The day the season [nearly] died

I had a thought after the Denver game, but I think it's still poignant now. 


What's the difference between Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow?


Tim Tebow, has faith in his team and in himself that they can win.  Mark Sanchez has neither the faith in himself nor his playmakers to pull together a win when they really need one.  More after the jump.

I'll admit, I'm writing this a bit early, as the Jets could still pull off a win at this point.  But from what I've seen today on the field against the Bills I believe I can make a judgement.



It's time the Mark Sanchez as the franchise QB gets thoroughly questioned in the off-season.  There is not much the Jets can do between Free Agency and the draft.  In fact I'd avoid drafting a QB at all because there are too many needs to address.  However, either bringing in a QB that can actually be a threat to Sanchez' starting position or much more ideally seeing McElroy progress enough to be a solid #2 would be very encouraging.  It's obvious Sanchez can't get much done without pressure, so it's time we provide it.

Shotty of course must go.  It's been discussed enough so I won't add to it here. 

Running Backs:

It's time to see McKnight be a bigger part of the offense.  He can be the new age Leon Washington change of pace back.  Would also take a lot of pressure off Shonn Greene.  Sadly this includes losing LT to open up cap room and roster space.  I love LT, but considering his injury this year it's hard to wonder what role he will fill assuming McKnight can pick up the slack.



A fair amount of hope at this position, but missing a spark.  Kerley has had flashes, Holmes can still be a big time playmaker, but we need the guy who can go over the top of the defense at will.  Plax has come along with being a red zone target and had two amazing catches in the 4th quarter today, but he's not a long term solution.  We need someone ready behind him to fill this role and hopefully do better.

Tight Ends:

Jeff Cumberland and Keller could be an amazing one/two punch in the rising 2TE popularity in the NFL.  That said, Mulligan absolutely can not be a Jet next year.  We need a solid blocking TE.  I don't care if he can catch a pass I just want a solid run and pass blocker we can rely on for blitzing safeties/corners/LBs. 


Also talked to death is Hunter not being a Jet next year.  I'd prefer seeing what Ducasse can do in a live NFL game before we sell him out, but obviously if he doesn't show up then the Jets need to do something between the draft and FA to get someone into that spot.  I never realized we would miss Damien Woody so much.  It is also paramount we draft some young depth.  We need a flexible tackle, someone that can play the 6 man power line with regularity, and someone who can become a study behind Moore. 




I have almost no qualms here.  As a run stuffing group, these are certainly one of the better.  And the depth is also very encouraging, especially with the youth in place.  This is one of the brightest spots of the Jets at this time.  We would love some more line based rush for certain, but I believe that can be developed between Mo-Wilks and Kenrick Ellis


I can't emphasize this enough.  We need a steady Outside Linebacker to provide pass rush and steadily defend the run.  Losing Thomas has exposed that our projects aren't panning out to what we could hope for.  Pace is in a good place right now, but he's not exactly young.  We should have someone at the ready to take his place.  I also like Maybin, but he's far too situational to be a regular starter. 

I'd also like to posit a more radical view.  We need to have someone ready to replace Bart Scott.  Yes, the Can't Wait! Bart Scott.  My evaluation may be far from professional, but Scott seems to be a jack of all trades master of none kind of backer, but with a bit of a weakness on pass defense.  Going back to the 2TE comment earlier, we need someone who can match athleticism with TEs while providing run support.  Someone who can split the offensive line certainly would be nice too, but let's stay reasonable with these demands.


I can't complain too much about corner play outside of Cro's inconsistency.  There are times he's too much of a playmaker to lose.  But his play today was all around awful.  To be showed up by Brad Smith should be an ultimate insult.  Kyle Wilson is coming along just fine and Revis, while he had an off day today, is still Revis.  As long as he's not holding out I'm fine with him.


This is the position that needs the most attention but likely will get the least help this offseason.  Smith is essentially only a run stuffer, and pool is far from perfect.  I'm fine with keeping Jimmy Leonhard, but we need someone else who compliments Jim's run stuffing with a ball hawking free safety.  To have an Ed Reed or Troy Polamalu type player who can make QBs think twice about trying to go over our corners heads would be excellent.  Would also help getting more turnovers on defense. 


Special Teams:

Conley has come a long ways, but I'd still like to see some competition next offseason.  Losing Weatherford was a mistake in my opinion, but I'm not Westoff.  Folk has had an average year, but he's still not a long term solution in my eyes.


And while the game just ending, I will admit this.  Sanchez helped win us the game on offense, but damn did the defense try to blow it.  Either of Stevie Johnsons dropped catches could have ruined the day.  I'm poiting fingers at Pool and Revis here. 

I'm with most of you when I say missing the playoffs this year is the best thing for the Jets.  Take the offseason to go down position by position and find weaknesses in the system and address them.  With this win today, we aren't out yet.  But continued sloppy play could get us there fast. 

Thanks for reading.

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