The off-season . Who stays and who goes?

I think we all agree that there needs to be changes to the team this coming off-season but who should be kept and who could be surplus to requirements?

I have devised this list of players who should not be above the chop this off-season , some of the reasons range from lack of production , trade value , age, going into a contract year and Free agents available to replace the players that might be leaving .

I will do the list by position and give reasons as to why i think they should be moving on . Here goes :


Brunell : He is out of contract at the end of the season and has served his purpose on this team . He is far too old to give him a new contract .

Sanchez : taking up over $14m in cap space . Would be worth a lot in any trade to teams like Seattle , 49ers, Skins or the Titans. we would need to be sure we could replace him with Luck for us to trade him.


Greene : Hasn't really preformed up the the standards we jet fans expected . he would be worth maybe a 3rd or 4th round pick in a trade and with players like Arian Foster , Ray Rice and Matt Forte and to a lesser extent Ryan Grant, Cedric Benson and Kevin Smith all free agents we could actually upgrade the position via free agency and still grab an extra draft pick when getting rid of Greene.


Mulligan: We have exclusive rights on Mulligan but he has had a horrible season so far and should not be re signed


Hunter: We need a major upgrade at this position if this franchise is even going to get back on track . We should cut Hunter A.S.A.P and try and either sign Joe Staley as a free agent or draft his replacement .


Scott : He is getting up in years and is due to earn $6m next year . He wouldn't be worth much in trade value but could be used to sweeten any deal we make this off-season with the colts as they have a very young LB core and having a guy like Scott on their team may just help some of their young guys along .


Smith: cutting him saves us $2m in cap space . he is not good enough for this team . He is decent in run support but we need a ball hawking FS with the defense Rex runs . Opponets see him as our weak link and pick on him whenever possible .Abram Elam and Michael Griffen would both be upgrades over Smith , Hell my Grandma would be an upgrade.

SS :

Leonard: he is a free agent this off-season and i think we need to start going away from these ravens cast-offs . I actually think Pool could be a very good SS for us and it might mean we could draft a guy in the later rounds and give him some time to develop behind Pool .


Conley: Too inconsistant . We need someone who can do it every time he hits the field

There you have it guys, just some of the options this franchise should be thinking over this off-season . I'm not saying all of this SHOULD happen but i think we need to shake things up if this team is ever going win a SB. Losing most of these players will not adversly affect how we play but in fact help improve this team overall if we get the right guys in to replace them .

Please leave your thoughts below.

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