What about Tanny's "Magic"?


I hear people killing just about anyone on this team and some deservedly so, but how come our wonder boy here gets a break?

At the end of the day, he is the GM of this organization, isn't he? He is the one making the call on Shotty and lot of other things happening around our organization.

Who's fault is it that we failed to address several glaring holes on our team in FA, opting instead to try to make splash by singing Namdi? Then by the time that move did not pan out we took ourselves out of the running on most quality FA's

This "genius" gave new fat contracts to Hunter and Smith.

Most teams don't have superstars on their bench and I understand that, but just take a look at our depth here and realize that we don't have any.

We're struggling at Safety, but traded away Lowery for nothing. Line is horrendous and while Robert Turner got hurt, even after we made cap room Tanny still failed to go after any other quality backup. How did that work out when Mangold was hurt? Who can now step in and challenge Hunter? What happens if we would have anybody else gets injured?

Not to even mention no real backup QB, as most teams don't have much here, but Brunell? Seriously???

One thing Parcells used to do was try to get 2 quality players for the same positions not only to have depth, but to also create competition at every position.

Guys were practicing harder and playing harder knowing that the moment they got comfortable and stopped producing, someone else was ready to step in. 

What do we have here? Ducasse? Brunell? Patrick Turner? With exception of couple positions we have nothing to create spark of any kind.

As Parcells used to say: "the cupboard is empty" and we have Tanny to thank for it. He likes to make a splash. He had couple of good drafts and trades. He also had some really bad ones. You win some and you lose some. I get it.

Now however is the time he owned up to some of his mistakes. He's the one that needs to make the decision on Shotty NOW!!!

Along with Rex, he can go ahead and cut someone (Smith)

He's also the one that could go ahead even now and get couple of decent backups even if it is to make some our current players little more uncomfortable about their status with the team.

Otherwise we are stuck for the rest of the season watching this Shitt Show of Inconsistency we call JETS.


Just needed to vent a little and this is my first post so I will appreciate any feedback

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