Cheers and Jeers: A Rooting Guide to Week 10

Welcome back everyone to my little hole in the wall here, and if you've stumbled upon this topic by accident looking for "Public Speaking" with guest lecturer Bart Scott that is three doors down, just follow the nosebleeds.

I want to thank everyone who gave me feedback and enough approvals to want to do another one of these rooting guides. I have made several changes to this guide and also, also any NFC exclusive game that does not have a specific connection to the Jets will be shortened up a bit until I improve my writing skills and football IQ. Without further adieu here is your guide to the week! The Excitement Level I have listed for the game is an opinion that factors in playoff implications for those teams, divisional standings, and notable players that could have career days.


Raiders vs Chargers-

Playoff Implications for the Jets: 6/10. Excitement Level: 8/10

Our Thursday night special, at the start of the season this would have been a write off for the Chargers to win. However now the Raiders have gotten a bit better only to stumble backwards with the lose of their QB. Likewise the Chargers haven't had their heads on right in a a few games now, mostly at the helm of Rivers. The problems with their offensive seem to be questioned by either a concealed injury, the lose of playmakers like Gates, to other silly reasons. They are in a position like the AFC North and the AFC East, three teams in a dogfight rotating in and out of 1st place in their division. The Chiefs, Chargers, and Raiders are all a half a game away from getting on top, however at present none of them are Wildcard teams with the Ravens/Steelers/Bengals hogging those spots at 6-2/3. I'm gonna say here that Raiders are the team to root for here, most of which come down to keeping the AFC West balanced and below the rest of the AFC Wildcard fighters. I also say it because I want Norv Turner to be let go and replace Schotty as our OC, yes that's a silly pipe dream but so was K. Ellis and look where we are now.

Saints vs Falcons-

Playoff Implications for the Jets: 0/10. Excitement Level: 10/10

This is a game that means so much for both of those teams in many ways and the Falcons are getting hotter now with their developing offensive, if you have to watch a game on Sunday and this is an option you shouldn't be disappointed.

Titans vs Panthers-

Playoff Implications for the Jets: 4/10. Excitement Level: 5/10

The Titans have quietly been in the running and fighting as the second horse in the AFC South. I don't believe the Titans will make it to the divisional crown short of a Texans collapse, Chris Johnson has become limp and ineffective. Cam Newton however is having a lot of fun and a career year already, with many people crowning him the ROPY. The Jets should be rooting for the Panthers to beat down the Titans as one less horse in the running will give the Jets some breathing room in the coming weeks.

Steelers vs Bengals-

Playoff Implications for the Jets: 10/10. Excitement Level: 10/10

Finally something good and something fun. The Bengals have been the Cinderella story of the AFC this year with their surprise turn around and the infusion of youth, with another 1st round pick next year to both them and the Browns, the AFC North could be ruining a lot of Wildcard Dreams next year. The Bengals are the best team in the AFC according to the Playoff Picture, however they have to face the Steelers twice, and the Ravens twice. If they walk away with 4-0, they are for real, even if they go 2-2 they are somewhat for real, 0-4 will be the rug falling out from under them. There are no winners here for the Jets, both teams are 6 wins however, if I have to pick I will throw out a curve ball and say root for the Bengals. The reason here is that the Steelers are knocked out of the AFCN Divisional Crown, and the Jets can take care of business against the Pats and win the division, the Steelers could knock out the Pats in head to head matchups.

Rams vs Browns-

Playoff Implications for the Jets: 1/10. Excitement Level: 2/10

This is another punching bag duel, however the only reason this has a rating is that the Browns are 3-5. That's really it, they have no name receivers and their RB is about ready to go the way of the Fat Albert, and vanish. I'd like to be professional here and give more information but really after the last game written up I need a Viagra just to finish this sentence.

Bills vs Cowboys-

Playoff Implications for the Jets: 10/10. Excitement Level: 8/10

Oh poor Fitz and Jackson, they get the Ryan Brothers back to back. This one is easy, root for the Boys to take care of business and knock them out. A win by Rob and Rex will put the Patriots in third place in the division, actually just the Jets winning puts the Pats in 3rd in the division but I'm rambling. The Bills need a win here to get back in the fight but the Boys now have a running back and hopefully come up with a balanced attack to beat down the Bills the way their defense can.

Jaguars vs Colts-

Playoff Implications for the Jets: 1/10. Excitement Level: 1/10

Only reason for the 1/10 is the divisional fighting. The Colts, if they have any shred of power, ability, skill and talent aside from Manning it should be shown here. The Jags are the only team the Colts could possibly beat on their schedule to avoid a 0-16 season. However I will say root for the Jags, the Colts losing gives them Luck, and while the uncertainty of Luck's talent is one thing I'll risk in wanting them to get it, anything to keep Luck from the Dolphins.

Broncos vs Chiefs-

Playoff Implications for the Jets: 5/10. Excitement Level: 5/10

The Tebows will be set out to try and prove they have the talent to succeed. Last week Tebow went 10-21, and ran almost as many yards as he did pass. The Broncos are now a run only team at this rate. As much as I hate how annoyingly popular Tebow is I say root for the Broncos, giving them a win here will leave them confident and foolish for when we face them on Thursday, they are a limited team and will be prime for beating a few days from now. Plus a KC dive will leave them slow and out of the running when they visit the Jets.

Redskins vs Dolphins-

Playoff Implications for the Jets: 0/10. Excitement Level: 3/10

You have too many games at 1pm on Sunday to see that will be more fun than this one. The Redskins are a team on the ropes but a few wins puts them back in the race, however given the NFC North and the Giants, neither team is making it to January. Root for Dolphins here one more time, the redskins getting K.O.ed will leave them nothing to play for when the Jets face them later in the year, but also keeps the Dolphins from reaching Luck, and possibly another quality QB.

Cardinals vs Eagles-

Playoff Implications for the Jets: 0/10. Excitement Level: 3/10

No Kolb,  no reunion excitement. Only think to hope for in this game is that the Cards can summon up talent and potential to beat the Eagles and keep them out of the running for a playoff spot by the time the Jets face them later in the year. Root for the underdog Cardinals to rise up and smack down the Eagles when they are feeling low.

Texans vs Bucs-

Playoff Implications for the Jets: 6/10. Excitement Level: 6/10

This game doesn't matter too much for the Jets in terms of the Wildcard, the AFC South isn't getting that competitive and with the AFC North surging and taking all the Wildcard spots. Root for the Bucs here, I say this for divisional rankings, the Jets could use a boost here as a lose by the Texans and a win by the Jets will put them a half a game ahead of them and in 2nd for the Conference, and holding onto a bye for dear life.

Ravens vs Seahawks-

Playoff Implications for the Jets: 9/10. Excitement Level: 3/10

A lose for the Ravens here puts them down in the wildcard and will possibly put them in the hunt and not in a Wildcard position. This will help later on as the Jets have lost the tiebreaker to the Ravens so any advantage here will help them if we falter and don't take advantage of the Pats weakness and the Bills. Root for the Seahawks in spite of the fact they don't have a team that can beat the Ravens.

Lions vs Bears-

Playoff Implications for the Jets: 0/10. Excitement Level: 10/10

Both have wildcard positions, both are 2 games behind the Packers so in reality they are fighting for 5th in the Conference. Should be exciting as hell for the NFC North fans, and with Forte possibly beating CJ2K 2500 total Scrimmage yards in his one year of glory, it will be fun to see.

Giants vs 49rs-

Playoff Implications for the Jets: 2/10. Excitement Level: 10/10

I hate both teams, I hate the Giants, cause well they are and for some reason I dislike the 49ers HC, don't ask why. In terms of an effect on the Jets I would say root for the Giants to win and get a lock in the playoffs by Week 16 and possibly rest their starters. They won't but it is nice to dream, also this will ensure that the Eagles and the Skins keep them from having any hopes of reaching the playoffs.

Jets vs Patriots-

Playoff Implications for the Jets: 9001/10. Excitement Level: 9001/10

No need to say it, we all know what is at stake, some are going to see it first hand, the Nation will see it at 8:20 Sunday night.

Vikings vs Green Bay-

Playoff Implications for the Jets: 0/10. Excitement Level: 2/10

Only thing that makes this game exciting is the wonder and marvel that the Packers could pull a Saints on the Vikings if not for AP and Allen.


Hope you guys enjoyed this, again any feedback would be fantastic.

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