Where do you see this team going?

It's Bronco week and like most of you, I am still bitter from 1999.  Last year's victory over them doesn't make me feel better about that because they handed us that game on a silver platter.  Tomorrow night I want to see this team punch Tebow and the Broncos in the mouth from the first kickoff and not let up until the scoreboard reads final. 

After a very heartbreaking loss, one must ask themselves; can this team do that?  We have yet to see this team play a full 60 minutes of football over the past 3 years.  We have seen 45 minutes, but mostly 30.  How does a team come back and rebound from a loss that they are still shellshocked from the day before their next game?  They come out and play 60 minutes of New York Jets smash mouth football.  Of course we can do it, but will we do it?  That all depends on which defense and which Schotty decides to show up.


Overall, this season, where do you see this team?  It all revolves around Rex, Schotty, and Mark!

Rex Ryan

Rex is a loudmouth coach who is absolutely clueless as to when to shut his mouth.  He says stupid stuff and talks crap about other teams, players, and fans.  He gets himself into alot of trouble with his big mouth.  Should he keep it shut?  HELL NO!!!  This is everything I love about Rex.  He has given this team a personality.  One which we have been searching for very possible since the days of Broadway Joe.

The big question that most ask with Rex is whether or not he can grab the reins of a team and coach them to an overall win and not just focus on the defense.  Two and a half years into his head coaching career this should not be the question that we as fans should be asking.  Rex has proven that he can take a team that starts a season 3-0 and then follows that with not one but two three game losing streaks to the AFC Championship game with a rookie quarterback.  He has shown that he can be completely embarrassed by one of the best teams in the league with a 45-3 loss and follow it up with another embarrassing loss to a horrible team 10-6 and still coach his team to the AFC Championship game where we counted out by half time and were potentially one down away from being able to drive the ball right back down the field and going to the Superbowl.

The question that must be asked of Rex is not in his coaching ability, it is in his ability to surround himself with the propper coaching staff.

I will get to Schotty later on.  The biggest question I have on the coaching staff is; how the hell is Cavenaugh our quarterback's coach.  He sucked when he played the position, so how can we expect him to develop a rookie qb with only one year of college playing time into an elite qb, especially in only two and a half years?



I have always agreed that we need a new OC, but was never fully on the "FIRE SCHOTTY" bandwaggon until this morning.  My view on Schotty has always been that he is a decent and capable coach and that he has won more games that lost in the second half of games for us.  Is his playcalling questionable?  All the freaking time, but the wins trump the losses.  I always credited him with being able to make half time adjustments and pull games out of his ass in the second half.  It was this way with Pennington and Favre also. 

This morning Salamon Wilcotts touched on something that I have never really noticed before, but makes most sense.  He says that if you wish to evaluate a coordinator you should look at the first 20 or so plays.  This is due to the beginning plays of a game being scripted and that once defenses adjust it is more up to the qb to audible and change plays at the line base on the schemes that the defenses throw out there. 

With that being said, The first 20 or so plays is where Schotty is at his worst.  The second half where Wilcotts point out that it is up to the qb is where Mark is at his best.  What does this all translate into? FIRE SCHOTTY!

But Schotty won't be fired.  I have come to the conclusion as most of you most likely have that if was going to be fired, it would have happened when Mangini was fired.  Instead, Rex needed Schotty as offensive stability to a new staff when he came in because of his defensive mind.  This is a move I agree with, for a year or two.  Rex must have some form of blinders on when it comes to Schotty. 

Fortunately for us, Schotty's contract is up at the end of this year and he will hopefully get a head coaching job somewhere.  Would I be suprised if he is our OC next year?  Sadly, not at all.  But let's keep our fingers crossed.




I hate all of the "It's all Mark's fault, he must go" statements.  He has had to develop into a NFL qb after only one year of college ball with a moronic OC that handicaps him with stupid playcalling and a qb coach who couldn't play qb in this league successfully if his life depended on it.  YOU DO NOT NEED AN ELITE QB TO WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS.  YOU NEED A QB WHO CAN LEAD A TEAM AND HAS THE HEART OF A WINNER TO WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS. This is why Mark will take the Jets to one if not multiple super bowl victories.

Mark has had no stability for three years when it comes to his supporting cast:

Year 1: Chansi Stuckey(for 4 wks), J-Co, Bray(after 4 wks), DK Thomas Jones, Greene, and T-Rich

Year 2: Bray, J-Co, Holmes, DK, Greene, LT, and T-Rich

Year 3: Holmes, Plax, DK, Greene, LT, Kerley, and Connor

There has been absolutely no stability for this kid and it has to change.  At the end of this year, one of three things will happen at WR. 1) We resign Plax (the most favorable option, being that he has become a red zone force). 2) We bring Bray back because he won't be able to get a big contract anywhere.  3) We bring in another free agent WR or draft one.  Personally, I vote for resigning Plax.  Mark has finally found chemistry with him and let's just leave things be there.  Give him consistancy at the WR position.  Secondly, this team will lose a true offensive leader with LT.  The odds are stacked against us resigning him.  That will be a huge loss and we should focus on bringing in an elite RB via free agency.

Yes, Mark makes some real bone headed mistakes, but who doesn't.  That said, it still needs to stop because it is costing us momentum, not necassarily games.  I love Mark and he will be a Jet his whole career, so let's all just embrace this bone head and leave him alone.

Mark is a winner!


Now back to this week!

We will march into Denver and come out with a win.  Their secondary in possibly just as bad as OAK and NE.  While last week was a nightmare, Mark still got yards on them.

Tebow gets us on a scramble once early on, but doesn't beat us bad with his legs again.  He runs for a TD and that is the only score worth 6 they get on the day.

Mark throws for 325yds and 3 td's 1 pic

Greene runs for 135 and a score




So, all that being said, where do you see this team at the end of the season?  How about at the end of next season?

I say this year, we take the Wild Card route but due to other teams injuries we are able to capitalize and take it all home this year.  I still believe in this team and still believe that they can go 12-4.  We all know how easy our schedule is.  I say 12-4, not 11-5 with a loss to the Giants or Eagles because the Eagles are done and the Giant's schedule leads me to believe that their loss last week was the beginning of their usual second half collapse and DAL ends up winning that division.

Next year, I believe we take the division and who knows, maybe two in a row.


J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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