It's early for us, yet college is done....

Well almost, besides week 12 is this coming weekend and that's 3/4 of the season over, gone, finished you get the point. If you think it's to early to start talking about the off season well your wrong most FO in the NFL have a draft board already, as well as FA they will be targeting.

Now I know that Schotty has been given an extension but contracts can be broken. If the Jets offense implodes these next 5 games the FO will have to do something and the guy I'd like to see take the offense over would be Norv Turner. He may not be head coach material but as an offensive cordinator he is one of the best. If the FO decides to go another way for instance like firing some assistants, the first guy on my list for QB coach would be Ken Zampese from Cincy look what he has done with Dalton. The next coach would be WR that guy is Terry Robiske from Atlanta, RB Kelly Skipper from Oakland or Chick Harris from Houston, finally TE Terry Malone from NO. While I was doing this little bit of research I did notice one thing about the GB staff and, that was that they have an OLB coach and, an ILB coach same go's for CB and SAF. I really feel this would be a wise thing to do, first off I don't think Carrier is doing that great of a job with the DL he's a better fit with the DB's and Thurman. I've said this before hire Kris Jenkins as the DL coach, as he already knows the DL assignments. Then hire Bryan Cox to coach the OLB, Cox is coaching in Miami, where his title is pass rush coach. I'm not saying to fire Bob Sutton or Bill Callahan, they are two of the best at what they do, I just think that the Jets need to reassess the coaching staff.

We all know the problem's of the Jets lack of talent at RT, SAF, and OLB. I do agree that Vlad isn't a RT he should be moved to RG, Moore seems to be falling off with the age bug catching up to him, going after Gaither would be a smart move even if he can't start he'd add great depth. IMO hand him a playbook and, let him heal up the rest of the season so he will be healthy at 100% for next year. Vlad has shown very good run blocking, he has seemed lost in pass pro, if you get him working at one position that he can focus on he will be just fine.

The saftey position is going to be a little harder. The FO needs to grow a pair and tell Rex no more Smith and Leonhard and, here you go you get Pool and we resigned Lowery or maybe Laron Landry, Sean Jones, Abe Elam anyone of these players would be a huge upgrade over what the Jets have right now. The Jets also have a full complement of draft picks and then some, this coming draft has some deep talent. I'll list two players for each saftey position.

Free Saftey:

1. George Iloka, Boise ST. ;6'3" 216lbs.He has been projected to run anywhere from a 4.42 - 4.50, also projected as a 4th to 6th round pick, also is a 4 year starter Iloka finished with 50GP, 164 solo, 63 assists, 227 total, 14 TFL, 1 sack, 17 BU, 14 PD, 7 INT and 2 FF.

2. Christian Thompson, South Carolina ST.; 6'1" 218lbs. projected 40. 4.36 - 4.46 projected 7th round. Thompson transferred from Auburn. He has also played some SS. haven't been able to locate any stats since SC ST is a FCS school.

Strong Saftey:

1. Kelcie McCray, Arkansas ST.; 6'1.5" 195lbs.projected 40. 4.38 - 4.48. projected 6th - 7th round. he is a redshirt senior. 47 GP, 111 solo, 87 assists, 198 total, 6.5 TFL, 10 INT, 12 BU, 3 FRC, 2 FF.

2. Donovan Richard, South Carolina ST.; 5'11.5" 215lbs. projected 40. 4.32 - 4.43, projected as a UDFA plays MLB ans SS. 35 GP, 189 Tackles, 12 TFL, 13 BU, 4 INT, 6 sacks.

IMO draft one of each position, let them study and learn the system for a year then bam, two really good safties for years to come, that can cover as well as, support the run. I really like Iloka cause of his size and speed. Iloka would be a great fit size wise he'd be able to hang with the more athletic TE, speed wise he can hang with WR and RB.

Now lets move on to OLB well how about just LB. Lets start with OLB I do think the Jets have some players they are just not developing correctly like Ricky Sapp one week he's a PS addition next week he's a deletion. Another is Jarron Gilbert at 6'5" 285, unless Rex is planing on playing a lot more 4-3 he doesn't fit. IMO get him in the gym to slim down to 260 - 265 and turn him into an OLB, Gilbert is an athletic freak he would be a monster in a stand up role. Back to Sapp whom has all the tools to be an OLB his biggest problem has been injuries, if he can stay healthy and learn the position the Jets would have 3 young OLB that can bring the heat. I mean look that would be Maybin at 23, Sapp at 25, Gilbert at 25, Westerman at 26, and keep Pace for some Veteran leadership, plus it would cost the Jets more than $9.1 mil. to cut him which would be a savings of only a little over $1.75 mil. no brainer. There are 2 very good prospects in the draft.

1.Whitney Mercilus, Illinois 6'3" 265lbs. projected 40. 4.58 - 4.68 a redshirt junior. 35 GP, 35 solo, 38 assists, 73 total, 21 TFL, 15.5 sacks, 2 BU, 2 PD, 8 QBH, 1 FRC, 9 FF. Whitney can set the edge however, sometimes gets washed out at times, throws his man aside with authority, good bull rush and burst off the edge. Has long arms and uses them well to string plays out to get to ball carrier in trash.

2. Nick Perry, USC 6'2.5" 250lbs.projected 40. 4.52 - 4.59, redshirt junior. 36 GP, 24 GS, 61 solo, 39 assists, 100 total, 30.5 TFL, 20.5 sacks, 5 BU, 5 PD, 2 FRC, 3 FF. Perry always gets his hands up to clog passing lane, plays in a 3 point and stand up, can drop into coverage with no problems, sets the edge in the run defense, has a very good bull rush against bigger OT, awesome quickness of the edge, can change direction from an outside speed move to the inside instantly, also uses his arm's to keep bigger OT off him.

The ILB position is a little different I mean Harris maybe somewhat slow but he makes plays, a constant around the ball. I really would love to let Scott go, but the cap hit is just way to much like $7.2 mil. and a savings of $1.25 mil. another no brainer. Mauga has been okay I just don't see him as the heir apparent to Scott, he's a good 2nd string guy. I really think we need to look for an upgrade inside that can replace Scott.

1.Manti Te'o, Notre Dame 6'1.5" 255lbs. junior, projected 40. 4.50 - 4.60. projected 2nd round. 36 GP, 146 solo, 154 assists, 299 total, 26.5TFL, 6.5 sacks, 6 BU, 6 PD, 8 QBH, 3 FF. Manti is always around the ball even on pass plays, reads QB eye's very well, Manti was quoted saying that the defense came out with "ill intentions" in mind he is the kind of player the doctor ordered. He also has good pass rushing skills

2. Bruce Irvin, West Virginia 6'2" 245lbs. projected 40. 4.43 - 4.55. projected 2nd round. I know that he plays DE but, I watched some game tape of him and think he would be a better fit at either LB postion you can't ignore 26 TFL and 29.5 sacks, yet I really feel he is kind of a one trick pony with his pass rushing skills. I think standing him up he'd be able to use his speed more effectively and, we know how Rex likes to blitz from the inside.

The big one the Jets need to address RT since Hunter can't block a paper bag and, Vlad really would be a better fit at RG. I did mention Gaither but he is not the be all end all. With looking into next years FA class there's really no super star tackle's, the short list is Demetrius Bell Buffalo, Levi Brown Arizona, Barry Richardson Kansas City and, Khalif Barnes Oakland, that's pretty much it so the draft is the way to go for the fix. I only really like one guy.

1.Levy Adcock, Oaklahoma ST. 6'5" 322lbs. Adcock graded out at 100% for the 2010 season with not allowing 1 sack all season and thats nothing to sneeze at considering he had to deal with the likes of Von Miller, Sam Acho, Pierre Allen, Phil Taylor, Jeremy Beal, Ricky Elmore, and Brooks Reed, not to shabby. I watched a couple of interviews of this kid and, he is a perfect fit for the Jets, real "Old School" as Adcock labeled himself. He says he likes to grind 3 - 5 yrds. at a time also, likes the cold and snow. I really like this kids attitude.

I do have a short list of FA that I'd like to add:































1, Rogers

I'm not saying get all these players, just some that the Jets FO should look at maybe 2 or 3 could really help them over the hump, then hell! what do I know? that's why I'm posting this and not doing it.

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