Why Sanchez is just not the answer.

I know a lot of you will probably be on me for this, but just hear me out. Please.

Also, I've never been a Sanchez fan, and this is my opinion.


Let me start out by saying that Sanchez has played very well at times for this team, and I absolutely acknowlege the fact that he has won some games for us. But I have surmised that his eagerness to declare for the 2009 Draft was more financially motivated that he'll ever let on. I have to admit that it was a smart move; with the new rookie wage scale in place, there has been a dramatic decrease in the amount of money paid out to first time players. But the fact that Sanchez had only 19 or so games of starting experience under his belt should have been a red flag from the get go. A seasoned quarterback is one that will show leadership in times of need.

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Mark Sanchez has been so maddeningly inconsistent it literally drives me up the wall almost every week. You name it: the slow starts, the lack of stats and games that should have been put away long before they turn into shoot outs can mostly be put on him. I understand this system run by a certain offensive coordinator does have a lot of its own demerits; but there has to be a point in time when Sanchez must step up to the plate to polish his own play execution, and taking ownership of this offense. I cannot honestly tell you how many games this season we've had a 100 yard receiver, and that frustrates me greatly. Some of you may choose to say that a great deal of this blame must be put on the offensive line, but I respectfully disagree. Allow me to elaborate:

Peyton Manning has a terrible offensive line. He also has Reggie Wayne, but I digress; if Sanchez was accurate enough, he could get the ball out quickly to his receivers and allow them to make the play themselves. Plaxico may not be what he once was, but Santonio is one hell of a receiver and so is Dustin Keller. Why are they not used more? We have now officially seen just how important Manning is to the Colts, as they are completely hopeless without him. But Sanchez is just as important to this team as Manning is to his. Our games all boil down to our "Sanchize." When Sanchez is staring down his receivers, telegraphing his throws and throwing terrible balls that are interceptions before even leaving his hand, he's costing our team games. When he makes those mistakes, he seems to dwell on it long after the mistake has been made and is beyond correction. His mistakes often build upon themselves and he enters a panic mode. As a result, his leadership suffers, and the team itself loses hope. I'm NOT saying at all that Sanchez will ever be Peyton Manning, but the fact is that his terrible completion percentage and abundance of interceptions is mostly, if not ALL on him.

If Sanchez is going to be bad, he should just be bad every week. This way we can clearly say he is not the answer and cut losses to move on without him. If he's going to be good, let him be good and be done with it. I'm not saying he's not allowed to make mistakes, because to be perfect week in and week out would just be inhuman. But this guy gives us hope one game, only to rip our hearts out and stomp on them the next. Tonight was no exception, because if Sanchez doesn't throw that pick 56, our defense held Denver and Golden Boy Tebow to 10 points. If Manning had a defense and running game as good as ours, I'm totally convinced that we'd be perrennial Super Bowl contenders.

In all honesty, if the Colts do end up with the 1st overall pick next spring, I believe we'd be doing this fanbase and team a great disservice if we didn't pick up the phone to call Bill Polian and Jim Irsay to at least INQUIRE what Peyton would be worth to them.

Lastly, I sincerely hope this post works as some kind of reverse jinx, and Sanchez never has a bad game ever again... But with his track record, lack of statistics and affinity for snowballing into utter implosion upon a single mistake, it seems highly unlikely. Also, this is nowhere near a panic post, as I have felt this way since the end of April, 2009. I would've much rather (at the time and still, even now) the Jets taken Clay Matthews with their original 17th overall pick.

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