Running Back/Wide Receiver, Florida - 5'9" 178 lbs

Chris Rainey led the Florida Gators in rushing in 2011 and has lined up at wide receiver as well. He has the skill set to be the next Darren Sproles and could really be a key piece to an offense that correctly utilizes his talent.

Round 7: Duke Ihenacho, Safety, San Jose State - 6'1" 205 llbs

Ihenacho would provide some nice depth at the safety position, especially now that Emanuel Cook is out. I wouldn't expect him to be a starter for quite some time, but if he can make a couple of tackles inside the 20 on specials teams, welcome to New York.

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