it's the end of the world as we know it

It' s been said & thought before, but I just needed to write something down. It's been 31 years of this shite for me. What I see (thought rushed & angry eyes) - not just based on denver game (rare air, small practice time; monday game, et al):

Ryan: Good coach, will get better with time I believe. He's a better competitor than head coach though at this point I feel. Some plays to me (albeit not a football playback wizard) seem more bravado or 'fear' based as opposed to just get some points and move he ball downfield. I don't feel a sense of field position or thinking 3, 4, 5 plays ahead (like a chess player). Ryan's a street puncher. You hit me, I hit you back. Is that a general or a sergeant's mentality? I still don't see a amazingly new or crazy defense game though. I wanted to see something

Shitholer: Nough said. Must go, if only to get fresh air. Sanchez needs mentors, mentors, mentors. On the playcalling.... yes, he can only call what might work with this literally offensive line & possible turnovers, but... he's ultra conservative, super redundant, the playbook almost seems small compared to the great teams (which we should be), rarely tries new wrinkles, doesn't call downfield plays & doesn't play to Sanchez' strengths. He plays not to lose.

Sanchez: Taking a beating. Getting his ass handed to him. Keeps getting up. I feel bad for him when I see his eyes roll up in his head when he takes a helmet to the chest. Looks like it hurts. Thanks Wayne Hunter! (smiley face)

I like Sanchez and think he too will get better, ala Ryan. He's doing better this year than his 2 previous, all while being slammed into the ground all day like a dog toy. It's hard to gage a QB on his back. Is he the next Montana?; no. He's Chad Pennington on 'roids. He's good enough to get to 2 AFC championships (which granted can be said about Ryan & Shitholer, but Sanchise is on the field). I don't believe there's any need for a new QB. He's the future and if he had more time or wasn't shell shocked, he'll be a top 10 QB. I think most of his flaws are really based on the line and teaching. Not taking blame off him, but he's still a really young QB.

Backup QB: Need a new one. Maybe a McNabb, Campbell, next year? Need to give Sanchez more mentors and someone that could win a game if Sanchez went down. Brunell will not win a game start to finish.

WR: More or less fine.

RB: Greene, I can go another year with him. Platoon with a draft pick perhaps. McKnight, better hold on to that ball bitch I don't care how you zag or where the hell you zig.

OL: Hunter must go. Brick??? Have you seen him? I think it's bump in the road. Otherwise, underwhelming overall, but I think replacing Hunter is one quick fix for next year. The OL can get better relatively quickly.

TE: Is Keller not creating space or Sanhcez can't see him or Shotty doesn't call or is he always covered so utterly? There's unused talent in Keller and maybe someone can tell me why. I cannot see it. I think it's a combination of things and opponents know Keller's good. A nice 2nd TE would be cool; becoming a 2 TE league anyway.

Special Teams: Starting to feel pedestrian. Fumble much? Cromartie, hey, thanks for taking 4 seconds and losing 6 yards. Good one. I appreciate bravado, I really do, but when works, right? lol

Defense: Overall good, not great. Needs S (yes, I know, I know),  passrusher (I know.) Damn, that Revis is good. HOF good.

Overall we need a OL & S and some type of pass rushed. 3 positions, some good 'luck', some new blood, another year of learning, easier schedule and not too many injuries and I think the future will be fine. I think the Jets are smart enough to see what is happening, even if not said publicly and will fix things (or at least attempt to!).

Next year, in NY/NJ, the Jets win the Superbowl. You heard it here first. I'm trying to stay somehow positive, but I don't think we're that far away.

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