Bills at Jets Preview: Winner Stays Alive

I don't think there could be more ideal circumstances for a rebound. Buffalo is reeling off a string of defeats which began with the Jets. Buffalo has lost arguably their best offensive and defensive players for the year with Kyle Williams and Fred Jackson on IR. Several Jet players missed the last meeting and now the team is overall very healthy, with no defensive players likely to miss the game.

Personally speaking, I treat every game as a must win from here on out. That isn't to say it would be mathematically impossible to advance to the postseason with another loss, but it will be mighty difficult. Still, if you look at the schedules of other competing teams and how many passers and other players are dropping like flies around the league, circumstances were never more ideal for a miracle run. It's unlikely, but far from out of the picture. Do not give up on this team while it is still alive. There have been and will be plenty of losing seasons to usher in the changes you want, including some changes like OC which are MUCH more likely (in light of not-so-recent extensions) with a winning season and a playoff run than without. A third consecutive deep postseason campaign is probably your very best bet for getting rid of Brian Schottenheimer once and for all at this rate.

Full breakdown after the Rundown and the jump. Leave your general thoughts, comments, predictions, complaints; gleeful pointing out of errors, life story, etc below.

The Rundown:

Buffalo Bills @ New York Jets -- Sunday, Nov. 27th, 1:00 p.m. EST

Location: Metlife Stadium East Rutherford, NJ.

Coverage: CBS. DirecTV 705. Sirius XM 86.

Record: Bills lead the all-time series 53-48 but Jets have won 6 of the last 7.

What happened last time? Jets beat the Bills handily 27-11.

Injury report: 

Jets Questionable: Jeremy Kerley (WR) Knee, LaDainian Tomlinson (RB) Knee. 

Bills Out: Fred Jackson (RB) Fibula, Donald Jones (WR) Ankle, Rian Lindell (K) Shoulder, Terrence McGee (CB) Knee, Naaman Roosevelt (WR) Shoulder, George Wilson (S) Neck. 


Offense: The Jets are 22nd in overall offense, 17th in points, 20th in passing and 26th in rushing. Buffalo is 14th in yards, 10th in points, 18th passing and 8th in rushing.

Defense: The Jets are 18th in points allowed, 8th in overall yards, 5th against the pass, and 17th against the rush. Buffalo is 26th in points allowed and overall yards, 25th against the pass, and 20th against the run.

Buffalo Bill to Watch: RB C.J. Spiller

Spiller will be starting in place of Fred Jackson on Sunday. While Spiller has lots of talent, he hasn't done very much for the Bills on the ground yet. C.J. will see extended time this season without significant time sharing, and he will try to make the most of it. The Jets rush defense has been on the rise steadily throughout the year after a rough start. A less healthy defensive unit largely shut down the Bills offense with a better RB in their backfield on the road a few weeks ago. I expect the run defense to continue their improvement and upward trend in rankings, but Spiller can be explosive and is a receiving threat so the Jets front seven will have to be aware.

Jets X-Factor(s): Antonio Cromartie and Kyle Wilson

I caught flak for picking Bart Scott against a spread offense last time, and he came up with some huge plays against the Bills running offense like I said would be necessary. Just saying. I feel really good about the two guys behind Revis right now. The secondary is the best 1-2-3 threat in the league this year in my opinion. On paper you would expect Nnamdi-DRC-Samuel to rule the day, but they haven't really delivered this year and two of the three are currently unhealthy. In fact, Asante is arguably out performing the two big names brought in to replace him. But enough about the Eagles, we'll have plenty of time to deal with them later in the season.

In terms of performance and depth, you would be hard pressed to get a better CB unit than the Jets. Revis will be reliable covering Johnson, even if he gives a couple of receptions up. If Wilson and Cro play up to their ability against the fairly effective spread offense and neutralize the likes of David Nelson and Scott Chandler, the Bills don't really stand a chance.

Potential Jets MVP: Shonn Greene

Why not try to run it down their throats? Nothing is working on offense right now anyway. I say try forcing them to stack players in the box. Run hard and run often. Let Greene have a go, hell let McKnight and even Conner have at it too. Force them to play then run and let Sanchez take some shots downfield for once.

Overall I'm very disappointed in the Jets offense, but I think this is an ideal opponent to regain the ground and pound identity against. This game could really help the Jets get their feet back under them.

Prediction: Jets 30 Bills 17

Why the hell not? Jets are healthier than before, and at home. I'll play the part of reluctant optimist for another week.

Don't give up yet, GGN! J-E-T-S! JETS JETS JETS!!!

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