Are the New York Jets a playoff team this season?


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The NFL is a few weeks away from entering playoff time. It is now Week 13 of the season and the New York Jets still have a whole lot to fix. I know this seems to be a recurring theme, but, they need to get their problems fixed now if they want to make the playoffs.

They're running out of time.

Do the Jets look like a playoff team? No. They sure aren't playing like one, at least, not right now. 

This Jets team is average at best.

The Jets are 6-5 after barely beating the sputtering Buffalo Bills a couple of days ago, and still in the hunt for a wild card spot.

It was a struggle for the Jets til the end and if it weren't for Stevie Johnson's drop, the Jets' playoff hopes would be looking very dim right now.

Not too good for a team that was supposedly "built to win now."

It was believed after the Jets' ridiculous loss to the Denver Broncos, that they could and should run the table with their remaining six games being "easy," and at least come out 5-1 and have a good shot at the wild card. But the way they played on Sunday, it doesn't look so easy anymore.

13 weeks into the season and the Jets' offense still has big problems with their slow starts. Mark Sanchez is STILL very inconsistent, and it doesn't help that his receivers drop a few balls here and there. Yes, he got it done on the game-winning touchdown drive this past Sunday, but they shouldn't have been in that position to begin with. 

There are still communication problems within their offense.

Speaking of inconsistent, what happened to Rex Ryan's vaunted defense?

In order to claim they are the best defense in the league, the defense has to play a whole 60-minute game. They need to close out, which they aren't capable of doing (look at the past two AFC championships). It doesn't seem they can make a big-stop when needed, most of the times.

They were in danger of blowing another late-game lead for the second straight week.

Let's face it: This whole team is inconsistent.

It would be a miracle if the Jets make the playoffs this season, the way they're playing.

It needs to change, starting this week against the Washington Redskins.

Easy game? Not at all.


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