Where is the Accountability for the NY Jets?


Hello Jets faithful! I am a long-time Jets fan with a serious question that I just can't wrap my head around so I need your help.

Brian Schottenheimer has this offense executing at an extremely poor level, again. For six straight seasons in a row we've headed to the stands, sports bars, and our living room couches to watch our beloved New York Jets flounder haplessly on offense. There have been 3 different Quarterbacks as well as numerous groups of receivers and starting running backs and all with the same results, a woefully inadequate below-average offense.

Since we've been told over and over again, for at least the last three years, that this team is talented enough to win a Super Bowl where exactly is the accountability for failure to effectively utilize the talent that the Jets have on this offensive? How much longer do we need to watch Schottenheimer hold this team back before a change is made?

Our safeties, especially Eric Smith, get beat by tight ends and running backs on a frequent basis, but all we ever hear is praise for them from Rex?

Our offensive linemen, namely Hunter and Brick, are also losing assignments on a much more regular basis this year and they have Mark Sanchez running for his life more so than dropping back to throw passes. Nothing has been done.

For years our defensive line has not generated a pass rush and the blitz packages just aren't getting it done either. Nothing has been done. If Mark Sanchez had that kind of time no one would be talking about Peyton, Orton, or Rivers.

Now, the one phase of the game that our Jets have been dominant at, special teams, is also beginning to look anything other than special. Hopefully it's just a blip and the genius of special teams will have it fixed soon.

So with all these problems what has actually been done to show the players and coaches that there are consequences for under achieving on this team? What has been done to show that the players and coaches are to be held accountable for their poor performance?

What was Rex's grand solution to all these problems? He gave 6 practice snaps with the 1st team offense to Mark Brunell.

That's it. REALLY??? REALLY??? To steal Cris Carter's line "C'MON MAN!!!!"

Where is the accountability in this organization?

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