Does Mark Sanchez really stink?

The QB is playing poorly. He is erratic. He's inconsistent. They need to look at drafting Matt Barkley or another QB. They need to trade for Paton Manning if the Colts grab Luck. Fans are booing the guy before opening kickoff. He's peeked in year 3. He stinks. He still makes rookie mistakes. He stares down his first option. He's the reason the offense is stagnant. There's a lot more negative things I've heard about the guy. Most notably is the completion percentage and the turnovers.

Here's the real deal. This guy is the Franchise QB until at least 2020. If the Jets win a Superbowl, he will be the reason. With all the crap said about this guy, I figured I would see where he really stacks up.

I just looked at the starting QB's stat wise for this season, and also last season. I only looked at passing yards, touchdowns,and interceptions. I didn't worry about passing percentage or QB ratings. TD's are important because they put offensive points on the board. Interceptions are important because they cause points for the other team. Passing yards are important because they show your offense is moving the ball. I'm not concerned with the 110 other statistical categories you can look at with quarterbacks. And of course the 4th and final category is wins. It don't mean a thing without a W

The standout QB's this year are Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Matt Stafford, and Eli Manning. Those QB's are carrying the team, have a high number of TD's compared to INT's. The next tier below them is Sanchez. He's on par with Roethlisburger, Matt Ryan, and that's it.

For all the crap I've heard about this guy, he's having a better season than Philip Rivers, Jay Cutler, Michael Vick, Joe Flacco, Matt Shaub, Matt Cassell, Alex Smith, Josh Freeman, Andy Dalton, and several others.

Why is it that the guy can't get recognition the way other QB's do? Tim Tebow can barely throw a ball, but he gets respect as a winner, and a baller? Mark Sanchez hasn't missed a start, which I can't say for Shaub, Vick, Cassel, or Cutler. He's also thrown for 2500 yards and 18 TD's to 11 INT's. If you factor in starting QB wins of the past 2 years, that's around 5th best in the NFL.

I don't care about stats for QB's with the exception of a few. TD's, and Sanchez has 18, and is set to finish around 25. If he can put points on the board 25 times a season, not to mention the 3 or 4 he's scored on the ground himself, I'm happy. He's doing his part. The second important thing is INT's. I'll admit he's thrown them at inopportune times, but when is a good time to throw a pick? As of right now VIck, Rivers, and even Drew Brees have as many or more INT's than Sanchez.

So the guy is 8th in the NFL in TD's despite being 13th in pass attempts. He's 15th in passing yards, but being as though he's middle of the pack in attempts, it isn't abnormal. Point is the guy is winning games, improving on his TD's, yardage, and completion percentage every year. Yet there are still critics that say he is going to be nothing more than middle of the pack quarterback. Bare in mind he's done this with a center that missed some time, and a right tackle that can't play, and while developing chemistry with 3 receivers that have been on the team a total of 1 season before this between them.

Sanchez's game is not going to be a traditional pocket QB, with high accuracy, he's not that kind of player. He's a scrambling, high risk, high reward player, and he is good at it. He reminds me of Elway and/or Favre with his scrambling and arm strength. If they called plays to his strengths, the offense would have been off and rolling a while ago. If the running game that was supposed to be the staple ever returns to form, he will be the class of the NFL for years to come. Before we worry about who's better, let's appreciate how good the guy is that we already have behind center.

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