Where do I begin?

This is my 1st post & I feel like I have been holding this in for a very long time but now it is time, ive probably been reading this & other jets sites for about 4 years & stayed quiet but this is absolutely pathetic. ( I am mad enough to type this entire thing on my iPad so bare with me)

Brian shottenhiemer needs to go, I've wanted this idiot gone since the favre year. This man obviously has no idea how to prepare his players, use his players to the maximum of there abilities/potential, design/call plays, forget having a consistent game, this moron can't call a consistent drive down the field. he has no idea how to attack opponents weaknesses or how to help the weaknesses on his own team, honestly makes me wonder what the point of practicing all week is, the team never comes out having any rhythm, looking like its the first time they have ever seen/ran the plays.  Mark has the talent to throw any throw that is needed at any time in the game, it is not his fault that they consistently run the same plays every week & rarely, if ever break tendencies.   Why is our field only 20 yards long? Does it take a genius to realize that when you NEVER take shots down the field it is much easier for the defense to to defend everything underneath?  Does it take a genius to look at the personal we have on the field & realize what we are capable of? I wish I could be in a room alone with this man so I could really ask him what he is trying to accomplish. When we win I am happy just like everybody else but still, there is a point in every game when I truely question this mans intelligence. Some ppl will attempt to blame our defense for this & some other losses but 8/10 times this is absolutely ludicrous.  When the only thing your offense is consistent at is being inconsistent, the d will eventually get tired & wear down. We should of taken control of this game after the first drive when we stopped them on 4th but obviously we all saw what happened. 

Eric smith should never be a starter at ANY position in the nfl. This guy needs to be in the game on strictly special teams & short yardage situations.  I have seen all the nonsense about a hybrid lb/safety, this man just simply, wherever he is put on the field, consistently gets beat & is without a doubt the easiest person to single out for having a bad game almost every week.  he may be smart but he is to freequently letting up "that play" or is simply out of position, how do u let tebow get outside of you? You literally have 1 job, SET THE EDGE. 

Wayne hunter is another player I feel would be better suited as a backup, sometimes he flashes & eliminates very well known pash rushers but other nights like tonight he is absolutely dominated.  Just bc of my extreme hate for shotty I can say we should have made adjustments to chip miller but honestly there is no excuse for how bad hunter looks at times.

Dustin keller - WHERE ARE YOU? I mean honestly did this guy secretly go onto IR? It has been over a month since he has made a significant impact (insert blasting shotty here)

We should have dominated this weak broncos team & I am still praying we can make a huge turn around to win the super bowl this year but if not this is what I see ( maybe wishful thinking) happening after the season.


Finally thank god shotty will take his talents else where (hopefully south beach) 

Draft / free agency 

Keep plax for 1 more year or find another big target somewhere, idk but when I watch the games I can't help but feel like mark feels more comfortable throwing to a large receiver ( last 2 years also) 

Find that pass rusher who will help take our defense to the next level, who can consistently beat a 1 on 1 matchup against an o linemen.

Find a safety, which doesn't have to be a super star all pro, just somebody who can cover tight ends & play the deep middle & read qb's to hopefully force some turnovers. 

Would also like to see Wayne hunter replaced 

All feedback appreciated, lemme know what you think.

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