Denver loss, Where do we go?

Simple: we have to move forward... Understand, I am NOT giving up on this team, I think theres a small chance we still make the playoffs, but we need to fix things fast. In addition my message  to all the Jet fans who give up after tonight  and refuse to watch the remaining games. Leave, do not come back until next year, if we do come back I do not want to be associated with fans that are fair weather, especially when the team has shown fight the last two years. The Jets are the Jets through good and bad. Stick through the rough times and maybe, just maybe they can reward us. Here's my thoughts on a plan so we can move forward.

First off Mr. Offensive Coordinator, who I will not refer to by name please do not let the door hit you out. Your maddeningly inconsistent at best and incompetent schemes at worst have been part of the Jets since Mangini. Everyone has talked about how Sanchez hasn't improved, has anyone not noticed you haven't improved at all? You still run the offense as if Chad Pennington was our QB, throwing 5 yard routes and running draws or inside handoffs on 2nd and longs. Worse you play not to lose, refusing to throw long or trying to win the game against Denver with 6 mins left on the 50 yard line. instead you choose to run up the middle, throw a pass everyone knew had to be coming, and then run a draw. So Mr. OC who refuses to run the ball when averaging 5 yards a carry,  run a screen more than one game a season, or thinks  leaving MATT MULLIGAN OF ALL people one on one on DE's, is a good idea, you are my first victim. PACK YOUR BAGS, YOU'RE FIRED. 

The next victim should have been gone weeks ago and is just another bad personnel decision by the Jets. This is what I believe could spark the players much the way Mason situation handled. Simply Steve Weatherford should still be a Jet. Now this is a move that needs to be made pronto, TJ Conley should be released and replaced by anyone who can punt. Matt Dodge can at least kick it 20 yards, it seems Conley every week he has a mistake that costs the Jets points...sorry but a punters job is to at least get field position in our favor and not failing miserably. You sir, PACK YOUR BAGS, YOU'RE FIRED.

Now if these do not work and we miss the playoffs, then its going to be a long offseason. First off, lets rank what we need in order this offseason in terms of player personnel. These are my top 3 things.

A real RT. This may shock some that this is so high but listen me out. Without an offensive line, we cannot have success running the ball or throwing deep routes. Some say this is why were not running the deep routes because of protection. So lets get a guy who can handle the position, like Woody did for years. Whether through the draft or Free Agents lets get a guy who can be more than "serviceable."

Second the Defense needs a major overhaul specifically at OLB and a cover safety. We need to find a guy to cover and a guy for pressure. E Smith can stay, he's great on the run but cannot cover a cake with icing let alone a TE. Time to get a guy like Kerry Rhodes or even Dwight Lowery, who can cover someone and make a play once in a while. As for the pass rusher, we haven't had a pure pass rusher since John Abraham. Time to make the move Rex, find a guy who isn't a project and simply can get it done.

Third, we might have it on the IR but i still want someone else. We need a backup QB desperatly. Brunnell has been a good tutor but cannot be the next guy on a depth chart. Get me a guy like Jason Cambell, like a Leinart who has some starts under his belt and lets keep them as a just in case. Obviously Mcilroy has a chance, but why risk it with a project, get me a proven backup who can come in if all goes to hell.

This is where I know the big issue is. Now I know some of you really want to see Sanchez gone. Remember something he's a 3rd year QB with a terrible line this year and a coordinator who does not understand how to plan for week in and week out. Alex Smith is exactly the kind of guy that Sanchez should look at, a change at OC gives them a chance. I'll give him next year, but if this keeps up after that we need to start looking at other QB's to start for the Jets. So my advice, give him another year and hope.

Ill be here to the end, I hope even the guys who hate the Jets chances right now will be here too. Let's hope we get it back soon for both the JETS and also the fans who stick with them and have hope.

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