Grading the Signings and Stars Thus Far

I know there has been a post about this topic and I know we all voted on approval ratings but I like to voice my opinion so here it goes:


Plaxico Burress - He had a really slow start to the season and it made us wonder why the hell we signed him. But recently I've been starting to see it. His size is just simply overpowering and now that Sanchez is learning it. He's deadly.

Grade - B+

Aaron Maybin - He had been a bust his whole career in Buffalo until signing with us. I expected to see the same player here but I was 100% wrong. Maybin has been nothing but awesome. He's explosive, he gets to the QB and is really exciting to watch. He may be a "one trick pony" but that is more than I expected from him. Real harmless signing and I hope he gets an extension after this year.

Grade - A

Santonio Holmes - Resigning Holmes was on top of our to do list this summer. Holmes is a true no. 1 WR who performs in the clutch and is real explosive. He'

ll turn 5 yard slants into 25 yard TD and truly Sanchez' favorite WR (other than Keller). He's not having the best year stat wise but I think thats mainly on Sanchez inability to get him the ball. But regardless resigning him was a must and I'm glad we were able to lock up him to be our guy for the next 5 years.

Grade - A-

Antonio Cromartie - Boy is he interesting. After failing to snag Nnamdi Asoughma off the market we decided to stick with Cro as our 2nd corner. I truly believe Cro is an above average player despite all his mishaps. When looking closely he really is having a nice year in coverage but his mistakes are too noticeable. People jump on his ass every time he makes a mistake and I don't think you should. He's a good coverage corner but not great. Overall I think 4 yr 32 was overpaying and was just a sign of the Jets being desperate. However Cro is certainly a good corner but we did overpay.

Grade - B


Darrelle Revis - What is there to

say about Revis? He's our star, he's the best corner in the NFL and one of the best all time. He's been nothing but great and not much else to say.

Grade - A+

Mark Sanchez (and Shonn Greene sort of) - I am personally a Sanchez supporter. All the people that are saying he should be traded or they should trade for Luck etc. are ridiculous. Sanchez is our QB and I guarantee you all he will be our QB for at least 10 years. I think he is a good player and will keep getting better and eventually will be a superstar. I won't get into stats in his first years vs. other QB because that's been posted many different times but I'll just get to my point.

Sanchez isn't that bad. Sure he has plenty of things to work on but I don't think he has regressed in anyway. I think its what the Jets are trying to do with him. He's not someone that should be chucking 40 passes a game. He should be throwing about 25-30 and should be handing the ball off a lot more. Shonn Greene is a good powerful back and I do believe they can succeed with him getting 20 carries a game. The ground and pound is key

I believe Sanchez is our QB and will lead us to a super bowl(s) victory. They just need to be a little more patient with him and not ask him to be everything. Use the old mentality of don't mess it up and I think we'll be fine.

Grade - B-

I don't have time to get into defense at the moment. That will be next weeks fanpost.

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