Don't Look Past the Patriots

Now that I've thrown out a misleading title-lets get to my real point.  I'm Completely disregarding the title and I'm looking at the rest of the season for our Gang Green.  Have you looked at this schedule?  Even Jason LaCanfora of NFL network says we'll be winning the division this year once we win our next game. That is one Easy schedule, especially for us.  Lets take a look at the next 8 games we have on the schedule.

The Patriots Game is Up First-I'm leaving alone just because I know how much people will LOOOVE to write about this game in the next week. I think I'll leave all the division games out as well because we will be talking in much more depth than I can ever hope to write. (I believe we Win)

Thursday Night:11-17-11:NYJ Versus Denver Broncos

TIM TEBOW, TIM TEBOW. TIM TEBOW, TIM TEBOW, TIM TEBOW!1!!1!!! OMG TIM TEBOW! Did I forget something...OH YEAH TIM TEBOW! Tim_tebow__broncos_medium


Have Enough? Well Tim Tebow.  I'm done,  Now that We've got that ugly monster out of the way, lets actually talk about the game.  Without talking about HIM, this game seems to be one of those type of games that this season we'd struggle with.  Willis McGahee has done a great job this season including a 160+ yard 2 TD game.  They don't rely on their receivers as they really don't have a big name.  Eric Decker and Eddy Royal have emerged as two decent receivers, but they'll be facing arguable the two best pure outside corners in the league (I'm basing this off of the fact Revis is plain number one, Woodson plays alot of inside as a nickle, and Nhamdi Has really struggled) in Revis and Cromartie.  Their defense is on the bottom half of the league in total defense-22nd.  Pass Defense is 23 and Rush defense is 15th.  Seems like an easy win-but again, I lied.  We have to mention Mr. Tebow One more time.  What Tim will we get? Will we get the unbelievable bad, 55 minutes of Miami and 60 Minutes of Lions, or the miracle worker Last Minute Man?  Put your Bets down on the First one.  Don't expect the Jets D to act anything like Miami's or The Raiders.  We All know Sexy Rexy's Exotic blitzing, and if it's anything like what the Lions did occasionally, expect him to look like a joke again.(I do not endorse that opinion-I like Tebow as a Running Back who can throw and as a good person-but right now he is not an NFL QB.  His stats look very much like Eli Manning's rookie stats BTW look how he turned out)

Expect A nice win here-Rex has historically done a great job on a short week and against this type of team, I think we all will love this one.


Buffalo At New York:11-27-11 Again won't go into this one, we just came off of a huge win against them and barring some miracle, I believe the results will be the same.  Don't sleep on them though.  Watch out for the fact Rex Ryan has not been very good after longer breaks like bye-weeks and thursdays to mondays/sundays.  But Hey with that win over the Bills he's shown that he can gameplan for all games


NYJ @ Redskins 12-04-11

This Just about describes my feelings on the redskins



What a hot mess the redskins are.  I can't even start about it.  Rex Grossman versus John Beck for a QB battle?  That's no Joe Montana VS Steve Young or Bledsoe Vs Brady that's for sure. I've never had faith in Shanahan after he became HC of the Redskins a few years back.  The way he handled McNabb and Haynesworth was terrible.  Now they were diva's but that's not how you deal with them.  As well, Tim Hightower and Jason Cooley are out for the season, and there are a ton of guys hurt, many of them who will be back by the time we get there.  For QB and WR analysis, see my above Comments about the Broncos only insert Santana Moss.  They are 13,11,22 in total, passing, rushing defense.  That's not terrible, but guess what-we're officially ground and pound again.  Not good for them.  I don't know why I had faith in Beck-maybe because I like good stories, but he hasn't panned out.

Expect another nice win here.  I don't think they'll be able to stop us AT ALL on the ground and our D will wipe them out.


NYJ Versus KC:12-11-11

Who in the World are the Kansas City Chiefs?  My god talk about hot or cold.  Is it even possible to be blown out in almost all of their losses and still be close to winning their division?  I need to see more of this team to cast judgement upon them.  I'll be an active part of telling you exactly who they are when we cross that bridge.  As for now-I'll say expect a Jets Win,  anyone who gets blown out by the dolphins is a terrible team all around.  Everyone has those days? well they've had three against the bills, lions, dolphins.  Don't expect much out of them...IOU an official preview.

NYJ At Eagles: 12-18-11

Coming off another loss-the Eagles are just about out of the playoff race.  Vick has not been as good as last season and Nhamdi Asomugha has proven to be one of the biggest off-season busts.  The Dream Team is No More.  One thing that you can't sleep on is LeSean McCoy.  He's had an unbelievable season in a very uncharacteristic Andy Reid offense.  They are number one total offense and number one rushing attack.  I can see this battle turning out two ways.  Run DMC of the Raiders or Freddy Jackson of the Bills.  What a difference.  One won the game single handedly and the other had very little impact until garbage time.  With the way our defense has been playing I think we can shut him down.  The WR CB matchup on our side is very interesting.  Will They test Revis, Cro and Wilson?  I think Revis should be on Maclin-Cro on Jackson with safety help for deep play purposes, and Wilson on the inside.  On Offense- we should NOT throw the ball to our wideouts.  It's asking for disaster, I may be on Nhamdi alot but it's a great matchup for them.  Nhamdi, Samuels, and DRC can cover Holmes, Burress, and Kerley.  But How do we attack that Dream Team offense you say?  We RUN.  We Do what we Do, and we ground and pound.  Their D-line has rushed the passer well, but they stink stopping the run and the linebackers are also very suspect.   Passing to Keller will be the X-Factor to the game IMHO.  The LBs can't cover, and I'm not so sure about those safeties.  

Expect a Jets win in a close game.  We need to do exactly what we did to the Bills, and apply it to them.  Keep their offense off the field with our Run Game and play action.  Hopefully our D will hold and we come away with a nice win.



Just for you Nhamdi-Just For you

The last two games I'll leave for the weeks we play them.  Oh Miami, how you are a terrible team.  Jets win big.  The Hardest matchup (Besides maybe the Patriots), Come from our cross town rival, Big Blue.  They have tried to Run the ball, with some success and Eli Manning has proven that he is in theELIte quarterback conversation.  They play great D all round, so expect a bloody Christmas Eve.  I think our DBs can shut down Hicks, Manningham and Cruz but this is hands down one of the toughest matchups we'll have all season. I believe we win, but that's just from me being a Jets Fan.

So if you add up the wins and losses- at worst we'll be 10-6, something that probably won't make playoffs.  But Realistically We'll lose two AT MOST and end up somewhere between 13-3 and 11-5 winning our division. 


But Hey-lets not look TOO far past the Pats Right?

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