I do not follow college football very much, so I can not do a mock draft, but I am an avid Jets fan so I do have a opinion on what the Jets have to do this off-season to improve the team. The way I see it our greatest need on both sides of the ball is speed.

Now this is where I might be crazy. Rather then drafting a WR in the first two rounds, I would bring back B. Edwards who already has a chemistry with Mark, is fast and can stretch the field, is likely not to be resigned by the 49'ers since he has had a below average year for them, and because of this will not be looking for a big payday as he was looking for last year. I believe we can sign both him and Plax for 3 Million apiece.

We need help on the Offensive Line, but once again I would not draft that person in the first two rounds. I believe a lineman can come from a small D2 school and be as good as any of the better known D1 players drafted in the 2st round. I would therefore take a look at: Amini Silatolu, OG- 6'3 324 about whom the following is said: Most Division II players are not considered potential top 100 prospects, especially not those projected to play inside at the next level. The strong and nimble Silatolu, however, has intrigued scouts to the point where teams could push his way into the top half of the draft. The success of small-school linemen like Saints' Pro Bowler Jahri Evans (2006, 4th round, Bloomsburg) and Raiders' rookie starter Jared Veldheer (2010, 3rd round, Hillsdale). An All-American left tackle at Midwestern State, the 6-3, 324 pound Silatolu projects best inside where his good, but not elite lateral agility can be protected. Once inside, however, Silatolu's power and aggressive nature could ultimately make him an upper level NFL starter.

Pass blocking: Not likely to stay at left tackle in the NFL, but shows better lateral agility than expected for his short, stocky build. Quick enough to help left guard with a punch on the tackle after the snap, yet make it outside to stop the end from reaching the pocket. Resets hands after initial contact to maintain distance, also extends his arms at the end of plays to finish. Anchors well against most defenders with low center of gravity and natural bend. Owns a strong punch that will knock rushers off their route. Takes ends around the pocket and blocks off inside lane against most tackles or twisting ends; NFL defenders will have the edge in quickness in those situations, however.

Run blocking: By no means a gentle giant, attacks defenders in the run game and will finish blocks. Plays with violent hands at the point of attack. Crashes down the edge, will take multiple defenders to the ground. Overextends trying to sustain or dominate blocks instead of simply walling off quicker defenders. Will let up on blocks on occasion when he thinks the play is away.

Pulling/trapping: Hustle and agility allow coaches to use him in front of bubble screens despite his thick, compact build and average long speed. Nimble and quick enough to trap inside or even pull around to the strong-side of the formation from his left tackle spot. Flattens small-college linebackers at the second level when coming straight-on. Flashes some flexibility to get a hand up against oncoming inside defenders. Possesses on-field nastiness and hustle to help teammates, NFL coaches will get even more out of him.
CBS Sports

Big, thick college left tackle with good mobility for his size — quick out of his stance, surprisingly light on his feet and can pull and trap, though he struggles connecting with moving targets. Needs to improve hand use, as he tends to clutch and grab, but is quick-handed with a strong punch. Plays with a trench warrior mentality — competitive, physical and nasty. Is rough around the edges and will have to adjust to better competition, but has starter-caliber strength and athletic ability as a guard in a power scheme.
Pro Football Weekly

A thick, wide-bodied offensive lineman who plays left tackle at Midwestern State. Possesses a powerful lower half, natural flexibility and exhibits the physical make-up to be ideally suited for guard at the next level. Showcases very good foot quickness for his size, displays some natural mirror ability and can slide his feet through contact. Is just going to need to do a better job playing lower as he has a tendency to pop upright in pass protection. However, extends his arms well and is a balanced/powerful puncher who can rock opposing linemen on contact.

Is a dominant run blocker. Not only can he coil up into his stance and really snap through his hips into contact, but he also loves to finish. He showcases a strong lower half and can run his legs through defenders and routinely get a good push in-line. Now, at times he just throws himself at defenders and will lose balance at the point, but the body control and explosion is certainly there for him to win inside at the next level. Showcases “plus” range for his size when asked to pull as a backside tackle, lead the power play and reach defenders in space. Plays with a nasty streak and his combination of range, athleticism and balance makes him dominant when kicking out defenders in the hole. Loves to block downfield as well, routinely plays until the whistle and his range in space is very impressive. He breaks down quickly, drops his pad level and can even cut defenders down in space.

Overall, he has some technical flaws that need to be fixed and will likely have to kick inside at the next level. However, he’s a wide-bodied athlete with a powerful/explosive frame, good foot quickness and can really pull from the backside. Might need some time, but Silatolu is one of the top guard prospects in the class with a ton of upside to go along with his talent. National Football Post

We can now use our first two draft picks to pick up a fast quick top line prospect to play safety and OLB.

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