Cheers and Jeers: A rooting guide for Week 9

So, I was inspired to do this after last week's bye week blues and I'll be putting down a poll below to see if anyone wants this to be a regular occurrence but for now it is in fun and games to give everyone a guide for the other games to get excited about, and more importantly for those of our Jets Fans who are unable to see the Jets game.

Okay for a laugh I'll actually do the rooting guide on our game.

Jets vs Bills- 1pm

The Jets and Bills both are primed and capable of being the AFCE division crowned champions along with the New England Patriots. This game means too much to both teams to not be considered a title fight. A win for the Jets puts them a half a game over the Bills in both the division and in heads up tiebreakers. A win from our co-owners the Giants up in New England would put us only a half a game behind the Patriots. With New England primed to return to Metlife the next week, the stakes this week and next have never been higher for the Jets to rise to the occasion. The Bills have lost their best pass rushers this week and Marcel Dareus will be going one on one with Nick Mangold. Both teams have what it takes to destroy the other, the question is will the 12th man take down the Jets with a 0% road win vs the Bills 100% at home? Do I need to say it here Root for the damn Jets. Rating: 10/10


Seahawks vs Cowboys- 1pm

This should be good for a few laughs but it will come and go as quickly as Maybin off the line. The Cowboys should be able to put this game over quickly after last week's embarrassing lose to the Eagles as Rob Ryan unleashes Ware. In terms of playoff implications while this is a stretch it comes down to future games in my opinion. The Cowboys keeping the division competitive is bad for the future teams we play in the NFC East, clear winners and losers have to be established early and often. If the Giants are locked in for the playoffs before Week 16 they may be taking it easy despite the hometown slug fest. Root for the underdog Hawks if you think about the future, or root for the Boys if you need a happy team or bar to celebrate. Rating: 4/10


Browns vs Texans- 1pm

Hills is suffering from the Madden Curse in a huge way this year and is already ruled out for this game with a hamstring injury. The Texans should mop this team easily and keep a nice lead over the Titans for the playoffs. Rating: 3/10


Falcons vs Colts- 1pm

Plant this under, this would have been fun before Manning went down like a sack of potatoes and the Colts have become the violin sad song of the NFL. As much as we'd hate the Colts to have the next great big QB, the Falcons need to win this game and win it big time to keep the Colts from having the power to win, with games against the Jags still to come we need them to be 0-16, to 2-14. Rating: 2/10


Dolphins vs Chiefs- 1pm

This one will hurt to say but a win for Miami is a win for the Jets in the long term picture. Now the AFC West has become a clusterf%!k with three teams at 4-3 with only divisional tiebreakers keeping them apart, that's three teams in the playoff hunt at all times and is completely and utterly unacceptable, someone has to step on a nail and fall out of this race. With Rivers falling down face first down a flight of stairs as of late, and the Palmer experiment about to have its first start[more on that later], the Chiefs either need to be the best or the worst. However, if the Chiefs start to fall out of the race, it will be just another game for us later on in division. I'll leave this up to your imagination a win for the Fins keeps them out of the running for Luck, and the Chiefs to fall a bit, however if you want to keep the Chargers and the Raiders from having a chance or can't stand the Fins to get a win go for the Chiefs.  Rating:  6/10, 9/10 for playoff/division implications.


Bucs vs Saints- 1pm

Nothing here impacts us until the Superbowl, the Bucs looked hot last year and they are still in the hunt for their division with the Falcons and the Saints. In terms of excitement nothing gets better than a divisional match-up. Cheer on the Saints to go marching into the endzone again, and look to this division next year, if the Panthers start to fight more this could become the toughest division in the NFL with 4 Playoff caliber teams. Rating: 9/10


49ers vs the Redskins- 1pm

This will be over quick and painfully for the Skins, the 49ers are one of the new IT teams with their coach and 1st round qualities being yanked out of Alex Smith and Frank Gore's underrated RB status. The Redskins are down their best RB and WR, and as long as John Beck is under Center this team will fail. I hate the smugness of the 49ers coach, he's got insane confidence like Rex, but without the swagger or sex appeal. Root for the 49ers to make the Skins fall into obscurity  and give the Jets a nice stat padding when we face them much later, they gave the Bills 9 sacks in a game I expect the same or more from a much better Jets team later on when the Skins have nothing to win for. Root for the 49ers to keep the NFCE less competitive and for the Jets to have an easier opponent later on. Rating: 5/10


Brocons vs Raiders- 4:15pm

Picking a team in the AFC West is like getting a daily kick in the balls at random times. No one ever wants to have it happen, you want to get it over with as soon as possible. Timmy Tebow, made waves two weeks ago to beat down Miami Suck for Luckers, in what could only be described as God answering Tebow's Hail Mary Drives. The Raiders should come out on top here, and keep the Broncos down for the count, the problem I see with this game here is that if the Broncos get embarrassed enough will they go back to Kyle Orton, we need Tebow in the driver's seat of the Broncos for another two weeks. I'll actually give you an upset here and say root for the Broncos to win, a win for the 2-5 Broncos will keep Tebow behind the Reins and keep the Raiders and one less team "In the Hunt" for a Wildcard spot. Rating: 7/10


Bengals vs Titans- 4:15pm

This is another ugly one for the Jets in terms of playoffs, we have no winner and losers here. The Bengals are above the Jets with the surprising turn by Andy Dalton, they are currently in the Wildcard if the season were to end today. The Titans are 4-3, and a win by them puts them in the hunt. Its ugly either way. Pray for a Tie here, but if you gotta take one, go with the Titans to keep the Bengals down. Rating: 9/10


Rams vs Cardinals- 4:15pm

Will this really count as a game? Its a pair of punching bags being lifted up and dropped into one another, over and over again until the chain snaps. Root for the Cards here, after all the 1-15 Rams, having a shot at Luck, will be enough for another team to bet the bank and give them a shot at it. Rating: 0/10


Giants vs Patriots- 4:15pm

Primetime entertainment at an early time, this will be a title fight for us to enjoy. The Giants here need to come out on top both for themselves and for the Jets, actually they'll be serving all of the New York teams with this win. Knocking the Pats farther from their lofty NFLN grace and leave them in an interestingly scary place next week against the Jets. The Giants have the pass rush to keep Brady uncomfortable, but the question is, will they have the ability to protect the middle of the field with their weak ILB core. Only time will tell, and this game may be a shootout with Eli Manning vs Tom Brady, and given the weakness of the secondary to the Pats, Eli Manning on paper should have a career day. Rating: 10/10 for all the right reasons.


Packers vs Chargers- 4:15pm

Everything I said about a shootout in the Giants vs Pats, see this only with better competition in terms of defenses. Green Bay is playing like a team possessed and are posed to take on back to back Superbowl appearances at this rate. Root for the Packers to take the Chargers out of the running for the playoffs, but also, and I have said this several times but also for the firing of Norv Turner, I don't have anything against him, but since his first season as the Chargers HC they have progressively gotten worse, an AFCCG game the first year, back to back divisional round loses then he missed the playoffs entirely, another round of losing and actually dropping to 3rd in the division could spell his demise and our gain if we can recruit him to be our OC. Rating: 10/10, solely for how much fun a shootout can be.


Ravens vs Steelers- 8:20pm

Do I really need to say how much fun this game should be? The rivalry? The hate? The rage? The passion? Its like a streetfight only legal, and with more broken bodies. Steelers are up with 6-2, Ravens and Bengals are 5-3, a tiebreaker with the Pats, is the only think keeping the AFC North from consuming the playoffs entirely. The Steelers will be looking for blood after the beating they took in Week 1 and to sustain their glory after beating the Pats in all phases last week. Root for the Steelers here, the Ravens have the tiebreaker against the Jets in the game we'd all like to forget, and keeping the Ravens out of the playoffs is better for us.  Rating: 11/10, not a typo.


Bears vs Eagles- Monday Night 8:30pm

A fun game for the Jets, the Eagles beat down the Cowboys in a whooping they won't soon forget. The Eagles have been flopping from powerhouse, to powerjoke, as the Dream Team hopes to get back with its head in the clouds. Root for the Bears here, I said this earlier about the Boys and Hawks about competition and I'll repeat it here, a trounced Eagles team too far removed from the playoffs will keep them grounded for when the Jets take them on later in the year. In terms of a matchup, I haven't heard much about the Bears this year only the greatness of Forte being their top man in receptions and runs, Cutler is having a great season and they are in the playoff picture with the NFC North sweeping the Playoffs so far. Rating: 8/10


Thanks for getting to the end of this, this is the biggest thing I wrote for GGN in a long time and I hope it was helpful in some way. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated and this was just written for fun, no major research on the teams was done for it, mostly just thoughts in my head and staring at the playoff picture from

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